All About Cat Diapers

Updated: June 29, 2022

Are there diapers for cats? Can cats wear diapers? Yes and yes! Plus, a cat wearing diapers can help prevent tons of frustrating messes. You might first imagine a pampers cat diaper on your furbaby just like a human baby. However, there are plenty of disposable cat diapers and reusable cat diapers designed just for cats. In this article, we'll learn all about cat diapers.

"For senior cats and those with serious disabilities, cat diapers are the best option as they keep your home clean from urine and feces."

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Who Needs Diapers for Cats?

Why do cats need diapers? Elderly cats and those experiencing an illness often miss getting to their litter box on time. When accidents happen because of an acute illness or due to surgery, it’s usually best to confine your cat to a small area like a bathroom until they are able to use their litter box again.

However, for senior cats and those with serious disabilities, cat diapers are the best option as they keep your home clean from urine and feces while allowing your cat to freely move around the house.

Common Cat Health Issues That May Require Diapers

Can I put a diaper on my cat and can cats with incontinence wear diapers? Absolutely! Are there cat diapers that work for incontinence? Cat incontinence can be effectively managed with the help of cat diapers as long as they fit your cat well. That way, your incontinent cat can still enjoy the freedom to walk around the house with their cat diapers.

As we mentioned, age and illness can lead to more frequent bathroom accidents around the house. A diaper for cats can help prevent messes caused by illness and aging. Some of the most common health issues typically found in older cats that lead to accidents are:

  • Arthritis
  • Dementia
  • Bowel or bladder incontinence
  • Blindness
  • Diabetes or kidney disease
  • Disabilities such as paralysis or neurological disorders

why do cats need diapers?

Behavioral Issues

There are times when a cat may require a diaper for cats even though they are in perfect physical health. Should your cat be spraying or marking in your home, and you have found that behavioral modification techniques have not yet worked, diapering is a way to keep your home clean until you can figure out exactly what is going on and correct the behavior.

Washable Cat Diapers VS Disposable Cat Diapers

Are there diapers for cats in different styles and sizes? Just like diapers for human babies, diapers for dogs and cats come in different sizes as well as disposable and washable varieties.

Disposable Cat Diapers

Like baby diapers, disposable cat diapers are to be used once and then discarded. They have absorbent padding built right into the diaper so do not require an extra pad.

Most disposable cat diapers will be sized by the weight of your cat and have elastic gathering around the legs and tail. There will also be adjustable tabs, and better-quality brands will offer tabs that don’t pull on your cat’s fur.

The biggest pro of disposable cat diapers is that you don’t have to mess with any… well, mess. Simply take the soiled diaper off your cat and toss it into the trash. While convenient, using disposable cat diapers can be very pricey. Many are sold in packs of ten and will require many purchases if your cat regularly uses them. Some cat owners find that disposable baby diapers are more absorbent and also cost less.

While these diapers can technically be used on your cat as DIY cat diapers, you will need to make some adjustments so they can better fit your cat. Note that this may take some trial and error before you get the perfect fit.

Here are some tips for sizing cat diapers:

  • Average-sized cats can typically fit into a newborn size, so start there.
  • You will have to cut out a small hole for your cat’s tail. To do this:
    • Stand your cat on a table or the floor and lay the diaper flat over its hindquarters. Use a pen to mark the spot where the tail will come out.
    • Cut a hole at the spot you marked. Best to always cut a smaller hole for a snug fit as you can always make it larger.

Washable Cat Diapers

Want to know how you can make a cat wearing a diaper more eco-friendly? To those cat owners on a budget and who are also environmentally-conscious, you most likely will be interested in using washable diapers on your cat. While this style of diaper may cost more initially, they are a much better value long-term. Washable diapers are also more comfortable for cats as they are typically made from stretchable, breathable fabric.

And, for those fashion-conscious cat owners, washable diapers also come in fun colors and prints. So, your cat wearing a diaper can also add a little fun.

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If you want to find the best quality and comfort in a washable cat diaper for your furbaby, look no further than Pet Parents® Washable Cat Diapers. These cat diapers are available in a variety of sizes and colors. These are designed for a comfortable fit for your cat and superior protection for your home. Made with a waterproof outer shell and absorbent sewn-in pads, you won't have to worry about accidents leaking onto your furniture or floors. You’ll find diapers to fit all sizes of cats.

If you have any questions about sizing your cat to ensure the perfect fit, follow our cat diaper sizing guide. In order to find the ideal fit, you will measure your cat's waist and follow the simple chart under the sizes. This will help you ensure a secure fit without leaks or discomfort. 

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Some Final Cat Diaper Tips

Here are a few things to keep in mind for a cat wearing diapers. Let's look at how often to change cat diapers, how to clean a cat after wearing diapers, and tips to keep your cat wearing diapers comfortable and happy.

  • Just as you would be sure to keep a human baby nice and clean and dry while wearing a diaper, it’s also important to ensure your cat is clean and dry. A diaper for cats should be changed regularly.
  • You might wonder how often to change cat diapers. Make sure to change your cat’s diaper every few hours at least. Should their diaper become poopy, it must be changed as soon as possible to avoid infections and diaper rash on cats.
  • You may use Pet WiPees™ Cat All Purpose wipes to clean your cat. These are made for sensitive cat skin and contain no alcohols, parabens, sulfates, or betaine. They have vet-approved, cat-safe scents and enzymes to promote healthy skin.  Plus, they can be used all over your cat for quick cleaning and a healthy, fresh coat.
  • If you are using a diaper for fecal problems, you should consider using Pet WiPees™ Gland Wipes. These are made specifically for dogs and cats glands to eliminate odors and actually prevent irritation around the glands. Excellent for targeted use around your cat's most sensitive ares, these wipes are a must-have for cats wearing diapers.
  • If your cat develops a rash, use an antibiotic ointment that has been formulated to cats. You may need to consult your vet for a prescription. 
  • Finally, be sure to watch for leaks that can happen if you’re using disposable diapers and you’ve cut the tail hole too large. A diaper for cats should provide a better fit and not require any cutting for the tail.
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"Pet WiPees™ Cat All Purpose wipes are made for sensitive cat skin and contain no alcohols, parabens, sulfates, or betaine. They have vet-approved, cat-safe scents and enzymes to promote healthy skin."

Diapering your cat and caring for them properly is definitely a labor of love.

Patience and compassion are required for sure.

But once you get the hang of it, you and your precious furbaby can hopefully have many happy years together. Diapers for cats can provide so many benefits from protecting your furniture to allowing your incontinent cat more access to their home. Whether you use a disposable cat diaper or washable cat diaper, be sure to find the proper fit and change regularly. There are many options for a cat in diapers, find the one that works best for you and your furbaby!