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Quality Plus

Your company is very customer oriented, great follow through, great communication and better than expected quality of product.
Received the diapers within days and quality is top notch... unfortunately, never got to use them as my boy had complications and we had to put him down the same day we received the product.
Would recommend your product and company to anyone!

Great Product!

My dog is getting older and has begun to have bladder issues. SInce starting these chews, her bladder health is improved and we are having fewer bladder infections. I'm very pleased with this product and will continue to use them.

Colt loves his Candy

I love these! But my dog loves them more. He's been getting his "candy" on a daily basis, and he's not licking his paws as much. I can't wait to see more results in the future. Thank you

Very helpful

Nice, soft chews that calmed my dog down when it storms, also helped calm here when fireworks are being fired

Works pretty well

I have two pig puppies, 150lbs and 80lbs. I’ve been giving them 1 a day for over a week, and they seem more relaxed than normal. They weren’t as calm as I thought, but since they weight more, I expected they’d need a little stronger/ more of them

Glad I got these :)

My dog is no longer sitting in the corner of my bathroom or hiding when it's storming out. Wish I would have tried these sooner!

A blessing!

These are awesome and work great with my 2 anxious over excited yorkiepoos. They love the flavor. I break them in half because they like the smaller bites but it has really helped!

Doggys love it

My doggys love eating these supplements. It makes them slightly calmed but not much. Maybe it works better if i gave it to them regularly.

My dogs love them!

Ordered these calming treats for my dogs when it starts to thunder or when there’s fireworks going on. Had a few episodes of thunder and immediately grabbed the treats. They seemed to be much more relaxed in the living room after eating the treats.

Awesome product!

This product and this company is amazing! They are a small company of a few hard working folks and I love supporting small business (there are so few nowadays 😔) . Their products are amazing and they work! I ordered the calming supplements, I give them when I put my dogs in the crates when I leave the house and it has done wonders for them! I will add a disclaimer saying that my dogs do not have serious separation anxiety or anything like that, so I am not sure how that would work with severe cases, but for us it works amazingly!!

My dogs love it!

My dogs look forward to taking these every morning and it makes me feel good knowing that I'm giving them something good for their joints.

Win over even the pickiest of fur babies!

My dogs are like the old “Mikey” commercials ( giving away my age). They are SO picky!! They like it, they actually like it! All 4 of them. One was stubborn and I had to hide it in a favorite food at first but even he was won over! So far I definitely see a difference in their coats, smoother and shinier!

Great stuff

My dog had a few scars were the fur wasn't fully growing back, and this is helping them fill back in. He also sheds a lot less. Awesome stuff.

Great Skin And Fur Support Supplement

This is a good skin supplement that contains good oils and vitamins that should make Henry's dandruff go away.

Works well

My dog tends to get a hot spot in July/August of every year, she chews her skin from what we think is a grass allergy. We've been taking this product daily and her chewing has reduced since we started and we don't have any hot spots :)

Added perk, her coat is softer too :)

So far so good!

immediately noticed that he stopped itching his paws.. then a couple weeks in his appetite improved and he looks forward to taking them. Loving them so far!

Only bladder supplement my dog will take

My 11 year old black lab has had bladder problems for the last few years, and I've tried about a dozen different brand of supplements for her. This is the only one she's ever willingly taken, every other one had to be forced down her. She only been taking it about 4 or 5 days now, and I can already tell that it makes life easier for her. She is taking less time and effort to urinate, and has not had a single accident in the house since starting on these supplements. I'm ordering their hip and joint formula next, as that's another area where she needs help and has yet to find anything she'll happily take.

Yummy in my dog’s tummy!

My dog Fritz has two luxating patellas, which causes him quite a bit of discomfort from time to time. I do my best to massage his quads, but these have really upped his comfort level. I crumble it over his food and he gobbles it right up without a problem, which is something I’ve struggled with past supplements. I see improvement after only a week. Get these!

Great company and great products

I was super happy to explore the benefits of these vitamin since my new puppy is going thru way more food than I expected and had to switch from science diet to a value brand. Thank you and great customer service. Going to try the others as soon as possible. Puppy has great energy and looks happy and healthy!

Great company and great products

Im happy to receive because my dog is sooooo large I have to buy bulk dog food, I like that these products can make up the difference, giving him the nutrients he needs. Great customer service from the company as well.

Love it

Great all the way around. Arrived quick, well packaged, my dog likes the taste and I have already seen a difference in my pups shedding and less itching.

Smokey Approved It!

Smokey is my 3 years old German Shepherd. He was having a painful time moving or running around. This product worked well for him. He actually moved better now. Smokey thanks you for this product!