Can You Use Baby Wipes on Dogs?

Updated: June 21, 2022

Do your dog’s paws get covered in dirt or mud after taking a walk? Do you clean your dog’s sanitary areas regularly? If yes, then what do you use to clean them?

"Are baby wipes safe for dogs? Baby wipes may be convenient and readily available almost anywhere but they are not for dogs, as the name so suggests."

Part of being a dog is getting messy and part of being a pet parent is cleaning up that mess. Most pet parents want a convenient and instant way to clean their dogs and so, they opt to use baby wipes. Can you use baby wipes on dogs? Are baby wipes safe for dogs? Technically, you could use baby wipes on dogs. But, in terms of safety and benefits baby wipes are not ideal for dogs. Though they are not likely to cause immediate harm to your furbaby the first time you use them, they are not the recommended answer and solution to your cleaning and sanitary routines. So the short answer is no, you should not use baby wipes or other human wipes on your dog.

Luckily, there are many dog safe alternatives for baby wipes you can use. Plus, dog wipes are available with specific blends for specific use cases, like dog ear wipes. In this article, we have come up with a thorough explanation of why baby wipes should not be used on your dogs and the better and safe pet wipes you can consider.

Why You Should Not Use Baby Wipes For Dogs

Are baby wipes safe for dogs? Baby wipes may be convenient and readily available almost anywhere but they are not for dogs, as the name so suggests. Though baby wipes were made specifically for a baby’s sensitive skin, they may cause harm when you use them regularly on your furbaby.

Dog Wipes vs Baby Wipes: Different pH Levels

Can I use baby wipes on my dog? Using baby wipes on dogs once or twice may not be harmful but if you use it on them regularly, it will eventually disturb your furbaby’s skin’s pH levels. The pH level of a dog’s skin is different from the pH levels of a human’s skin. According to Dr. Jerry Klein, veterinarian and American Kennel Club Chief Veterinary Officer, a dog’s skin pH level is higher than a human’s natural skin.

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Using baby wipes on dogs often can possibly lead to concerns like skin infections and skin cracks. Repeated skin pH level disruption may also cause your dog’s skin to become dry and itchy, plus your dog’s constant scratching or licking of a specific area may make only it worse. For this reason, wipes for dogs are much safer and better for regular use than baby wipes.

Baby Wipe Ingredients Are Not Safe for Dogs

Are dog wipes the same as baby wipes? Not exactly. Baby wipes were not manufactured for dogs and may have not been tested for pet safety. As mentioned by M-Dog, most baby wipes contain “extra” chemicals to make them more pleasing for humans to use. Some of those chemicals include fragrance additives that may cause rashes and skin irritations to your dog. Meanwhile, the best dog wipes will not contain any irritating fragrances or chemicals that could harm your dog.

It is also alarming to note that the majority of baby wipes contain Propylene glycol, a chemical used for its capacity to hold moisture. Whether it is safe for use on dogs is highly discussed. This is because when it is ingested at high doses, it can cause concerns in the central nervous system. Additionally, most wet wipes may also contain Polysorbate-20, Butoxy PEG-4 PG-Amodimethicone, Phenoxyethanol, and other preservatives. Currently, scientific research ascertains that these are safe for humans in small amounts. The research is unclear, however, on their safety for dogs.

Dogs lick their paws and bodies to keep themselves clean. Just as a dog eating baby wipes would be a cause of concern, dogs licking themselves will ingest some of the chemical residues that are left by baby wipes on their fur and skin. Imagine what it would cause if you use baby wipes regularly on your furbaby! Therefore, you must be extra cautious to use dog safe pet wipes rather than baby wipes for dogs.

Safer Alternatives to Using Baby Wipes on Dogs

You do not have to risk your dog’s safety by using baby wipes to keep them clean and tidy. There are great alternatives you can opt to use instead.

Dog Wipes

Dog wipes, or dog bath wipes, that are made specifically for dogs are a much better choice when it comes to canine safety. The ingredients are likely to be safer for dogs while maintaining their proper skin pH level. Therefore, they should not irritate skin when used regularly. If you have a dog with sensitive or allergy-prone skin, look for hypoallergenic wipes.

