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Roscoe loves this blanket! It is so soft and comfy. He always has a blanket with him in the living room, but this one is the perfect for him bc its not too big. Perfect size!


Such a great quality blanket! It is super soft and looks great on the couch! We are super impressed with this blanket and love cuddling up with it.

Pee pads

I bought four 41 inch pads and they are a life saver. No longer having to wash all my pets bedding. I can just toss the washable pads in the washer and dryer and am good to go. I highly recommend this pad for any pet owners .

Belly bands size

I love them and so does Henry😊. However, the sizing seems a little off. Henry is a Springer spaniel and weighs 39 lbs. and is quite fit and is the perfect weight for his size. The large barely fits him!! We do love them but the sizing could be a little more generous!

Picky eater loves these!

My 12 year old Great Pyrenees is an extremely picky eater and when I say she loves these, it’s no exaggeration. She’s especially fond of the calming ones, but she also enjoys the turmeric and hip and joint soft supps as well. Our other dog who will eat ANYTHING enjoys these too, and I do think the skin and coat ones help keep her coat nice and shiny. We’re going to give the probiotic ones a try next!

Where is my product?

I never received the product that I ordered. I have left a message today. I am awaiting a call. ASAP. Thank You.

Pet pee pads

I have not received them yet.

Tumeric and Lots More!

After lots of research on Turmeric and studying the lists of ingredients, I decided on this one. It was not quite the magic I was hoping for but It does seem to help my boy's arthritic elbows. Tried this alone but that wasn't enough. He's now on some pretty heavy duty meds (the vet calls it doggy Vicadin). I did take him off these when he first started the drugs due to previous tummy issues with other meds (carprofin/Rimadyl) just in case the heavy duty meds made him puke (others have advised these stain badly if they come back up) but that never happened. He did seem to feel a bit better when I added the Turmeric back into his routine. Also added some elbow braces that are part of the whole solution. Ordering from Pet Parents was easy and even fun. My boy is a 75lb yellow lab that we think is about 12 years old.

Well made diaper.

This product is well made and we had high hopes, but unfortunately it would not stay on our cat. He is 16 years old and has lost control of one back leg and is incontinent. With the diaper on he could not walk (or hobble) at all and the diaper just slid off, no matter how tight we secured the velcro.

My cat keeps finding out new ways to take it off. Maybe add another strap around the top that goes all the way around?


I am loving these belly bands. Got the velcro cover also and they so far have kept the band velcro clean! My male cocker is 12 and he sometimes doesn't make it outside and these are 100% better than the flannel ones I have...I put pads in them and there were times they leaked...but so far all is wonderful with the new ones! Yes I do recommend these belly bands!

Cat Diapers

Very well made product

Easy to clean. Almost waterproof.

Great pads

Well made & very absorbent. Great for all kinds of uses.

Too cold to go outside

My little girl does not like going outside when it's wet or cold outside. So the Pee Pads are a win win. Thank you.

Perfect for my elderly cat! Thank you!

My cat can still be a part of our family and snuggle upstairs with these diapers. I was very skeptical thinking they would be hard to get on him, leak, or leave him wet and a mess, but none of that is the case. He doesn’t mind wearing them, fits comfortably and absorbs like a baby diaper, leaving him dry! When it’s time to put him downstairs closer to his food/water and kitty litter boxes, I just remove the diaper and throw it in the washer by itself, washes up nicely! Thank you for creating a great product that allows us to enjoy him in his later years without the worry of him creating a mess to find and clean up later. Our hearts are grateful ❤️

Very happy with the purchase of dog diapers.

Great Washable Doggy Diapers

Excellent product Quick shipping

Never recieved

It's hard to give a review, when never received and almost impossible to see tracking. By the tracking I'm seeing was never even sent. Ordered beginning of Dec.

SoftSupps® USA Dog Vitamins Dog Multivitamin Supplements

My pups love them!

Opal (2 year old Bully Pit) and Gertie (1 year old ??) both rescue “knawl” on the elk antlers all day. After a few tries I find the whole XL elk antlers work for them.

Really liking how well these work

I have a 5 month old Boxer puppy who is a love but is very challenging to housebreak. I am using these to put on him in between times I take him outside to go potty and my sanity has been restored! They wash well and he does not seem to mind wearing.

Does Wonders for Labradors' Coats!!

'Have a yellow and a black that both get daily soft chews of Skin and Coat. Softness returned. Dryness and itching left.

Shedding is less, but Labs make tumbleweeds no matter what :)!

Can't wait for a larger than 90 count jar.