Pros and Cons of Cat Diapers

Updated: November 21, 2022

"Cat diapers have a lot of good things to offer your cat. As a matter of fact, cat diapers benefit you and your cat in more ways than one."

For cat owners, your kitty's comfort and health are your number one priority. And the decision on whether or not to have your cat wear cat diapers is something that you battle with every day.

It can be a difficult choice to make but here, we have listed the pros and cons of cat diapers for you to take into consideration.

Pros of Cat Diapers

Cat diapers have a lot of good things to offer your cat. As a matter of fact, cat diapers benefit you and your cat in more ways than one.

Helps with urinary and gastrointestinal problems.

Urinary and gastrointestinal problems in cats are common, especially cat spraying and cat incontinence. Your cat will have problems controlling her bladder or bowel and so the pee or poop leaks involuntarily. Cat diapers for poop and pee will help you and your cat stays away from these leaks & cat spraying and will also prevent your cat from bathing in her own mess. Diapers give you peace of mind knowing that any mess will be prevented from happening in your home.

These are also great for your cat that loves to scoot around because they keep bacteria off, preventing entrance to the urethra and causing infections.

Protects surgical wounds.

Another pro is that you can make use of it to cover and protect wounds your furbaby has. Self-inflicted wounds from accidents and wounds from surgeries like spaying or neutering can make your cat feel a little bit uncomfortable. There are cases, too, where your cat will have a strong urge to lick, scratch or bite on the incision, causing infection and damaged stitches.

These can be used to cover up the wounds and help you with post-operation management. It can also come in handy because during your cat's recovery, potty issues can be a problem, too.

A must-have when traveling with cat.

When you and your family are up for some road trips or vacations, the cat diaper can be very beneficial. Providing your cat with diapers will help your furbaby stay away from cat spraying and will give her freedom to pee or poop whenever she wants to, without your travel plans and schedules being compromised.

Picture this: You are in for a 5 hour long trip. Your cat is use to using the litter box but you think she will be okay for this trip. Into hour 3 you smelly this funky odor. OH NO, your kitty just had an accident. With the cat diaper, this could be avoided and puts your mind at ease for the rest of your travels.

Cat diapers help prevent pregnancy.

Your cat's heat cycle can come twice a year and can kick in at different times. While in heat, your cat can bleed and might even stain your furniture at home. Diapers for cats in heat are a great way to prevent your carpet, couch, rags, etc. form getting bloodstains (talk about a total disaster!).

Dealing with cats in heat can be stressful but even though the diaper does not prevent your furbaby from escaping the house and looking for a male cat to mate with and versa, at least it will help prevent unwanted breeding to happen. Diapers for cats in heat will help prevent unwanted pregnancies. Both male cat diapers and female cat diapers will be beneficial in preventing pregnancy.

Remember: Diapers on cats must be changed every 4 hours or when soiled.

Cons of Cat Diapers

Like anything, even though there are great pros, there can also be cons. Letting your cat wear diapers also has its downsides.

Some cats don't enjoy wearing diapers.

Cats are free-spirited animals and they don't want to be restricted. Introducing your furbaby wear diapers can be a struggle as she might avoid it or get frightened by it. Be sure to have lots of patience!

diapers for cats with diarrhea, cat wearing diaper

Keeping the diaper in place.

It can also be considerably difficult to keep your cat's diaper in place especially when she keeps on biting, wiggling or clawing it. Cats are anxious animals and they react instantly to changes. Wearing diapers that are not a great fit can irritate them, so make sure to choose the best size and quality.

The cost, if you use disposable diapers.

On the other hand, if you opt to use disposable diapers, you can just easily wrap it and throw it away. But the problem? It will cost you a lot of money and it can be bad for the environment, too, as they're non-biodegradable and are just being piled up on dumpsites.

Using washable cat diapers is cost-effective as they're heavy-duty, you save money as you won't have to buy every now and then, and they can be washed over and over again. But of course, it will involve regular washing.

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How Can Pet Parents® Help?

Pet Parents® offers the best possible quality of cat diapers there are. These are actually washable diapers that can be worn by both male and female cats. But what makes these diapers unique are the following:

It is economical. Pet Parents® diapers are of high-quality, making it hard to be ripped or tore apart by your cat. It's also washable (as explained above). Washing is easy! If you want the step by step on how to wash, check out our instructions.

It is 100% safe. Unlike other diapers in the market, Pet Parents® diapers are specifically made safe for your cat. No harmful dyes used, no harmful gels placed.

It has a variety of sizes. One con mentioned above is how making the diapers stay in place. Pet Parents® diapers have assorted sizes (and in different colors, too!) made available so you'll always find the right fit for your furbaby.

It has excellent features. Features include:

  • WickQuick® mesh fabric lining: diapers are made from only the finest, comfortable fabrics which make your cat accept the diaper faster; these mesh fabrics lessen the chances of your cat developing urine burns and sores
  • Elastic tail hole: it is easily stretched depending on your cat's tail size, guaranteeing you no chances of leakage
  • Sew-in pad: diaper pad is sewn into the diaper itself, making for the best absorption. It also has outer layers that are waterproof ensuring that nothing seeps through

One of your biggest concerns as a pet parent is if the cat diaper actually works, and everything we do at Pet Parents® comes from the perspective that we are pet parents ourselves. So even with the pros and cons of cat diapers, these diapers actually work!

The pros and cons of cat diapers might have actually given you an idea of opting for what serves your pet cat's needs, for that happier, healthier, and mess-free life ahead.

"Diapers give you peace of mind knowing that any mess will be prevented from happening in your home."