Your Dog's Christmas List

Updated: December 12, 2023

"Probably one of the best Christmas present you can give your furbaby are Pet Parents® diapers."

This is the season for you to spoil your furbaby (more!). In this article, we at Pet Parents® have rounded up the best presents that should make it to your dog’s Christmas list.

With everything from protecting your floors and furniture to chews and supplements that act as treats, we have a lot of options for you. And no matter what gift you choose to give your dog, you can be sure that on Christmas day, your fur-baby’s happiness will meet yours. Because let’s be straight, all dogs are on Santa’s nice list, even if they can be naughty sometimes!

The best Pet Parents® gifts for your dog

dog diapers for dogs

Dog Diapers

Probably one of the best Christmas present you can give your fur-baby are Pet Parents® diapers. Not only can these be used for the cold weather the holiday season brings, but you can even use these the whole year round!

Pet Parents® diapers were made to help you prevent accidents, messy cleanups, and to help you protect your floor and furniture at home. Made with our soft non-abrasive WickQuick® proprietary fabric, these diapers absorb liquid fast and locks it in. Plus, it also helps prevent your fur-baby from developing urine burn and diaper rash.

What’s even better? Pet Parents® diapers are available in a wide range of sizes: XS (4”-10”), S (9”-15”), M (14”-20”), L (19”-27”), and XL (26”-35”) and are available in many color options, too: Natural, Princess, and Black.

So whether you have a chihuahua and you decide to dress them up as Santa’s elf or you have a Great Dane and opt to dress them as a snowman, there are Pet Parents® diapers that will fit your fur-baby just right.

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Belly Bands

Just like our dog diapers, Pet Parents® belly bands also help you in preventing accidents turn into messes. But unlike the diapers, belly bands are made only for urine coverage and are worn by male dogs (as the bands go around your fur-baby’s belly, covering their private part).

Pet Parents® belly bands can also be used the whole year-round, not just on holidays! Including this as one of your gifts to your dog will help you with spot marking, excitement & submissive urination, urinary issues like incontinence & infections, traveling, potty training, post-operation management, and unwanted breeding prevention.

These belly bands have sizes ranging to fit male dogs who are lean and lanky, built and broad, or short and petite. These are also being offered in different packs that consist of attractive, bold colors or fur-blend neutral tones.

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Pawtect® Pads

An easy solution to urgent problems! Pawtect™ Pads are one of the best Christmas presents you can give your dog, especially if they are undergoing potty training and if they get a little bit too messy during meal times.

These Pawtect™ Pads are mainly made to protect your floors and prevent it from getting soiled from your fur-baby’s food and water spills, leaks, and accidents. You can also use these pads to place as crate lining for your fur-baby if ever you decide to confine them when guests visit you for the holiday to prevent them from being anxious and stressed out with the hustle and bustle of gatherings.

Made with layers of super absorbent materials, these pads are also made with triple-stitched fabric blend that can’t be easily torn into pieces by your fur-baby, like those disposable pads.

Additionally, these pads are available in colors of modern tan and grey, so you will have neutral color choices that will blend into your home’s holiday aesthetics. Wherever they are placed - on the kitchen floor, on your living room carpet, on your front door porch - it will attractively blend right in.

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Pawtect® Blankets

What’s a greater gift for your dog than giving them something they can curl in with during the cold winter days (and probably for the many years to come)? Pawtect™ Blankets are a must-have for your fur-baby this Christmas!

Designed for maximum luxury and for protecting your furniture, Pawtect™ Blankets are not your ordinary pet blankets as these are waterproof and can help so your dog can curl up anytime, anywhere, and your concerns can rest just as easy for the holidays.

Particularly produced and created with special faux fur fabric, these pet blankets are manufactured with our proprietary Sherpup™ multi-layer material that offers the comfiest and snuggest fabric there is. You can place Pawtect™ Blankets anywhere your fur-baby loves to curl up, giving them comfort and protecting your furniture at the same time.

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If you’re looking for dog Christmas gift ideas, Gnawtlers® are a true favorite. These premium elk and deer antler chews can also make an exceptional stocking stuffer! These chews are sure to delight your dog’s gnawing experience this holiday season as these are safe, all-natural, do not easily break or splinter, and are filled with nutrients!


Pet Parents® SoftSupps® Premium Dog Supplements are healthy Christmas gifts for your dog. These SoftSupps® are available in many different kinds to suit your fur-baby’s needs.

  • Allergy. Helps support dog seasonal allergies & dog immune support; contains Bio-Mos® that aids in fighting seasonal allergies and promotes a healthy immune system
  • Bladder. Supports bladder and kidney health; contains Pacran®, the most scientifically proven cranberry product for urinary tract health
  • Calming. Helps act as a calming aid; contains organic hemp extract that promotes calming effects, helping your dog cope up with external stresses.
  • Hip and Joint. Helps support dog joint health and boost mobility; contains PurforMSM® that helps maintain the cushion between joints to strengthen overall mobility and joint improvement
  • Multivitamin. Promotes daily health that supports the skin, hip & joint, digestive system, immune system, and heart health
  • Probiotic. Supports your fur-baby's immune and digestive health; contains BC MS-99® that helps sustain gut flora in the gastrointestinal tract
  • Skin and Coat. Promotes dog skin care and healthy skin & coat; contains Epax® that are essential fatty acids for that healthy coat
  • Turmeric and Curcumin. Supports digestive & cardiovascular function and help reduce inflammation; contains CurQmin™ & Bio-Perine® for that powerful joint and immune support

No matter what your budget for your dog’s Christmas gift is, they will surely appreciate what you got them from Pet Parents®. And in return, you get the greatest gift this Christmas: your fur-baby living a happier and healthier life.

"Pet Parents® SoftSupps® are healthy Christmas gifts for your dog."