How to Make Dog Diapers Stay On?

Updated: June 06, 2022

"The absolute best way to make dog diapers stay on and help your dog to be comfortable in their dog diaper is to ensure the proper fit."

How to Make Dog Diapers Stay On?

If you were to ask your dog what was their favorite thing in the world, they might say something like, “running in the yard,” or “stealing your sandwich off the table,” or “chasing the neighbor’s cat.” It’s very unlikely they would say, “Wearing a diaper.”

And that’s because dogs just are not generally comfortable wearing diapers. Heck, even humans are uncomfortable in diapers. But if you find yourself saying, "my dog's diaper keeps falling off," keep reading!

When a dog is not used to wearing a dog diaper it feels weird for them to wear one. Because of this, they will often try to pull, scratch, or take their diapers off. You may find your dog in heat won't keep her diaper on or your incontinent dog is always escaping their diaper. This is not ideal, as obviously, if a diaper is easily removed by your dog, you will run into more chances of your rugs and furniture becoming soiled with pee and poop.

Now because of this, you might find yourself saying, “my dog’s diaper keeps falling off no matter what I do.” In this article, we’ll talk about the different dog diaper hacks and the most efficient ways how you can make dog diapers stay on.

Ensure the Proper Fit

Can you use baby diapers for dogs? Technically you could, but there are much better options for a better fit. So, if you're looking for dog diapers that stay on, look no further! The absolute best way to make dog diapers stay on and help your dog to be comfortable in their dog diaper is to ensure the proper fit. If your furbaby is wearing a diaper that fits them just right, they won’t feel uneasy in it and won’t try as hard to get it off. Think about it, wouldn’t you also keep on taking your shoes off if you bought the wrong size for your feet? Of course, you would!

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In terms of dog diaper hacks, this one is simple! If your dog’s diaper is too big, it’s going to fall off on its own so easily. And if it’s too small, it’s going to irritate your dog until they finally rip it off and will also limit their movement.

You’ll definitely want to accurately measure your dog’s waist to find dog diapers that stay on. Not their big, broad chest, but their small, narrow waist back closer to their tail. A fabric measuring tape is best. Take note that each dog diaper brand has different sizing guides so always check. Pet Parents® Washable Dog Diapers have an easy dog diaper sizing guide to follow so that you can ensure you get just the right fit for your dog diapers.

Use Positive Reinforcement

How do you put a dog diaper on and make them happy to wear it? Positive reinforcement! Your dog is always looking for ways to make you happy. When they realize keeping that diaper on makes you happy, they’ll keep it on.

So, remember to use positive reinforcement when training them to use diapers. Give them hugs, pats, and rewards to make wearing a diaper a positive one for them. Your dog will come to associate wearing a diaper as a positive experience so they will try their best not to take them off and begin getting used to them.

Also, to keep your dog happier and healthier, make sure to change their soiled dog diaper every 3 to 4 hours or when needed to avoid dog diaper rash and urine burns. A dog comfortable in a diaper will not escape their doggie diapers or be irritated by them.

Prepare Pet Parents® Extendrs®

Pet Parents® Extendrs® help increase the size of your furbaby's dog diapers up to 8 additional inches. If your dog’s diapers are too tight and that’s what’s hindering your dog from keeping them on, Pet Parents® Extendrs® are a lifesaver, the ultimate dog diaper hack.

Our Extendrs® are made of the same high-quality, waterproof materials as our washable dog diapers and belly bands. These dog diaper accessories were created to help extend the sizing of your furbaby's current diapers and bands so that a truer fit could be possible for your dog. These are excellent for dogs in between sizes or with unique body types. Pet Parents® offers extra small dog diapers to extra large. Extendrs® help bridge the gap for any dogs not cover in standard sizes.

If your dog’s diaper fits perfectly and they are still managing to get them off, consider some of the following options! These are some more ways to make sure your dog’s diapers don’t fall off so easily.

