Is Lavender Safe for Dogs?

Updated: January 19, 2024

The shrubby perennial plant known as lavender, which has beautiful purple blooms, has entered our lives in the form of herbal cures, oils, skincare products, and wellness procedures. One of the most widely utilized essential oils in most homes is lavender oil. But, with any plant or essential oil, we want to be sure of the safety around our furbabies. So, is lavender safe for dogs?

In this article, we will answer the most common questions surrounding your dog and lavender. Is lavender bad for dogs? Is lavender oil safe for dogs? What are the benefits of lavender for dogs? And when can lavender be harmful to your dog?

Is Lavender Bad for Dogs?

Is lavender safe for dogs? Or is lavender toxic to dogs? Well, it all depends on the use and methods. You might have heard that lavender is bad for dogs or even dangerous to dogs. But, it’s important to note that toxicity is rarely an issue and only arises if a dog ingests very large quantities. So, while you should not allow your dog to munch on lavender bushes for a snack, limited exposure can actually be beneficial.

"Mild exposure to lavender can provide positive calming effects. "

According to Healthy Paws, mild exposure to lavender can provide positive calming effects. The scent of lavender can help your dog de-stress. And, when applied topically (and properly diluted), lavender is generally considered safe for your dog with some great benefits.

Is Lavender Oil Safe for Dogs?

Lots of pet parents enjoy the smell of lavender essential oil. But, is lavender oil safe for dogs? Generally speaking yes. But, similar to the plant, you do not want to allow your dog to consume large quantities. So, when is lavender essential oil safe for dogs?

is lavender oil safe for dogs?

According to Dogs Naturally, lavender essential oil is safe when used correctly with low doses. If applying topically, make sure that the lavender essential oil is diluted. It is a good idea to start with a very small amount of oil, even when diluting. While topical use can be beneficial, you should not feed your dog lavender essential oil. So, be sure to keep any bottles out of reach.

Benefits of Lavender for Dogs

When used properly, lavender oil can provide beneficial properties to your dog. Some of the benefits of lavender for dogs include:

  • Providing a Calming Effect. Many humans use lavender oil to help relieve stress. Similarly, it can help you dog to relax and relieve some anxiety.
  • Sooth Itchy Skin. Dogs that commonly suffer from allergies or itchy skin may find small amounts of lavender applied topically to help soothe.
  • Insect Repellant. Lavender for dogs can help repel insects including fleas and ticks. Although it is not a medicine specifically designed to kill fleas and ticks, it an be beneficial in helping to keep them away.
  • Reducing Odor. Sometimes our dogs can smell like, well dogs. Lavender oil can provide a nice, fresh scent.

If your dog struggles with itchy skin, it’s a good idea to use Pet WiPees™ Dog All Purpose + Allergy wipes. These will provide the a calming scent while helping to soothe the skin from itching and irritation. Plus, you do not have to worry about diluting lavender oil for the benefits. These dog wipes are safe for every day use.

In fact, every day use of Pet WiPees™ is encouraged for maximum benefits. These dog wipes contain antihistamines, topical antioxidants, and moisturizers to help create a healthy barrier in the skin. With regular use, these pet wipes for dogs act as supplements for the skin, working from the outside in. Plus, the FurFresh™ Deodorizer removes that “dog smell” leaving behind the fresh, calming scent in it’s place.

When is Lavender Safe for Dogs vs. Dangerous

lavender for dogs, is lavender toxic to dogs

When is lavender safe for dogs? And when is lavender bad for dogs? Generally, lavender is considered safe for dogs to breathe and be around. However, you should not feed your dog lavender. No matter if it is lavender buds from the plant or lavender oil. Linalool, which is found in lavender can be toxic to dogs in large amounts. So, never feed your dog lavender buds or lavender oil.

To receive the benefits of lavender for dogs without the risks, make sure that lavender oil is applied topically and diluted. You and use pre-diluted dog wipes like Pet WiPees™ Dog All Purpose + Allergy or Pet WiPees™ Dog All Purpose + Skin & Coat to ensure that your dog is getting a healthy dose of calming scent without the risk of consumption or a pungent lavender oil.

Other Methods of Calming Your Dog

Mild exposure to lavender can be a great calming aid for your dog. Many dogs suffer from anxiety and can benefit from calming methods. If your dog seems anxious and could benefit from more balanced behavior overall, try giving them Calming SoftSupps® daily. These calming treats for dogs work internally to promote a sense of calm without drowsiness.

Made with chicken as the first ingredient and other beneficial active ingredients like organic chamomile, valerian root, organic hemp extract, and organic passion flower, these calming supplements for dogs are targeted at an overall sense of relaxation. Calming SoftSupps® include Suntheanine® which is clinically studied for promoting relaxation and mental alertness with no drowsiness in your dog.

Pairing these calming treats for dogs with regular use of Pet WiPees™ can work from both the inside and outside to provide maximum benefits for your dog. The calming scent of the wipes and natural active ingredients from the supplements can help your furbaby to de-stress.

Is lavender oil safe for dogs? Lavender is generally considered safe and even beneficial to dogs when applied topically and in small amounts. Lavender is known for it’s calming effects as well as a few other benefits including soothing skin, and repelling insects. However, never guess when it comes to applying lavender to your dog topically. You can always consult your veterinarian to ensure that you are using lavender correctly before applying to your dog. Make sure that you are using the proper diluted amount or opt for calming wipes to provide the benefits of lavender without the guess work.

"If your dog struggles with itchy skin, it’s a good idea to use Pet WiPees™ Dog All Purpose + Allergy wipes."