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Great company & great product
I’m glad I read all of the reviews of the different products offered for my senior rescue doggie. These are much better than disposables, and I just put a thin sanitary liner (women) to help cut down on laundry. I love Pet Parents’ customer service.

- GininFC

Customer service welcomes you with a fun
greeting before product arrives
Well made product. Delivered as promised. Customer service welcomes you with a fun greeting before product arrives. Nice touch. I'm still learning how to properly diaper an Old English Bulldog..I like that the red brown one matches her fur, keeping her dignity somewhat in tact. Update:Oh how I love these diapers! They work like a charm and wash and wear beautifully. I love when products live up to their claims. 10 Gold Stars.

- Hearts at Home

High quality product
High quality material and velcro. I’ve bought similar items from other vendors and the velcro does not last or work for very long. The velcro on these belly bands is noticeably superior and will last through a lot more uses. The Pet Parents owners have wonderful customer service style and light sense of humor which makes the purchase that much more pleasant. When I need more of this product, will definitely buy from Pet Parents.

- Barbara Carmichael

I LOVE them
The product is great, but that’s nothing compared to how wonderful the company that sold it to me is. Incredible follow up. Best customer service letter ever. Seriously, it made me want to go work for this company. I love them. Can’t give enough stars or enough thanks.

- Dennis


Perfect Belly Bands!!
These are the best belly bands I’ve tried, and I’ve tried A LOT! They are super absorbent and don’t irritate my dog’s skin if he does urinate in them. The Velcro is surprisingly strong compared to other bands I’ve bought. I’ve not had these slide off my dog once in over a month of use. I purchased size medium and they fit my pug perfectly. He seems very comfortable and his ability to move around and get comfy is not inhibited at all by these. I’ve washed them all several times, too, and the quality remains excellent! Planning on buying more!

- Melanie Curtis

Belly Bands

Love this product!
These belly bands exceeded my expectations. I have a 16 year old border colllie and was using disposable wraps . The disposable wraps were bulky. It was a challenge keeping the disposable wraps in place and they were not cost effective. These washable belly bands are much easier to put on and are a more comfortable fit for my dog. The material is soft and they wash up nicely. At night, I do put a maxi pad inside the belly band for additional protection. This set up has worked great! Having these belly bands have helped make the remaining time left with our sweet, old dog more enjoyable. I highly recommend this product.

- Kyle Kelly

Belly Bands

Love these belly bands
A great product for your money and it works great. I got the large size which are 8 inches wide and the end flap goes over all the Velcro. My male dog is 35 -40 pounds so the large is a perfect fit for him. The padding is soft and thick and would absorb a lot of fluid however I always put a extra large sanitary pad in his bands for extra protection and to keep them dry and clean longer.

- Nancy D Lee

Belly Bands


Game changer!
We bought an initial 3-pack of Pet Parents Washable Dog Diapers for our aging beagle girl, and liked them so much we bought a second 3-pack. We are now on our third! They wash and dry beautifully, and now with the new 3 I don’t have to wash so frequently (she can sometimes use six in one day, if she’s having a ‘bad day’!) We tried disposables but she tore them apart. She hasn’t even tried to tear these. Great product!

- Linda Deedley

Dog Diapers

Once again allowed us to enjoy his company in the living room
My wife and I ordered your doggy diapers for our semiretired geriatric beagle who has developed incontinence in his 16th year. They met our expectations and have allowed us to once again enjoy his wonderful company in the living room without the worry of occasional puddles on the carpet. My beagle and I would recommend these diapers to all pooches that have incontinence problems in their golden years. Many thanks for a good product and for your quick service.

- Jon Robinson

dog sitting

Well made
I ordered a Medium for a 35lb border collie. I like the construction of these. The elastic and strong velcro that allows you to get a perfect fit and they stay on, although some people may not like the puffy extra material around the rear, I don't mind it. I didn't realize they would have built in padding in the crotch--that''s a plus-- if the napkin comes out the diaper will do the job without it. Cleans up nicely in the washer. Highly recommend and worth paying a little extra for.

- DPal

Dog Diapers


Five stars
These diapers work perfect for my male cat who won't stop spraying in the house!!

- Tiki Tom

Cat Diapers

These work great for cats!
I bought these for my 12lb cat. They work wonderfully. A little big in the leg area... Cat Urine is very strong and these cat diapers really hold that scent in.. I've had them over a week now and wash them daily and the cat urine smell comes right out. I will be buying more in the future.

- Amy Wilkerson

Cat Diapers


The puppy loves it and this is his new favorite!
Our 4-month-old puppy loves it and he just cannot let go of it! He could chew on this for a straight hour without getting tired of it. Not sure why, but perhaps it is about the scent and the texture of it that what he loves the most. My (probably not his) only concern is that it seems quite slippery and thus he tends to let it slip through easily and he has to re-grasp it again and again, which is probably fine the way it is...

- nr208


A good product for dogs that like to chew
My dog really likes these. This was my second purchase of these. They last quite a long time and present no problems at all. I intend to continue having these available for my dog to chew on.

- Jon Robinson



Finally, keep your couch clean
Layla is a rescue we were having issues with her laying on the furniture and when anyone would walk towards her she pees where ever she is. I was so tired of cleaning it up and I couldn't teach her to stay off. I am so glad I got this blanket as u can see from the video she won't go anywhere near it.

- Kathie A.

Easy to fold up when you don't want to use it - simple to put back down before you leave your couch unattended.
Saved my life. Was having a party that evening, and my older cat had an accident on the Pet Repeller INSTEAD of my couch :) So easy to clean up - no odor left on the couch at all. Wish I had this years ago!

- Justin


Great quality and leak proof
Great quality and sturdy. I have another brand and I like these much better. They don't move around and slip on the ground and they don't leak. Very good size. I have 3 yorkies and they are more than big enough. Would purchase again.

- Kelly K.

I'm very impressed. I purchased these for whelping and they really do aborb a lot. I wish I would have purchased another pack since my Doberman whelped 11 puppies and I had a large surface area to cover and it would be nice to have backups to switch out after the arrival of a few puppies. I've already put them in the wash and dried in the delicate cycle (cold). I've placed the washed pads under her while she feeds. My Doberman weighs 85lbs so the photo demonstrates how big the coverage area is.

- Nancy E.

Dog Pee Pads