Even some of the most popular dog bath wipes labeled as “natural” or “plant-based” have manufactured chemicals like polysorbate-20, which may contain 1,4-dioxane. Betaine is another commonly used cleanser to avoid as it can be harmful to dog skin and coats. If you desire to steer clear of possible toxins, take the extra step of looking at the ingredients so you can know you are not putting anything possibly harmful on your dog.

Naturally, since both types of wipes are named for their uses, they’re different. Pet wipes are wipes specifically designed to be used for your dogs, not for your human baby. Dog or pet wipes are disposable cleaning cloths you can use to:

  • Clean your pet after spending some time outside
  • Clean their paws so they don’t get your furniture dirty
  • Clean dog ears or other places where they may not be able to clean themselves
  • Clean dog glands to prevent odors

Choosing the Best Dog Wipes

The best pet wipes are made without alcohols like Propylene, Butylene, and Caprylyl Glycol. Alcohol can dry out and irritate a dog’s skin, so be sure to look out for these ingredients. Also, be sure your dog wipes are made and with only vet-approved, pet-safe scents. Unlike baby wipes, dog wipes should be safe to lick without causing an allergic reaction or irritation if ingested.

Sounds like a lot to keep in ming right? That's why we made Pet WiPees™. These go beyond cleaning actually support a dog’s skin and coat. A dog’s skin is their largest organ and while regular use of baby wipes or low-quality pet wipes can damage their skin, high-quality dog cleaning wipes can benefit it. You can use Pet WiPees™ Dog All Purpose + Skin & Coat Wipes all over your dog and provide benefits with every use! These dog wipes that are pH balanced with bio-based cleansers can help prevent dry, rough, and itchy skin on dogs.

If your dog suffers from allergies, you can use Pet WiPees™ Dog All Purpose + Allergy Wipes to provide a barrier of defense wherever you wipe, remove irritants, and prevent new ones from sticking. These wipes help prevent the effects of free radicals which can damage cell membranes and enzymes in your dog. Plus, the mild cleansers like decyl glucoside help clean out bacteria to prevent yeast buildup, which causes many dogs to itch. For extra help with allergy relief, you can pair these wipes with Pet Parents® Allergy SoftSupps®.

A Clean Cloth with Dog Shampoo

One of the safest ways to clean your dog without using a baby wipe or wet wipe is to simply use a washcloth and a bit of high-quality dog shampoo. Simply add a drop or two of dog shampoo to a damp cloth and lather the shampoo. After washing your dog, rinse the washed area with a clean damp cloth or with fresh water. This acts as a DIY pet wipe for your dog and can be convenient at home. However, when traveling or on-the-go, we still recommend quality pet wipes.

Bathing Your Dog

Bathing your dog is also an option. Giving your dog a bath will give the best clean. However, this process will generally take more time. Also, dogs should not be bathed too often as it can destroy the natural oils in their skin and coat.

Keep in Mind When Buying Dog Wipes

First, remember that just because something is safe for a human doesn’t make it safe for your dog. Second, you should use dog-safe wipes with the most bio-based ingredients you can find. Third, dog cleaning wipes are not a replacement for a good bath every time, but they can extend the time between needed baths.

"Dog wipes, or dog bath wipes, that are made specifically for dogs are a much better choice when it comes to canine safety."

Can you use baby wipes on dogs? The simplest and most accurate answer is, unfortunately, no. You shouldn’t use baby wipes on your dog. This might seem a little over-the-top when baby wipes are designed to clean just like pet wipes, but the devil is always in the details. You don’t want to accidentally irritate the skin of your baby or your pet by using the wrong wipe. If you’re looking for a quick fix for muddy paws or a quick wipe down, dog wipes are a better choice than baby wipes. Take it from us – choose the wipe that’s right for the job, and you’ll see better results and a happier baby, be it human or pet, every time!