Should You Use Dog Wipes and Cat Wipes?

Updated: March 15, 2024

Dog wipes and cat wipes (pet wipes) are basically wet wipes specifically made for your furbabies. While they may seem similar, it’s important to note that pet wipes and baby wipes are not the same thing. In fact, baby wipes should not be used on pets. But, are pet wipes safe for dogs and cats? Yes, as long as you find the right pet wipes for dogs and pet wipes for cats. In this article, we’ll break down why should you use pet wipes for dogs and cats, the possible benefits, and when you should use a pet wipe.

"Pet wipes can be a great way to keep your pet nice and clean without all the hubbubs of a bath. You can also use dog gland wipes to prevent odors."

What Are Pet Wipes?

Oftentimes, pet parents mistake baby wipes for pet wipes. Although they are both wipes, they are different. The best pet wipes are wipes carefully manufactured for the safe usage on your dog and cat. These are wet disposable cleaning cloths that may be used to give your furbaby a fast clean-up without a bath. Pet wipes can help deodorize your dog or cat after time outside or between baths as well.

What to Avoid in Your Pet Wipes

Can you use baby wipes on cats and dogs? Are clorox wipes safe for pets? You might wonder if other cleaning wipes can work on your pets as well. However, the answer is no. Dog and cat skin is sensitive and require special formulas that are made specifically for them, with pet-safe fragrances and ingredients. Pet wipes for cats and dogs should be made without:

  • Harsh chemicals
  • Alcohols
  • Parabens
  • Sulfates

You want to ensure that your dog wipes and cat wipes do not contain irritant compounds that may disrupt your pet’s skin’s pH levels and cause skin issues. Pet wipes should not contain any substances that may be harmful to your pet when they lick the area that was wiped.

Why Use Pet Wipes?

Quality pet wipes are convenient and safe to use when cleaning pets, particularly in the following circumstances and use cases:

Pet Wipes for Cats and Dogs

When a member at home is sensitive to pet dander. Pet wipes are helpful not only to pets but also to family members who are allergic to pet dander. According to Northeast Allergy, pet dander consists of microscopic flecks of skin shed by cats, dogs, rodents, birds, and other animals with fur or feathers. Pet dander is very light and can remain suspended in the air for some time. It also easily attaches itself to furniture, fabrics, bedding, and other household items.

As daily baths are not recommended for pets, daily wipe-downs using pet wipes are encouraged as this will help remove dander from your pet’s topcoat. Cat dander is especially irritating to human allergies in many cases, so cat wipes can allow you to snuggle your furbaby without irritation.

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When grooming your senior pet. Your grooming routine changes when your furbaby reaches their senior years. For dogs with mobility and hip & joint issues, it gets harder to take them to the tub and give them a bath. While supplements like Hip & Joint SoftSupps® can help to promote mobility support, pet wipes for dogs can help them stay clean and fresh for most times.

Dog Wipes

Why do dogs need pet wipes? While many pet wipes will simply clean off some dirt, Pet WiPees™ provide some serious benefits. Pet WiPees™ Dog All Purpose + Skin & Coat Wipes and Pet WiPees™ Dog All Purpose + Allergy Wipes are both safe for use all over your dog's fur and skin. Made with LickSafe™ ingredients, textured NatureTuff™ wipes, and more functional ingredients, these dog wipes promote a healthy skin and coat.

Not only will regular use not damage their skin or cause irritation, it will actually help to prevent them! Both can be use daily on your dog to freshen up, wipe away dirt or allergens, or simply to support your dog's overall health. Here are some examples of when you might need them:


After your pet spends time outdoors. Dog pet wipes come very handy for quick clean-ups. They work well on surface dirt and on dirt lying on top of your furbaby’s coat. Remember that pet wipes are not a substitute for baths so evaluate well if your pet is dirty enough to need something more than wiping.

After getting down to business. Pet wipes are convenient for cleaning your furbaby’s private area after peeing or their bum after pooping. Pet wipes can be a great way to keep your pet nice and clean without all the hubbubs of a bath. You can also use dog gland wipes to clean their backside and prevent odors.

