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What’s the Difference Between Dog Diapers and Dog Belly Bands?


You’ve been led to believe that dog is man’s best friend. But, thanks to their ability to help keep your house free from messy accidents, it turns out your true BFF might just be a dog diaper or dog belly band!

If you’ve never used a dog diaper or belly band before, you may be wondering what the difference between the two is. Keep reading to find out what these pet products are and how they can benefit you and your fur babies.

What Exactly is a Dog Diaper?

A dog diaper is exactly what it sounds like, a diaper that can be worn by both male and female dogs. Dog diapers look very similar to people diapers except there is a hole to accommodate their tail.

"Dog diapers look very similar to people diapers except there is a hole to accommodate their tail."

There are many reasons your dog might require a dog diaper, including:

  • Incontinence (urine and fecal)
  • Illness
  • A female dog in heat
  • House training
  • Temporary disability after surgery

Dog Diaper

It’s important to mention that should your house-trained dog suddenly start having accidents, you will want to take them to the vet to get them checked to rule out an illness such as kidney disease or diabetes.

For whatever reason your dog might be having accidents, a diaper will keep your floors, rugs, and furnishings clean. Another important thing to mention is that should you use a doggie diaper on your puppy to keep away messes during potty-training, don’t use diapers as a crutch.

It’s still very important that you train your new baby to take his or her business outside!

Types of Dog Diapers

When it comes to the type of dog diaper that’s right for your dog, you have a few different options:

Disposable Dog Diapers

These are generally sold in packs of 12 or 30 count. The pros of disposable dog diapers are the ease of use. Take them off and simply toss them into the trash. The cons: If your dog must wear diapers for the rest of their life, this can get costly, not to mention they’ll all end up in a landfill. Also, like baby diapers, disposable dog diapers may contain chemicals that can irritate your dog’s skin.

Reusable Dog Diapers

These are waterproof dog diapers that you wash and reuse over and over again. While they may cost a little more upfront, you’ll save a ton of money with reusable dog diapers over time. Great option for those people who have dogs with senior incontinence.

Human Baby Diapers Adapted for a Dog

Some people go the route of adapting human baby diapers for their dog, which entails add a hole for the tail. This may work for some people who have small dogs who aren’t very active. But more often than not, we’ve heard from people that the tabs don’t stay stuck and getting a proper fit is not always easy. If you decide to go this route and you have a larger breed dog, you may find you need to adapt adult diapers to get a good fit.

Whichever type of diaper you choose to go with, it’s important that you keep your dog nice and clean. As with a human baby, you’ll want to change the diaper frequently, as no dog should have to sit in a wet or dirty diaper all day. If you don’t change the diaper frequently enough and clean your dog’s bottom area thoroughly, it can result in diaper rash, which can ultimately lead to burning, itching, and inflammation, as well as bacterial infections.

What are Belly Bands?

Dog Belly Bands

If you have a male dog who is either marking your house or is experiencing urine incontinence (but not fecal), then he should only require a belly band and not a full diaper.

Belly bands are relatively new products that were designed to help dog lovers whose male BFFs have an indoor urination problem. This garment consists of an outer waterproof shell that wraps around your dog’s midsection, thereby enclosing his privates. The outer shell contains an absorbent inner liner that can be easily changed when wet.

Belly bands are great for potty training, incontinence, and territorial marking.

Ensure the Right Fit

As with dog diapers, it’s important you ensure the proper fit. If your dog’s belly band is not nice and snug, it won’t stay in place, and you won’t have solved your problem. Most belly bands have an elastic gathering for a tailored fit, but you’ll still need to measure your dog’s waist to determine the right size.

When measuring, it’s important you include your dog’s special boy parts, so the band won’t be too tight and cause chaffing. Should your dog be right in between sizes, it’s generally advised to go up to the next size.

Should you have any questions about sizing, please see our sizing guide or get in touch with us. We make our dog diapers and belly bands specifically to help our customers and their best friends live happy and healthy lives. Our products come in a variety of sizes and colors, so you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

If you have any other question, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d be more than happy to help you get the right products for your fur baby.

"When measuring, it’s important you include your dog’s special boy parts, so the band won’t be too tight and cause chaffing."

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