5 Tips to Pick the Right Diaper for Your Dog

Updated: April 05, 2023

"Diapers are easy, safe and an extremely convenient way to give your dog freedom to wander around the house while keeping the mess to a minimum."

Whether it is medically recommended or your pooch is just undergoing house training, doggy diaper is the perfect way to take care of your furry friend’s business. Diapers are easy, safe and an extremely convenient way to give your dog, freedom to wander around the house while keeping the mess to a minimum. But only the right type and size of diaper can make the difference between preventing the mess and being a huge disappointment. The right size diaper, if appropriately used can help prevent leaks and any sort of skin irritations to your furry friend.

So, if you are considering diapers for your incontinent dogs, dogs in heat or for simply house training your canine friend, here are some tips that can help you chose the right diaper size for your dog.

1. Purpose of the dog diaper

One of the most important factors to be considered while buying diapers for your furry friend is the purpose. It’s important to understand that dog diapers are mainly for incontinent dogs or female dogs in heat and cannot be an alternative to house training. As such, dog diapers are mainly created to absorb urine and not feces. You will need a heavy-duty diaper in case you need the diaper to absorb feces as well.

2. Weight and waist of your pooch

Since even the same breed dog can vary greatly in weight and size, there is no one-size-fits-all option. Getting the size right is extremely important because an ill-fitting diaper will not only be a very messy mistake, but it will also be utterly inconvenient for your pooch. You can easily buy dog diaper by size, if you know what size will fit him the best.

how to measure a dogs's waist for dog diapers

In order to get the sizing right, there are two things you need to keep in mind; weight and waist of your canine. First you need to weigh your dog and then measure the waist size in order to ensure a snug fit. Most of the diaper brands include a size chart that is really helpful in finding the accurate size. Also, when you switch brands, make sure you check the size guidelines again since sizes may differ for each brand.

3. Consider the design

You might be surprised to find out that dog diapers not only vary in size, but design and material as well. In order to offer more comfort to your pooch, manufacturers have created various styles of dog diapers that are more convenient to wear. The three different designs of doggy diapers include:

  • Full-coverage diapers: These diapers closely resemble the human baby diapers, only with a small difference. The full coverage doggy diapers feature a tail-hole. These diapers properly cover dogs behind, closing snugly around the hips.
  • Belly bands: Belly bands are a lightweight and effective alternative to full coverage diapers as they are designed to fit the physiology of male dogs.
  • Harness wear: Harness diapers are especially designed for very thin dogs that do not have enough girth to hold the diaper in place. These diapers are also great if your dog doesn’t quite like wearing a diaper and keeps trying to pull it off.

Cloth or disposable 

Dog diapers come in two types of material; cloth and disposable. Both types have their own limitations and benefits. Cloth diapers are eco-friendly; come in a variety of designs and styles like outfitted with washable liners and adjustable closure straps etc. Cloth diapers can be easily washed and reused, which makes them budget-friendly as well. On the other hand, disposable diapers although are a bit pricey but are really convenient to use. So, if you are looking to use diapers temporarily, disposable diapers can be a great option, whereas, for long term use washable diapers can be a better alternative.

Other important considerations

Now that you know about the type, size and material of doggy diapers, here are some other things you should consider to maximize your furry friends comfort while wearing a diaper.

  • Look for fur-friendly fasteners so that it doesn’t get caught in the fur and cause discomfort.
  • Look for dog diapers with soft linings as regular use can cause rash, broken or irritated skin. Dog diapers, which have a soft, absorbent lining, should be preferred.
  • The level of absorbency of a diaper also varies. Make your selection according to the requirement.
  • If you are buying for a male dog, consider buying the next size up because the male dogs need the diaper to fit higher on their waist.

The above tips will only help you chose the right diaper for your dog, how you use the diaper makes a huge difference as well. Make sure you change the diaper frequently and thoroughly to keep your pooch happy and comfortable while wearing a diaper.

"Cloth diapers can be easily washed and reused, which makes them budget-friendly."