Different Kinds of Antler Chews for Dogs

Updated: April 11, 2024

Chewing is a natural behavior of your furbaby and an important activity regarding your dog's health. Dogs chew to help combat stress, frustration, and anxiety in dogs.

As chewing is considered an integral part of a dog's life, the pet industry has continued to develop dog chews. The market offers a wide variety of these from rubber to plastic, to all-natural chews. And one of the most trusted and safest kinds of chews are antler chews for dogs.

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"Broken teeth, splintering, gastrointestinal problems, and choking hazards are major concerns for pet parents. Deer antlers and elk antlers are the most recommended to help eliminate these problems."

Different Kinds of Antlers for Dogs

There are three common types of antlers for dogs that come from antler-bearing mammals. These antler dog chews offer different kinds of chewing experiences. Some of these antler dog chews are not considered ideal for your furbaby. 

Moose Antlers for Dogs

Moose antlers are the softest kinds of dog antlers, but they also contain the most marrow content. Many dogs love moose antlers' taste, however, they do not last very long and can easily break down into pieces. This can also become a choking hazard for dogs.

Deer Antlers for Dogs

Deer antler dog chews are a very sturdy and hard antler. Two common forms of deer antler chews are:

  • Whitetail deer antlers are one of the hardest and densest antlers. These are best if your furbaby is an aggressive chewer.
  • Mule deer antlers are softer than Whitetails. These are darker in color than whitetail deer antlers.

Elk Antlers for Dogs

Elk antlers are larger than any deer antlers and can weigh more than 10 pounds. Elk antlers make wonderful safe chews for dogs who are seniors or puppies who have sensitive teeth.

Among the many types of antler chews in the market, one of the most recommended are the Gnawtlers® from a trusted company like Pet Parents®. Gnawtlers® are high-quality deer and elk antler chews. But what makes these chews different from the rest? Read on to find out!

What Makes Gnawtlers® Different From the Rest?

Gnawtlers® are deer and elk antlers that are specifically selected from Grade A premium raw antlers from USA's rocky mountain and heartland regions. Why does this matter? Well, even if deer and elk antlers are the most recommended, there are still low-quality antlers out there. At Pet Parents® color, density, shape, and weight are greatly considered, making them the best option of antlers for dogs.

The deer and elk antler chews from Pet Parents® ensure you high-quality standards for your dog.

  • Come from naturally shed antlers from elk and deer, guaranteeing you that no animals have been harmed in the process of developing these chews for your dog.
  • Do not easily break or splinter, keeping your furbaby away from choking hazards, broken teeth, and gastrointestinal problems
  • Contain high nutritional value and jam-packed with calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, and phosphorus to provide nutrients and strengthen your dog’s dental health
  • Long-lasting so your furbaby can enjoy them for hours and hours
  • Multiple sizes available- split elk and whole deer are available in small, medium, and large antlers for dogs while whole elk also offers size extra-large antlers for dogs
  • Contain no harmful ingredients like artificial flavoring and artificial fragrance that make it more appealing to dogs, the natural bone marrow makes these antlers more appealing
  • Won't leave a mess in your home as these chews contain no color dyes and are odorless so your dog can gnaw all day without you having to worry about your furniture or floor getting soiled or stained
  • Help maintain your dog's oral health, keeping their teeth clean and preventing periodontal diseases from developing

Gnawtlers® are available in whole deer antler chews, whole elk antler chews, and split elk antler chews.

Your Dog’s Chew Personality

There are a few factors you have to consider when choosing the antler chews that are suitable for your furbaby. As stated by the Animal Wellness Magazine, aside from the quality of the antler chews, you also must take into consideration the size of your dog and their chew personality. Antlers for aggressive chewers will be different from a softer antler for dogs.

There are different types of chewing personalities in dogs:

Deer antlers for aggressive chewers: If your dog is an aggressive chewer, they will be able to consume chews fast. Some aggressive chewers will also chew anything and everything they lay their mouths on, all day long! Antlers for aggressive chewers should be sturdy and durable.

The right antler chew: Whole Deer Gnawtlers®

Elk antlers for selective chewers. If your dog is a selective chewer, they will love some chews and then ignore the others. They are picky about what chews to chew on.

The right antler chew: Whole Elk Gnawtlers® or Split Elk Gnawtlers®

Split elk antlers for the nibblers. If your dog is a nibbler, you will want to go with the softest antler for dogs. These dogs are the ones who chew slowly and take their time when gnawing. We recommend our softest antler for dogs to puppies and senior dogs. Split antlers for dogs are best for dogs with sensitive teeth as well.

The right antler chew: Split Elk Gnawtlers®

What Gnawtlers® Are Best for Your Furbaby

What kind of antlers are best for dogs? Broken teeth, splintering, gastrointestinal problems, and choking hazards are major concerns for pet parents. Deer antlers for dogs and elk antlers for dogs are the most recommended to help eliminate these problems.

  • Whole Deer Gnawtlers® are the best antlers for aggressive chewers. The outer core of deer antlers for dogs is denser, making chewing a challenge for your furbaby.
  • Whole Elk Gnawtlers® are whole elk antlers for dogs that have a softer outer core, the best choice if your furbaby is not an aggressive all-day chewer. Whole elk antlers for dogs offer optimal density which makes it durable, long-lasting, and safe.
  • Split Elk Gnawtlers® are the best antlers for puppies, senior dogs, or just occasional chewers. Split elk antlers for dogs are antlers that are split in half for your puppy to be able to get right on to the delicious and nutrient-filled marrow inside and are the softest antler for dogs.

Need more help deciding between split and whole antlers? Check out this article.

Other Uses for Antler Chews

Aside from keeping your dog busy and satisfied with their gnawing experience, these Gnawtlers® can also be very helpful in situations like:

  • Keeping dogs mentally stimulated, particularly those dogs who have issues like destructive & undesirable behaviors, excessive barking, separation anxiety, being too territorial, and many more
  • Preventing teething dogs from chewing inappropriate items in the house
  • Helping curb your puppy's play-biting habits
  • Maintaining your dog's dental health

Tips When Buying Gnawtlers®

There are a few things you need to consider when buying Gnawtlers® so you can determine what kind of antlers are best for your dogs.

  • See to it that you buy an antler chew bigger than the size of your dog's mouth so that they won't be able to place it in their mouth whole. See the dog sizing chart for Gnawtlers® on this page.
  • Consider your dog's chew personality (mentioned above) to see which Gnawtlers® fit your dog’s specific chewing needs.
  • Take into account your dog’s age and any teeth sensitivities they might have.

"The antler chews from Pet Parents® ensure you high-quality standards for your furbaby."

There are different kinds of antler chews for dogs out there but not all are safe and good for your dog. As pet parents, it is our responsibility to make our furbaby's safety our major priority. As a company, Pet Parents® already does this, so you won't have to worry about your furbaby gnawing all day with our Gnawtlers®. Whether whole deer antlers, split elk antlers, or whole elk antlers for dogs, you can provide your dog with fun and nutrition with antler chews.