Elk Antlers For Dogs: Safe or Dangerous?

Updated: November 30, 2023

Puppy or not, your dog will continue to love to chew every day of their life. It's just the way they are! Puppies chew because they are either teething or playing or both. While adult dogs chew to strengthen those chewing muscles, keep teeth clean, and keep themselves engaged. But, what your dog is chewing on matters! So, are elk antlers for dogs safe? And what's the difference between split elk antlers for dogs and whole elk antlers for dogs?

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Puppies chew because, just like babies, they are teething. Adult dogs chew to strengthen those chewing muscles, keep their teeth clean and keep themselves busy. Chewing is also a way that dogs can cope with anxiety. Chewing is good, both physically and mentally. However, it is extremely important to make sure that what your dog chews is something safe.

Though there are several kinds of dog chews available, elk antler chews are a popular choice.

In this article, we’ll talk about what elk antler chews are, why they are pet parents’ choice, and how to identify the safe elk antler chews from the dangerous ones.

Dog Elk Antlers

Elk antler chews are popular and you’ve probably seen them being sold in your local pet stores. You might be thinking, "What are elk antlers for dogs exactly? And are elk antlers safe for dogs or can they be dangerous?"

We’re glad you asked.

As dogs love to chew no matter what their age are, not being able to provide them with a proper dog chew is a problem. This will prompt them to chew on all things they will find interesting - the legs of your dining chair, your slippers, the cushion of your sofa. But that’s not just all of it. You don’t just provide them with any chew, as you also have to make sure that what you’ll be getting them is safe. You have to provide your furbaby with the appropriate dog chews—and elk antlers for dogs can be a great choice!

"Split Elk Gnawtlers® are split elk antler chews, which means the bone marrow is already exposed."

Where do Elk Antler Dog Chews Come From?

Animals that belong to the group cervids, like the elk, whitetail deer, moose, among others, have antlers. But not all of their antlers are created equal and this is where we'll come to understand the quality of a safe antler chew. If you are providing your dog elk antlers, be sure that they are naturally shed. You wouldn't want to hurt an elk when there are quality antlers on the forest floor just waiting to be collected.

Before Giving Your Dog Elk Antlers

Elk antler dog chews are soft and provide a nutritious, yet delicious, core marrow for your dog. Another plus is that they aren't prone to splintering, which means that they won't be a health concern and can't easily ruin your dog's pearly whites.

Unfortunately, since NOT all antlers are created equal, some elk antlers for dogs are safe and nutritious for your pup, while other dog elk antlers are stripped off of the essential nutrients & features. This is why using your pet parents super powers to research is important! Be cautious of those who are okay with letting low-quality products pass off as high-quality ones, all for the sake of business, but let's not go there!

Always Identify the Grade of Antler

Yes, elk antlers are graded! It's essentially important that you choose the premium grade A elk antler for dogs. Most are just graded B, C, and even D.

Dog Antler Chews

These premium Grade A elk antler chews are not that common because only a few elks will shed their antlers naturally each year and can be a bit more expensive than lower grades, but they're safe for your dog!

The Grade B elk antler chews are of lesser quality, not fresh, and stand a greater risk of having been exposed rodents and the like. The Grade C and D are worst. They are so old and usually have a chalky white texture and will so crack and break easily. These elk antlers are not safe for your dog.

Elk Antlers for Dogs: Safe or Dangerous

Generally speaking, elk antler chews are considered safe if they have a good grade. Do not settle for the low-grade elk antler chews just because they are cheaper. A chipped tooth is much more expensive and painful.

That's why Pet Parents® naturally-shed elk antler chews are very different. It is our goal as pet parents to keep our dogs entertained and healthy at the same time. Our Gnawtlers® are natural chews and have no artificial ingredients added that can cause any possible hazards to your furbaby, like gastrointestinal upset.

Some of the benefits of elk antler chew, according to HGTV, include:

  • Health benefits: elk antler chews rarely split or break and are hypo-allergenic
  • Sustainable: they are acquired through natural processes that causes no harm to the animals; new elk antlers are also reproduced every year in a relatively sustainable cycle
  • High in nutrients: elk antler chews are jam-packed with healthy vitamins and minerals that will help fulfill your fur-baby's nutritional needs, like calcium, potassium, iron, and zinc.
  • Natural: One of the biggest benefits of antlers is that they do not contain any artificial ingredients or other dangerous and harmful chemicals.

You Can Trust Gnawtlers®

Are elk antlers safe for dogs? With our Gnawtlers®, you can feel good about giving your dog our elk antler chews because they are safe, delicious, and nutritious. All Gnawlters® are Grade A and individually evaluated for the best weight, density, color, shape, and size. We offer two different types of elk antler chews:

Split Elk Antlers for Dogs

Split Elk Gnawtlers® are split elk antler chews, which means the bone marrow is already exposed, making it faster and easier for your dog to chew on and instantly enjoy the good marrow stuff. Split Elk Gnawtlers® are a great option for puppies, senior dogs, and the first-time antler chew users. These split elk antlers for dogs are available in Small (4”), Medium (4.5”-5”), and Large (6”-7”).

Whole Elk Antlers for Dogs

Whole Elk Gnawtlers® are whole elk dog antler chews are best if your fur-baby is just the ordinary, average chewer. These antlers are soft but lasting enough to satisfy your fur-baby’s day-to-day gnawing habits. These are available in Small (4”), Medium (4.5”-5”), Large (6”-7”), and Extra Large (7”+).

Need help more help choosing between split elk antlers for dogs and whol elk antlers for dogs? You can learn more about the differences here.

Additionally, unlike other antlers on the market that are unprotected and may get contaminated while waiting to be shipped or even during transit, all Gnawtlers® elk antlers are vacuum-sealed for your dog's safety. Every single elk antler that becomes one of our Gnawtlers® is naturally-shed and collected from the forest floor. Plus, we use no dyes or preservatives, so there is no odor or mess.

This means you can feel good about giving your dog our elk antler chews because they are safe, delicious, and nutritious. And this guarantees you a safe dog treat for the many years to come! We hope this gives you a peace of mind.

"Pet Parents® elk antler chews are natural chews and have no artificial ingredients added that can cause any possible hazards."