What are Pet Parents® Wash Bags?

Updated: May 09, 2022

"Pet Parents® Wash Bags compliment all our all washable Pet Parents® products, contributing to a cleaner, healthier, and happier lifestyle."

What are Pet Parents® Wash Bags?

Washing pet laundry can be a tough chore. We know pet parents are constantly on-the-go, and stopping to constantly do laundry can be not fun. Pet Parents® wanted to create something that not only makes laundry easier, but also keeps you more organized and clean.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to Pet Parents® Wash Bags—the ultimate lifesaver when washing your furbaby’s laundry! We’ll talk about what this product is and their different uses to help you and your furbaby have a cleaner lifestyle.

What Pet Parents® Wash Bags Are

Wash Bags are the newest addition to the array of high-quality products from Pet Parents®. Pet Parents® Wash Bags are made so you can wash your pet’s soiled diapers, belly bands, Pawtect® Blankets, Pawtect® Pads, and other accessories together! With many uses, these Wash Bags can function as your furbaby’s very own dirty laundry hamper, storage for all of their clean laundry, protecting the rest of your laundry from soiled Pet Parents® products, and so much more. These also can help extend the lifespan of your Pet Parents® washable products as they protect your items from the washing machine’s strong spinning.

Pet Parents® Wash Bags will help make laundry easier - and cuter!

How to Use

Simply place all of your fur-baby’s soiled diapers, belly bands, accessories, pads, and blankets in the Pet Parents® Wash Bags, toss the bag in your washer together with the rest of your laundry, and you are good to go! When washing your pet’s used Pet Parents® products, don’t forget to strap the hook and loop fasteners first. Then make sure to turn the product inside out so the white fabric is exposed (applicable to pet diapers and belly bands).

dog laundry bag

Wash on Permanent Press (warm water) and only use laundry detergent. Avoid using bleach and fabric softener as these will affect the products’ absorbency.

To get the excess odor out of the products, you may try these methods:

  • Use white vinegar: Mix a tablespoon of vinegar in with the laundry detergent and wash as instructed.
  • Use baking soda: You may also dissolve a cup of baking soda in 4 cups of warm water. Let the soiled products soak for 2 to 4 hours.
  • Use oxyclean: You can use oxyclean as long as it does not contain fabric softener. This will not affect the absorbency of your products.

But there’s more! Pet Parents® Wash Bags are also great for many other uses!

Other Use Cases of Pet Parents® Wash Bags

Pet Parents® Wash Bags can be used in many different cases. These wash bags can be used:

  • As a laundry bag for soiled products: Instead of placing your pet’s soiled diapers, belly bands, accessories, pads, and blankets in a ziplock bag or into your hamper, you can place them all in our Pet Parents® Wash Bags, ready for your next laundry load.
  • As a storage bag: When not washing, you can use Pet Parents® Wash Bags as storage for unused products until they are ready to be used at home. You can even take these bags wherever you and your fur-baby go!
  • These wash bags can be used to grab your fur-baby’s soiled products; best for pet parents who are not comfortable with touching dirty pet belongings.
  • Product lifespan extender: These wash bags are able to provide protection for products that need to be washed on delicate. These also protect your products from getting snagged or getting caught with something in the wash.
  • Washing other items for your furbaby: these Wash Bags are helpful to also wash your pet’s favorite toys. We know toys can get slobbery and drooly, so these Wash Bags can keep them safe and separated from any other laundry.

What’s So Great About These Wash Bags?

Pet Parents® Wash Bags are great for a number of reasons:

  • great for protecting delicate pet items when washing​
  • available in different sizes to fit any or all of our Pet Parents® washable products, from our XS diapers to our largest Pawtect® Pads and Blankets
  • one pack comes with multiple wash bag sizes
  • make separating soiled pet items from other items in the load a lot easier​
  • affordable and cost-effective​
  • made with high-quality mesh material for a meticulous wash; the fine mesh material also allows easily in-and-out flow of water in any wash
  • made with our signature Pet Parents® brand colored zipper​
  • made with clasps for zippers that help prevent the wash bags from opening in the wash​
  • made with a loop so you can hang these Wash Bags to dry
  • designed with delightful phrases to help pet parents enjoy the washing process, instead of stressing out about it

Pet Parents® Wash Bags are your newest must-have! From acting as a hamper for dirty pet products, a lifespan extender for delicate pet items, a storage bag for your fur-baby’s unused products whether you’re at home or away, to helping you pick up your pet’s soiled products, these wash bags are needed by every pet parent.

"Pet Parents® Wash Bags help prevent pet hair from mixing with the rest of your load."

Pet Parents® Wash Bags compliment all our all washable Pet Parents® products and will help contribute to your cleaner, healthier, and happier lifestyle.