5 Cat Diaper Buying Tips You Should Know

Updated: December 26, 2023

"Cat diapers can come in really handy for your sick, elderly or special needs cat"

Cats are wonderful pets that offer years of loving companionship to us humans, without demanding much time or even maintenance. Unfortunately, with age they tend to develop certain health problems like incontinent. Unfortunately, with age they tend to develop certain health problems like incontinent. Urinary or bowel incontinence means cat diapers for poop and cat diapers for urine. The problem makes cats unable to reach the litter box on time to answer the nature’s call and you are left with mess all over the house.

As such cat diapers can come in really handy for your sick, elderly or special needs cat. Cat Diapers allow your furry friend to regain freedom of wandering around the house and you can stop worrying about preventing damage to rugs and furniture with your cat’s urine or feces. Can a cat wear a diaper? Absolutely! In fact, many cats can benefit from a quality diaper. Aside from cat incontinence, spraying is a common problem pet parents encounter. In these cases, cat diapers for urine will prevent messes along your walls, furniture, and cabinets.

If cat diapers sound like a great idea for your spraying or incontinent feline, here are some tips to pick the best one. Take a look.

1. Know the Right Size Cat Diaper

Just like us humans, even feline vary in size. Some are skinny while others are more on the heavier side. As such getting the size wrong will only add to your troubles. The right fir contributes to the comfort of your cat and efficiency of the diaper. In order to get the size right, properly measure the girth of your cat around the area in front of the back legs. Also keep in mind the weight of your cat and then compare the same to the size chart, which is included along with the diapers. The size chart will help you determine the perfect fit for your feline.

2. Washable or Disposable Cat Diapers

Just like diaper for babies, diaper for cats come in different styles. This includes washable and disposable diapers. Since the washable diapers can be reused, they are of better value for long term use. But washable diapers do require disposable pads to be inserted in the diaper lining. On the other hand, disposable diapers already have an absorbent padding outfitted into the diaper. Decide your preference and look for the best available options in the same. Cat diapers for poop and cat diapers for urine are one and the same when talking about high-quality washable cat diapers.

3. What is the Cat Diaper Made From?

Find out what the diaper is made from. Make sure the material or fabric of the diaper is durable and lightweight. Lightweight diapers will help your little girl cope up with the heat, she projects with her fur. A diaper, which isn’t much bulky, allows your feline to roam around easily and comfortably. Else she will just get irritated and try to get rid of it. Also check the inner layer of the diaper and make sure it is soft and cool.


Another important thing to look for is the closure, which helps strap the two ends of the diaper around the waist. The Velcro used for closing should be robust and good quality so that it gives a snug fit and doesn’t get caught in your feline’s fur.

4.Tail Opening

Cat diapers are designed for absorbing urine and preventing poop from leaking out. Cat diapers for poop and urine will all come with a tail opening. The tail opening of the diaper should be just the right size to allow enough room to your feline’s tail. It should not be too large that it leads to leakage and not too small to curb your cat’s tail to swing. The tail hole should be trimmed in soft fabric to provide protection from skin irritation. It should be strategically placed to allow your cat to still poop in a litter pan while wearing the diaper.


Felines are not that big of a fan when it comes to wearing diapers. As such, if the diaper is not comfortable your cat will just end up getting rid of it somehow. If you make sure that the diaper is right size and super-comfy to wear and walk around. Look at the leg of the diaper and see if there is enough room around the hind legs for your cat to wander around comfortably. Also ensure that the waist band doesn’t rub with the legs too much as it may cause skin irritations.  
Cat diapers are the perfect solution to deal with the problems that distress both you and your cat and these tips will surely help you buy the right diaper for your cat’s needs.

Pet Parents® Cat Diapers are high-quality cat diapers for poop and urine made for comfort and function. These use elastic around the tail and lets, so that even if they are being used as diapers for cats with diarrhea, you will not experience any leaks. Plus, the waterproof outer shell prevents any messes from leaking through the diaper and onto your furniture, carpet, or bed. Cats in diapers that are made for form and function are much more comfortable and will be less likely to try to tear it off.

"Ensure that the waist band doesn’t rub with the legs too much as it may cause skin irritations"