The Different Blankets from Pet Parents®

Updated: February 27, 2024

As the pet healthcare industry and market grow, so do the pet resources and products. The advent of world-class and excellent quality pet care products, like pet blankets, is everywhere!

Just like humans, pets also need comfort and protection. They do not just need shelter, food, and water but also other essentials to make them live happier and healthier lives. One of these essentials for our fur-babies are pet blankets. But since there are a lot of pet blankets readily available in the market, choosing the one best for your pet can be quite overwhelming.

Blankets do not only give your pets additional warmth on cold days, but it also provides your pet the feeling of comfort and security. However, some blankets can do even more than that, especially the ones from Pet Parents®.

In this article, we’ll talk about the different kinds of blankets offered by Pet Parents® that suit the different needs of your pet and how they differ from each other, from their features down to their functionalities.

"There are a lot of pet blankets readily available in the market, choosing the one your pet needs best can be quite overwhelming."

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The Blankets from Pet Parents®

Many pet parents think that just because pets have layers of fur protecting them, they will no longer need blankets. But pets need them! According to Wag!, dogs seem to enjoy a nice soft blanket to sleep, cuddle, laze around with, and help them feel safe.

Pet Parents® offers a variety of blankets that will suit the different needs of both pets ad pet parents. There are Pet Blankets, Pawtect® Blankets, and Pawtect® Blankets Plus.

Each of these blankets has its own features and uses that will help you identify which blanket best suits you and your pet.

Pet Blankets

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Pet Blankets are lifestyle blankets. These blankets focus more on providing your furbaby a stylish, comfy blanket they can snuggle with any time, anywhere. You may also use these to help prevent your furbaby from scratching your furniture at home or your car seats and prevent simple messes, like that from drooling.

The premium and stylish fabric of Pet Blankets will ensure comfort for your fur babies. Here are the features of the Pet Blanket:

  • Lightweight but provides ample warmth for your pets; can be taken whether you’re on a trip to the vet or on to a long ride out-of-town
  • Triple-stitched edges to make for strong binding and prevent fraying and loose ends that may pose hazards for your pets
  • Reversible and can be used by your fur-baby on either sides
  • Intended for lifestyle use because these were specifically made for pet parents who are looking for fashionable and stylish yet basic premium-quality pet blankets that can fit right into their home or car’s aesthetic
  • Water-resistant; help pet parents prevent simple spills, messes, and splashes

Pawtect® Blankets

Unlike Pet Blankets that are leaning more as a stylish lifestyle product, Pawtect® Blankets are waterproof blankets that have more specific functions and uses. These blankets are made with features that are capable of many things:

  • EdgePawtector™: prevents any wetness or moisture from leaving the edges and pushes back any right into the waterproof material of the blanket, preventing any messes
  • WickQuick®: made with the same proprietary fabric blend as our diapers and belly bands which instantly absorbs and locks in more liquid per square inch compared to other options
  • LockJaw®: this is just like how the name suggests and also intends to help limit easy fraying and loose ends because of pets who love to gnaw and chew; As mentioned by PetMD, Dr. Malora Roberts, an associate vet of Deppwood Veterinary Clinic in Virginia, suggests using pet blankets that are harder for your pet to shred to avoid any possible hazards.
  • Sherpup®: assures the softness and coziness for your fur-baby; this proprietary multi-layered fabric generates an interior barrier that does not allow any moisture or liquid to pass-through

Aside from keeping your pet warm, dry, and comfy, Pawtect® Blankets are also best used in protecting your furniture from your pet’s drools and scratches and can act as pee resistant blankets.

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These blankets can also act as couch covers, can assist in incontinence management, can help you in every travel as these can be comfort blankets for car that may help your fur-baby feel like they’re just at home, and can help make your pet feel comfortable as these can also be used as pet beds and crate blankets.

Pawtect® Blankets Plus

Pawtect® Blankets Plus are similar to our Pawtect® Blankets except that they are made to be heavy-duty! Pawtect® Blankets Plus are made with added layers, giving your fur-baby extra pawtection. When extra absorption is deemed needed, the Plus version makes sure you, your fur-baby, and your furniture at home are protected and safe! Additionally, Pawtect® Blankets Plus have reversible layers that instantly absorb any kind of moisture or wetness to prevent it from soiling your home, particularly your furniture, car seats, and beds!

Our Pawtect® Blankets and Pawtect® Blankets Plus are best paired with our Pawtect® Pads. Pawtect® Blankets are made for protecting furniture and Pawtect® Pads are for protecting floors. Additionally, Pet Parents® Blankets would also be great with Pawtect® Pads since they are not made to be waterproof, only water-resistant.

Imagine just what these blankets can do about scratches, drools, leaks, and accidents if used together! These can be handy for protecting furniture, protecting floors, traveling, whelping, incontinence management, post-surgery management, and much more.

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"Pawtect® Blankets Plus are similar to our Pawtect® Blankets except that they are made to be heavy-duty!"

These blankets from Pet Parents® are more than just your ordinary pet blankets, and so much more about just keeping your fur-baby warm and comfortable. These blankets were made specifically to help improve both your life and your fur-baby’s. Blankets from Pet Parents® are the best quality of blankets that you need to have a happier, healthier life.