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One of those customers

Having worked in customer service I know there are a very few special customers who push beyond reasonable limits. I am sad to say I was one, I had to exchange some diapers for my cat, while moving from Canada to France, then waiting two months for furniture to arrive then pushing other things back. Long story short I was a problem customer however the pet parents team went above and beyond to work eothe sndy unique situation. I can not say thank-you enough for the understanding and support they provided.

A God-send

Sampson has idiopathic Epilepsy. The pads have saved my mattress. So grateful for this product.

I got my pads and they are too big I opened one but I could see I needed to get the small. I emailed back to see how to exchange them but so far nothing from you???


We are using these pads with our boxer, who has lymphoma and the treatment causes her to drink and pee, alot. During the day shes out at least once an hour, but overnight, these pads work like magic. They wash wonderfully and they LAST!! Thanks for a fabulous product

Dog loves how these taste

Been using these for a couple of weeks now. Got these to help with injury that my dog had and noticed that she isn't limping anymore. I'm hoping with a combination of this and the hip and joint supplement that it has accelerated the healing process.


2 days and we are celebrating the solution to the fright peeing. She’s an American Miniature Eskimo rescue. She was screamed at a lot and kept in a crate 24/7 for the past year n half.
Now she’s free by whenever you talk to her in any tone she pees. Thank you 😊 Love love love ❤️ them

Great product for our older dog

Our older dog is able to feel comfortable in these diapers. Since it takes a lot more energy to remove them, he seems okay with them on.
We are so satisfied with these and have recommended them to our friends and their aging pups too. Thank you for making a wonderful and cute product!

wait was worth it

it took almost 2 weeks to get here but the bands are fabulous. our westie has huge night time incontinence and piddles between 300 and 500 cc; with the addition of an extra pad inside, the bands hold everything and the outside stays dry. Thanks! No more early morning washings of dog bed and bedding!

Belly band

We have a pooch w separation anxiety urination. We’ve tried trainers and medications. Unfortunately his fav pee spot is our antique bed post on a hardwood floor. These belly bands are a lifesaver! And Pet Parents donates to local shelters in my area!!!

Cat diapers

Great my cat doesn’t care for it but owner loves them.They are made great and after awhile your pet will get use to them and move freely took mines a few hours

Best available

One of my 13 lb. dogs, let’s just say - can release alot of liquids! No other washable holds up anywhere near the quality of PetParents’. I have another brand, purchased at the same time as these, and they have long since lost their absorbency. After trying to use them on linoleum floors, and they leak so heavily thru that I finally tossed them.
My PetParents I can still confidentially use on my good flooring with no leakage.
I am guessing I have had them at least 4-5 months. They are laundered as directed maybe 2-3 times a week. Only one of the four I own has the backing pulling away from it, but I suspect the reason for that was it got caught in my washing machine. It still absorbs though!
I am ordering another set.
I am ordering more.

Cats will be cats but the product works

The product worked well for the first hour then my 19 yr old arthritic cat figured out how to get out of them. I probably should have gone one size bigger for more coverage, so if you are on the border of sizes, always go up.

Doggie diapers

These bands are amazing. They fit good and the velcro keeps it in place. We don't have anymore dripples from our 17yr dog.

Perfect fit belly band

This belly band is a perfect fit. Very large patch of Velcro for adjustments and comfort. Soft and absorbent. No leakage. Stays dry outside and inside. High quality construction


They fit great and accommodate a Poise pad very well. Come out of the dryer like new after every wash.

Love you guys!

I ordered cat diapers and the product is very well constructed. I love this company’s products, enthusiasm, and customer service. Well done!

Excellent quality

So happy I found PetParents. Great products and excellent customer service will keep me coming back.

Easy to wash a little tough to dry in the winter, with not being able to use a dryer. Cant put them outdoors ,they freeze. I put the belly bands over the heater floor vent and eventually they get dried. My dog comes inside and waits for the belly band to be put on.

Belly bands

I haven't had the chance to try them on the dog I bought them for...hoping they are going to fit. I did measure before I ordered them. I have ordered them for another family dog and they are great!

The diapers were very durable and nicely padded, however... my cat didn’t like them. He couldn’t walk normally and looked like he was injured when he tried, so he walked out of it within a few seconds.

Perfect Solution

I tried several products before I found the dog wraps and nothing worked like these do!!