Are Supplements Necessary for My Dog?

Updated: February 27, 2024

It is the habit of loving parents to desire to give their offspring certain advantages in life. In much the same way, caring dog parents like providing the best life for their furbabies. Dogs, like children, have different characteristics and their requirements for supplements are unique to each individual.

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If you're wondering if your dog needs a supplement, the answer is most likely! Supplementation depends upon the combination of multiple factors, like your dog's history, age, present physical condition, mental state, medical conditions, grooming requirements, or anything else that is necessary for the dog's essential comfort and well-being.

For example, imagine a dog of unknown history and breeding that someone adopted from the animal shelter. Supplements designed to support the immune system may well help the dog deal with the stress of adjusting to new people and strange surroundings, as well as any immediate health issues it may have, such as incontinence, allergies, or skin and coat conditions.

The majority of American dogs do nothing more than fill roles as loyal family pets, yet, these dogs could not be more loved than if they were all grand champions. Every caring owner wants to do right by their pet. Sometimes, to accomplish this goal, the owner must become part pet detective to determine just what a dog's needs might be. While you recognize that your furbaby require wholesome food, plenty of clean water, mental stimulation, and physical exercise, you may not know what supplements are necessary for your pup.

Does Your Dog Need a Supplement?

All dogs can benefit from supplements. Although your pup can look happy and healthy, including a daily multivitamin can work to keep them healthy and improve their life ahead. Multivitamins can be added to any dog’s diet to ensure it is receiving all the nutrition it needs.

Multifunctional SoftSupps® work to ensure your furbaby's health. The healthy and powerful ingredients in our multivitamin supplement will support your pup from puppyhood to adulthood.

The following are a few circumstances where supplements may give results as helpful if not more so than those gained from the use of pharmaceuticals for your furbaby.

Stress and Trauma

Just like people, canines experience stress and trauma to varying degrees. For decades, scientists observed behavioral changes in dogs as following having endured some form of physical or psychological trauma (or perceived trauma), shock, or injury. Behavioral changes (loss of confidence, avoidance behaviors, development of neurosis) were worse when the trauma, shock, or injury coincided with one of the canine fear-imprint periods of growth.

Calming chews, like Pet Parents® Calming SoftSupps®, are a helpful way to lessen the dog's negative associations with a particular place or event. They effectively make separation anxiety a thing of the past. Calming SoftSupps® for anxiety and soothing purposes are apt to contain combinations of a wide variety of supplements that range from ingredients such as CBD to B vitamins and valerian extract. These supplements also help calm your furbaby’s body & support tension relief during episodes of stress and anxiety.

"Dogs have different characteristics and their requirements for supplements vary between dogs."

Physical Maintenance

A dog's life is shorter than a human's, and they age more rapidly. Early and consistent supplementation may delay or even halt the onset of conditions that frequently cause discomfort to older dogs such as arthritic joints, overall inflammation, pain resulting from old injuries, and the like. Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin supplement that helps dogs to maintain joint health, and potentially even keep hip dysplasia at bay. The chances of good results increase when accompanied by gelatin and MSM. Hip & Joint SoftSupps® work to provide mobility health and joint support with PurforMSM®, one of the purest forms of MSM in the world.

Turmeric, a spice that usually adds flavor and color to human dishes, can be helpful for your pup. Turmeric works to support hip & joint health and correct functioning of digestive and cardiovascular health. A turmeric and curcumin supplement can help your furbaby by promoting normal joint and bone function as well.

Recovery from Illness or Injury

Dogs on the mend following an injury, be it the result of a dogfight, an accident, or a tummy upset, are temporarily special needs dogs. Although their specific needs likely depend upon factors such as breed, temperament, and condition, it's safe to assume any recovering dog is a physically stressed dog, and supplement it accordingly. Dogs with broken bones, internal injuries, or recovering from surgery must often stay as still as possible for the best recovery possible. Energetic and intelligent breeds, such as Border Collies and Australian Shepherds, are notoriously difficult to keep calm and settled for long periods. Calming supplements can be an aid for keeping stressed and active pups calm and relaxed.

In one sense, caring for dogs is much like caring for children: Even if you didn't know what you were doing at first, you learn as you go along. At some point comes a level of confidence; you've seen it all. A seasoned dog owner, trainer, breeder, or rescuer may have the experience to tell what a dog needs. Newer or uncertain owners may feel more confident by making such health and dietary decisions in conjunction with someone more experienced, such as their dog's breeder, veterinarian, reliable pet supply source, or other trusted mentor.

In conclusion, supplements can be very helpful for any pup, from a puppy to a senior! Be sure to do your research and read up on other supplement blogs to learn what is best for your furbaby.