How to Avoid Discomfort from a Diaper Urine Burn?

Updated: June 21, 2022

If you are buying dog diapers, hygiene and sanitation is probably your main reason. Hygiene and sanitation is also the main key in helping your dogs avoid discomfort from a urine burn or rash from dog urine. When your pet is merely leaking or is still going through their potty training, simple washable belly bands/diapers provide sufficient absorption.

But when your adult dog’s diaper cannot hold in their pee all throughout the day, the characteristics of the dog diaper change significantly and this increases the chances of soreness, rashes and burns. Unfortunately, these can be common for dogs who suffer from incontinence or paralysis, especially.

In this article, we’ll talk about what a diaper urine burn (urine scald) is and what to look for in a dog diaper to prevent it from happening.

Dog with urine burn, puppy diaper rash

"Hygiene and sanitation is also the main key in helping your dogs avoid discomfort from a urine burn."

What is a Urine Burn?

Urine burn on dogs (or a urine scald) is a painful rash that your dogs get when their skin gets in contact with their urine over a long period of time. An example on how urine burn on dogs happens is when a senior dog may often times experience urine overflow and this will result in dribbling.

This dribbling will cause the urine to get in contact with the dog’s skin which will eventually cause urine burn. Dog urine burn can look a lot like a baby's diaper rash. However, it can also be much more severe and go deeper below the surface of the skin, which is why it needs to be carefully monitored.

Another very common example is when pet owners, who have no kennel, put their dogs away from destroying any furniture when they are not at home. So dogs are kept in pet crates for some time. In this event, dogs are left to sit or lie down on their own dirt and therefore causes dog urine burn (and some other hygiene problems).

How to Determine Urine Burn

A diaper urine burn happens when your furbaby has been wearing a diaper that has been soaked up with urine for a long time. Urine scald usually happens when the diaper being used does not have great absorbency features or if a fully soiled diaper is not changed immediately, resulting in a rash from dog urine.

A dog urine burn can vary in appearances—from a diaper rash to a severe rash with open sores. The severe cases are usually caused by the failure of giving proper treatment when the early signs of urine burn appear. The dog's rash can show around their belly or private areas.

How Do You Prevent Dog Diaper Rash?

Much the same as that of a human infant, your dog’s skin can get red, chafed and sore if exposed to urine-soaked diapers or belly bands for a long time. Rather than a baby's diaper rash, this is a puppy diaper rash. And one simple thing for dog urine burn treatment is to stay on top of your dog’s hygiene. Here are some of the things you can do to help prevent diaper urine burn or to manage it (if the damage has already been done):

  • Bathe your dog, but only when needed. Bathing your dog is a good thing as you can wash off any urine which can cause urine burn on a dog skin. Wipe away the urine that has come in contact with the skin and you can also keep your dog clean, but avoid overbathing. Overbathing will strip off the natural oils present in your dog’s skin and can dry it out.
  • Do not leave a diaper on too long. Leaving a soaked diaper on for too long is one of the most common causes of urine burns. According to the American Kennel Club, diapers must be changed as often to prevent infections and other issues. Some pet parents change diapers every 3 to 4 hours but this is situational, especially when your dog hasn’t peed yet within those hours.
  • Choose high-quality dog diapers that are super absorbent with comfortable waist areas; not too tight that it will irritate your dog’s skin and limit their movements, but also not too loose that it may easily fall off. Don't forget to change the diapers regularly.

Dog Urine Burn Treatment

If you notice early signs of urine burn on your dog while they are in diapers, you should follow these steps for dog urine burn treatment: 

  • Wash the burned area of the dog's skin with a mild soap or shampoo that's specifically made for dogs. Avoid using human products as these may worsen your dog's urine burns. Alternatively, for an easier process, you can use Pet WiPees™ Dog All Purpose + Skin & Coat Wipes. These are bio-based dog wipes with no alcohols, parabens or sulfates perfect for wiping away messes and nourishing your dog's skin.
  • If you opt to give your dog a bath, dry your dog’s skin thoroughly after cleaning. It's a good idea to completely pat dry the affected area right after you clean it as trapped moisture can only lead to more trouble, like itchiness and infections. Note: it is not necessary to dry your dog after using Pet WiPees™.
  • You can apply a dog-friendly moisturizer/ointment to soothe the rash from dog urine (but NEVER use a baby diaper rash on your dog for it has zinc oxide which is toxic if ingested).
  • Talk to your veterinarian and seek help. They will help assess whether or not your dog diaper urine burn is worsening or getting better and will come up with a treatment plan. In extreme cases, they may prescribe antibiotics or may perform debridement (a procedure that involves meticulously cleaning the affected area and getting rid of the thickened skin, and infected dead tissues).

These are the best things you can do to avoid complications from urine burn on dogs and prevent infections. Infection can make the healing stage challenging and will cause irritation to return. Always consult a vet if you are concerned about the severity of your dog's urine scald. Be careful touching urine burn on dog skin as it might be sensitive.

How to Prevent Diaper Urine Burn dog skin

How Pet Parents® Can Help Urine Burn

One way to prevent a diaper urine burn is by choosing high-quality diapers that are made with super-absorbent fabric, like Pet Parents® Washable Dog Diapers! Give your furbaby the comfort and care they need to avoid having any diaper urine burn by picking the best and super absorbent dog diapers/dog belly bands from Pet Parents®. Our sewn-in super absorbent pad provides cost savings by eliminating the need for disposable inserts & prevents having to touch gross soiled inserts. Simply rinse, wash, and dry.

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We’re proud to say we are the #1 choice for pet parents and their pets. As pet parents ourselves, we strive to create products that help you and your pets live healthier and happier lives.

Avoiding diaper urine burn can be a lot of hard work but remember that we, at Pet Parents®, got your back when it comes to giving your furbaby a happier, healthier life.

rash from dog urine, dog diaper rash, puppy diaper rash

"Give your furbaby the comfort and care they need to avoid having any diaper urine burn by picking the best and super absorbent dog diapers/dog belly bands from Pet Parents®."