Fit Your Dog with a Onesie

Many pet parents have realized that they can use a baby onesie on their small dog to help build an escape-proof dog diaper. If the onesie is snug enough (but not too tight or your furbaby will be uncomfortable), the onesie will keep the dog diaper in place, acting similar to dog underwear.

Of course, to make the right fit for your pup, you will have to cut a hole for the tail in the onesie. Be sure to do this before the onesie is on your dog, or you will risk snipping their tail with the fabric. Instead, just drape the onesie over your dog’s back and mark the area where their tail will go with a pen or sharpie. Then cut the hole.

TIP: Start with a smaller hole than you think you will need as you can always make the hole a little bigger, if necessary, by cutting more fabric or stretching the material. When making a DIY dog diaper cover remember that it may take a couple attempts to get it right. There are some less frustrating options to DIY dog diaper covers as well if you are not interested in attempting a diaper onesie craft project keep reading.

Use Dog Diaper Suspenders

Canine suspenders, also known as dog suspenders or dog diaper suspenders, fit very similar to a harness and are typically attached around your dog’s torso with either buckles or Velcro or a combination of the two. If your dog’s diaper keeps falling off, dog suspenders might be a great idea to try!

Some dog diaper suspenders will slip directly into the diaper, helping to pull it tight. This prevents the pet diaper from slipping off of your dog. Other style options create a series of criss-cross straps with an open spot to insert a sanitary pad. You can even try making DIY dog diaper suspenders with soft elastic and clamps.

Canine suspenders can also be used with dog diapers for dogs without tails.

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Since you might need a little more help keeping the dog diapers for dogs without tails in place, canine suspenders can provide extra support for your furbaby. If your dog is particularly active, you might find dog diaper suspenders helpful.

Modify Boy’s Underwear into Dog Underwear

Here’s a quick DIY dog diaper hack that you can try! Purchase a small pair of boy’s underwear and modifying them into a dog diaper harness. The underwear should be just slightly smaller than your dog’s waist measurement to act as dog underwear, holding the diaper in place like a dog diaper harness. Just like the onesie, you’ll have to get creative to cut out a hole for your dog’s tail. The underwear turned dog diaper harness will help to keep your dog’s diaper in place.

Consider Using a Dog Belly Band

There are pros and cons of belly bands for dogs. One of the cons is that they will not work for female dogs. But, if you have a male dog who is going through some marking and peeing accidents, good news! You don’t even have to mess with diapers (mess being the appropriate word). A dog belly band can be used instead, and these bands easily stay in place, even when your dog is running around playing.

Male dog belly bands are also called belly wraps. Thick fabric of the male dog wrap goes around your dog’s waist, holding an absorbable pad right over their private area so that the function the same as a diaper. To use belly bands correctly, be sure to place them high enough on your dog’s waist so they can effectively contain the pee. Also, be sure to change the belly band regularly, just as you would with a dog diaper.

Use Pet Parents® Washable Belly Bands as these have our hook & loop system on that help support many dog body types while providing a leak-proof, comfy fit! Male dog wraps are a great alternative to dog diapers in the right situation. Due to the placement, dogs will also likely have more of a difficult time pulling off a dog belly band compared to a dog diaper.

See more about the washable dog belly bands, uses, and the pros and cons of belly bands for dogs in this article.

"If your dog’s diapers are too tight and that’s what’s hindering your dog from keeping them on, Pet Parents® Extendrs® are a lifeserver"

If you have questions about how to get your dog’s diaper to stay on, try these tips for dog diapers. If you find dog underwear and dog suspenders are not doing the trick, try out washable dog diapers for a superior fit. As the leading manufacturer of high-quality, washable dog diapers and washable dog belly bands, with a variety of sizes ranging to fit the tiniest of chihuahuas to the largest Great Danes, Pet Parents® strives to keep all of your furbabies clean, happy, and healthy. From extra small dog diapers to extra large diapers, these washable dog diapers made for comfort and function might just be the fit your furbaby needs to help keep a dog diaper staying on your dog.