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Diapers are great just ordered the xs ones ordered the small ones first thought they were a little loose around the legs hope the xs ones fit better

A lifesaver

This product has saved my sanity and possibly my cat's life! He has started peeing everywhere in his old age and cannot be dissuaded, and these diapers make this situation survivable. Now I can wait and see whether psych meds adjust the behavior, without washing bedding six times a day! They fit well, stay on, and wash clean. I do wish the tail hole were a bit larger to make it easier to put them on, but it's perfectly doable. I have six to last the day, and overnight I put him in a disposable baby diaper with a tail hole cut in it while I wash and dry them. I am buying more so I can change him more often without timing issues with laundry. Great price too--a third the price of dog diapers available locally and I couldn't find cat diapers in stores anywhere.

I have to ship them back, I ordered the wrong size.
I am hoping the exchange return goes smoothly.

Belly wrap

Made well and strong velcro keeps it on my bassett. Size XL fits my smallish bassett. Great for leaky urine.

Very practical

These diapers fit our young dog in heat very well. They are fairly easy to get them on her and she rarely takes them off by herself. They come clean very easily. This is her third heat and the ones that we bought previously have no stains on them. If it wasn’t for these diapers we would be forced to get her spayed.

Great for urine, but not poop...Very well constructed.

We’ve used these on our 12 yr. old Maltipoo for 10 months. She isn’t always on time to tell us she needs to go out. However, any poop goes right thru the tail opening. In the middle of a bout of diarrhea, we added a poise pad with a very small opening over the tail opening, and pulled her tail through. Perfect. (Cheap bladder control pads can be added if you don’t have enough diapers on hand.) We soak ours in vinegar and close them inside-out for washing, so the Velcro doesn’t stick to anything else. I even accidentally bleached them once, and they were fine. Except for that one problem, they’re great!

Hip and joint supplements are great!!!

My dogs love them, oldest dog no longer has to have help upstairs... he’s 90lbs and these are truly helping him. Thank you Pet Parents...this is our second order.

helping with bladder control

I got these as a free sample and they worked so well that I purchases more.

Gnawters rock!

My 30lb dog loves both the split bone and the whole antler. She likes to gnaw for about 25 minutes or so. Hoping she will keep her pearly whites!

Need 2 pairs of hands

It is a great idea but with a senior dog with bad legs and hips impossible to do alone.


Great for our 15 year old cat with kidney failure.

I bought the lg size in a local pet supply store for $46.00. The first one I used, I was extremely disappointed. It smelled so bad, I had to put it outdoors until I could wash it.
The second one was fine, no odor. Since they were from the same pkg I was surprised. Don't know if the one was defective?

Love these belly bands!

We have a rescue male yorkie mix we adopted when he was three-ish. He had just been fixed before adoption. He came to us with very bad habits and as hard as we have tried and as many methods we have tried, we just can't seem to break him of going potty in the house. We were at our whit's end when I stumbled across these on the interwebs. We had some cotton bands, but they were stupid expensive and they leaked right through. I ordered with great skepticism, but these have been a game-changer for our little guy! They don't leak through!!! We can't always be there every second watching him, so these belly bands help us with accidents. We now have 12 and love them! You won't be sorry.

The PET PARENTS washable Dog Diapers for my Dogue Bordeaux (large female) are to small,I needed a 2xx. Donald

Washable Cat Diapers Really Work!

I am really pleased with this product - the fit was perfect - really appreciated the clear guidelines for measuring on your website. They're just what we needed for extended travel with our cat. I also appreciated your clear communication from the initial order right through delivery - first rate service!

Allergy/Immune support

It seems to be giving my Pit some relief from his seasonal allergies, he certainly loves to take them, he thinks they are treats! He has not been on them a solid month yet, then we will see if it kicks in more

Belly Band Success

We've had our new belly bands for our male pups for a week now and they're WORKING! Very high quality for comfort and super absorbency. Thank you Pet Parents!

So far We are happy

Pup loves to eat them and I have noticed it helps. My puppy would be scared of walking outdoors since she’s not used to seeing/hearing cars pass her. We’ve given her these and she definitely is doing much better. She was also nervous riding in my car and for the first time she isn’t shaking the whole ride. She takes it like a treat and loves it so it’s a win win. :)

A miracle!

Great product for my dogs!! They love these and eat them like a treat. My dog scratches a lot but since I have been giving him these he has stopped scratching so much. Both of their coats seem softer and shinier too.

Super strong velcro

I like these belly bands - they do the job, are easy to wash and dry, and fit my small dogs well. The velcro is super strong, however, and so it is sometimes tough to peel it apart to take the belly bands off my dogs ... the dogs are small enough that I use the entire velcro pad when the bands are fitted around them. But now that I know this is the case, I just make sure I have both hands free when I want to take the bands off - you can't remove them with only one hand, the velcro is that strong!

Life saver

We have an elderly Boxer who has become incontinent but otherwise fairly healthy. The Belly Bands have been wonderful and we purchased a dozen so we always have several clean on hand. He wears them 24/7 and seems quite comfortable with them. He did develop a mild diaper rash but the vet gave us a good cream to use. Our only problem is the velcro is so large and strong that it's hard for me to open and close the band. Same for my husband. It's seems a smaller band of velcro would serve the purpose equally well.

Highly recommend these treats for dogs.

Our dog sustained a leg injury and was down for approximately 2 full weeks. The vet gave us enough medicine for 4 days and he was supposed to be better, but he was not. After researching all night I found these treats and decided to try our dog on them to see if it would help with his leg. The ingredients in these are excellent compared to some of the competitors. Not kidding, our dog was going up and down the stairs within 48 hours by himself again. These treats worked wonders and he is back to his jack Russell self again. I would highly recommend these, just be sure to strictly use the recommended dosage. He also has separation anxiety at times so we will try these for those times. Thank you for helping our dog feel better.

Seems to be high quality and no issues at all :)

Honestly, my dog is super picky and doesn’t eat many things. Most of his food consists of organic chicken and veggies.
I love that he eats these calm treats, and it doesn’t affect his bowel movements at all. Seems to be a very high quality product, and he hasn’t shown any allergies.

My dog loves the taste

My Pit is very large (95lbs), and he has some joint pain, he loves these chews, have not seen a huge improvement so far in his discomfort, hoping it gets better the more he is on this supplement, only time will tell! It usually takes 4 weeks or so in order to see results with these types of supplements, I didn't expect overnight results.