When cleaning your pet’s dirty paws. Dog wipes are often used by pet parents as dog paw wipes, cleaning dirty paws after frolicking in the yard. It’s recommended to wipe your dog’s paws after every walk, right before they come back inside the house. You never know what your dog has come in contact with outside. During the spring and summer pollens are the highest which can irritate both you and your dog. During the winter when your dog may step on antifreeze-contaminated areas outside and a quick use of dog paw wipes after a walk can help prevent harsh chemical burns from sidewalk salt.

When cleaning your dog’s (drooly, dirty) muzzle. Let’s admit it, some of our dogs are extra slobbery, and what one easy way to prevent them from dirtying your clothes and home than having to wipe away drool with pet wipes. Dog wipes are also exceptional when it comes to spot cleaning so cleaning your pet’s dirty muzzle after playing in the mud or after a scrumptious meal.

For female dogs in heat. When your female dog is in heat, particularly your pet dog, they experience vaginal bleeding. The bloody discharge can soil your carpet and furniture. Do you want a bloodstain on your bed or on your couch? Nobody does! Dog Diapers are an excellent way to prevent the discharge from getting all over your house. But, during diaper changes you will want to wipe off your dog’s private areas to keep her comfortable and clean as well. Additionally, while your dog in heat may keep herself clean by licking her vulva, she may also need some help from you, thus pet wipes for dogs!

In-between baths. Daily baths (and even weekly baths) are not recommended for dogs as this may cause skin dryness and irritation. Regular baths may strip off your pet the natural body oils that are produced by the skin to help promote healthy skin and proper hair growth. Along with wiping away dirt or dander, you can use pet wipes on your dog's coat to keep them smelling fresh for longer. Dog wipes also help eliminate pet odor in between baths.

Cat Wipes

Pet WiPees™ Cat All Purpose Wipes are made with a probiotic and enzyme blend that creates a protective barrier on the skin. These wipes include a FurFresh™ Deodorizer which binds odors at the source. With mild cleansers for sensitive cat skin, these hypoallergenic wipes will not irritate your cat and in fact help to prevent future irritation as well. Here are some of the common reasons you might use them:

When cleaning body parts your pet can hardly reach. Pet wipes are also helpful when cleaning body parts of your furbaby that they can’t reach, like behind their ears, or inside their ears, specifically, too, when you have wrinkly furbabies. Get in there and wipe away all that dirt and sweat from their face folds!

For obese or injured cats. Cats are wonderful at grooming themselves. In most cases, cats rarely need baths, if ever. However, obese cats may not be able to reach all the places they need to in order to properly groom themselves. Similarly, an injured or sick cat may not be able to bend in certain ways. That is where pet wipes for cats can supplement grooming without a full bath.

Benefits of Pet Wipes

Aside from the many use cases of pet wipes mentioned above, here are additional benefits to using dog wipes and cat wipes!

  • The best pet wipes contain soothing ingredients that aim to help condition and moisturize your pet’s skin and coat.
  • Pet wipes do not disrupt your furbaby’s skin’s pH levels which means they should not irritate your pet’s skin when made from pet-safe ingredients.
  • Cat wipes and dog wipes help keep your pet clean and safe from specific bacteria and viruses. Dog wipes can help eliminate bacteria they may acquire that can cause Parvo Virus, Canine Distemper, and Kennel Cough.
  • Pet wipes for cats and dogs are a great help in keeping your furbaby fresh and clean all the time especially if they have an aversion to water.

"Pet wipes are also helpful when cleaning body parts of your furbaby that they can’t reach, like behind their ears, or inside their ears."

Should pet parents use pet wipes for dogs and cats? YES!

Pet wipes are great for both dogs and cats. They are handy, convenient, readily available, safe, and helps keep your home cleaner and your pets healthier and happier. Not only can cat wipes and dog wipes save your time, but they can actually promote better skin & coat health and help prevent infections.