Dog Birthday Gifts (For Furbabies and Pet Parents)

Updated: February 20, 2024

"Slow feeder dog bowls will help prevent your bloat in dogs when meal times are slower and more carefully regulated."

We are here to share every milestone with our furbabies when it comes to their life. We will always make a big deal out of their birthdays, ensuring that they receive only the best dog birthday gifts. From fun to practical, there are lots of great gift ideas for dogs and gifts for dog lovers out there.

So, if you are looking for the ultimate gift guide for your dog’s birthday or a human dog lover’s birthday, we have you covered. We’ve put together some great dog birthday gifts and gifts for dog lovers. So, if you’re wondering what to give as dog birthday gifts or dog Christmas gifts, check out this gift guide.

Dog Birthday Gifts for Furbabies

The enjoyable tradition of celebrating your dog's birthday is fun for pets and pet parents alike. You might want to select something extra special for your dog’s birthday gift or holiday gift. To help you select the ideal dog birthday present, we have put together this list of options any dog is sure to love.


It’s no secret that dogs love to chew! So, a great dog birthday gift is Gnawtlers®. These antlers for dogs are premium naturally shed dog chews that your birthday furbaby can enjoy.

These deer antlers for dogs and elk antlers for dogs are packed with beneficial nutrients. These are perfect for them to gnaw their birthday away.

Even better—unlike other antlers on the market that are unprotected and may contact contaminants during the shipping and transit, all Gnawtlers® are vacuum sealed for your dogs' safety. Vacuum sealing our Gnawtlers® helps keeps the freshness in so your dog can chew safely.

Forager® Mat or Bowl

Forager® Mats and Forager® Bowls provide both mental stimulation and fun as your furbaby will make use of their natural sense of smell and foraging instincts to look for hidden treats or kibble.

"Slow feeder dog bowls will help prevent your bloat in dogs when meal times are slower and more carefully regulated."

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As mentioned by Camerini and Lauren Novack, a consultant at Behavior Vets of NYC, they have advised several clients to get a snuffle mat since it is fun for dogs and helps them burn off energy. Dogs love to use their noses and sniffing for treats hidden under Forager® Mats and Bowls is one way to keep their noses going and their tail wagging.

Use Forager® Mat as a dog food bowl replacement in your home to provide your furbaby with an enjoyable, engaging feeding experience and to promote slower eating habits while providing a fun, engaging activity for your furbaby.

Use the Forager® Bowl as a travel bowl, mental enrichment toy, or interactive eating experience to encourage slower eating habits while providing mental stimulation for your dog. Plus, these snuffle mats and bowls are machine washable!

Pawtect® Blanket

Do you have a dog that loves to cuddle? Nothing is better than cuddling up in a fuzzy blanket that is waterproof and made up of Sherpup®, the coziest fabric around. Give your dog a Pawtect® Blanket for their birthday gift to make their nap times extra cozy.

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These blankets come in chocolate and slate to easily match your home color scheme while providing a soft, protective barrier for your dog.

Dog Splash Pad

Looking for a birthday gift for dogs who love water? A dog splash pad or mini pool will delight your water-loving dog. These can provide a great source of fun and exercise for your dog while you are outside. Splash pads can even be excellent dog Christmas gifts if you live in a warm climate.

Birthday Gifts for Dog Lovers and Pet Parents

Just like knowing the best birthday gifts for dogs, gift ideas for dog lovers can also come in handy! Pet parents deserve the love on their special day, too, but it can be a challenge to find birthday gifts for dog parents! So, here are some useful gift ideas that any pet parent is sure to love.


FurBall® is a lint, static, and pet hair for laundry, and what better way to give as a present to a pet parent than something that makes their lives a whole lot easier!

This laundry pet hair remover works to gently removes pet hair from your laundry safely and practically during the normal washing and drying cycles.

Pet Portrait

Need creative gifts for dog lovers? Almost all pet parents already believe their furbabies are a work of art. So, a personalized dog portrait will confirm this! You can find all different styles and backgrounds that will use a picture of the dog in their own work of art.

West & Willow offers customized modern dog portraits that are sure to impress any pet parent.

Pet Wipes

Looking for a gift for the pet parent who is always traveling or on the go? Presents that make pet parents’ lives easier are always appreciated! Gift them Pet WiPees™

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Available in different varieties, these pet wipes for dogs can be used for muddy paws, in-between baths, or for every day messes. With gentle cleaners, these pet wipes are perfectly safe for everyday use! So, they make an excellent gift for a busy pet parent.

Automatic Pet Feeder

This is a great gift for the pet parent who is always busy! With an automated feeder as a birthday gift to a pet parent, they will no longer be concerned about their furbabies becoming hungry if they arrive home late.

For some automatic pet feeders, pet parents can schedule up to 12 meals for their dog once the feeder is connected to their phone.

The dog birthday gifts dog Christmas gifts can be tricky to find. But, no matter what you choose, your dog will appreciate it! When looking for themed dog birthday gifts for pet parents, you can choose lots of items for practicality and fun. Use this gift guide to find the perfect birthday gift for dogs or Christmas gift for dogs. Plus, don’t forget to find the perfect gifts for dog lovers for the dedicated pet parent in your life.

"The Forager® Bowl was made with our proprietary SoftSnout® Material, the softest material available for slow feeders."