How to Avoid Discomfort from a Diaper Urine Burn?


If you are buying dog diapers, hygiene and sanitation is probably your main reason. Hygiene and sanitation is also the main key in helping your dogs avoid discomfort from a urine burn. When your pet is merely leaking or is still going through their potty training, simple washable belly bands/diapers provide sufficient absorption. But when your adult dog’s diaper cannot hold in their pee all throughout the day, the characteristics of the dog diaper change significantly and this increases the chances of soreness, rashes and burns.


Urine burn on dogs (or a urine scald) is a painful rash that your dogs get when their skin gets in contact with their urine over a long period of time. An example on how urine burn on dogs happens is when a senior dog may often times experience urine overflow and this will result to dribbling. This dribbling will cause the urine to get in contact with the dog’s skin which will eventually cause urine burn.

Another very common example is when pet owners, who have no kennel, put their dogs away from destroying any furniture when they are not at home. So dogs are kept in pet crates for some time. In this event, dogs are left to sit or lie down on their own dirt and therefore causes dog urine burn (and some other hygiene problems).


A dog urine burn can vary in appearances—from a diaper rash to a severe rash with open sores. The severe cases are usually caused by the failure of giving proper treatment when the early signs of urine burn appear.


Much the same as that of a human infant, your dog’s skin can get red, chafed and sore if exposed to urine-soaked diapers or belly bands for a long time. And one simple thing for dog urine burn treatment is to stay on top of your dog’s hygiene.

Bath your dog on a daily basis

Choose super absorbent diapers/belly bands (like Pet Parents® dog diapers!) with comfortable waist areas; not too tight that it will irritate your dog’s skin

Change diapers regularly or when judged needed

    For an instance you notice early signs of urine burn on your dog,

    Wash the burned area with a mild soap or shampoo

    Dry your dog’s skin thoroughly after cleaning

    Apply a dog-friendly moisturizer/ointment to soothe the rash (but NEVER use a baby diaper rash on your dog for it has zinc oxide which is toxic if ingested).

    Talk to your veterinarian and seek for help.

    These are the best things you can do to avoid complications from urine burn on dogs and prevent infections. Infection can make the healing stage challenging and will cause irritation to return.

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