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Is your pup marking their territory in your house? Let us help you take back control through our variety of Pet Parents® products! Review our FAQ below for the most common questions about male dog marking:

Frequently Asked Questions

How to stop a dog from marking in the house

  • Block off areas of your home your pup has already marked. These areas are extra appealing to your pup, so showing they are off-limits is very important in deterring your dog from marking there.
  • Resolve any conflicts or tensions between your pets.
  • Restrict your dog's access to windows and doors so they cannot see any animals outside of your home that may excite them.
  • When your dog is inside, watch for signs they are about to urinate. When they begin to mark, interrupt them loudly and take them outside. When they urinate outside, give them lots of praise for being such a good pup!
  • Look for signs of your dog marking out of separation anxiety

Do female dogs mark their territory too?

Yes, female dogs can mark their territory too! This happens especially when they are in heat!

Why is my neutered male dog marking in the house?

Neutering or spaying alone won’t solve the problem. If your dog has gone a long time without being neutered, it will be more difficult to train them not to mark in the house. This is because marking is a learned behavior that will take some time and love to unlearn.

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Belly Bands

How Belly Bands Can Help With Male Marking.

Is your male dog marking in the house suddenly? Or marking his territory in public? Our belly bands can help you take back control! Our washable belly bands are sure to protect your floor, couch, furniture legs, and anything else your fur-baby tries to claim.

Why Pet Parents® Belly Bands?

  • Our innovative leak proof & waterproof shell ensures everything stays inside, helping to keep your house clean
  • Our Pack of 3 belly bands allow you to have one on your pet, one in the wash, and one just in case. Making it very manageable for spot marking!






Pawtect™ Pads

How Pawtect™ Pads Can Help With Male Marking.

When male dogs mark, they tend to mark in the same places. You will need to train him to think otherwise. While you are training or have our belly bands off, lay our pee pads around those areas he likes to mark. This will save you from dealing with messy clean ups.

Why Pet Parents® Dog & Cat Pawtect™ Pads?

  • WickQuick® Anti-Tracking:
    No one wants messy paws making a mess throughout their house. That’s why our washable pee pads utilize the best fabrics to lock in & prevent your fur-baby from tracking their mess everywhere.







Multi-Vitamin SoftSupps®

How Multi-Vitamin Supplements Can Help With Male Marking.

Talking about training reminded us to mention our Multi-Vitamin soft chews! Why not give your pup a treat that is healthy, and that they will want to eat? When training your pup where not to mark, use our multi-vitamins as a reward. *Note: dosage on the packaging.

Why Pet Parents® Multi-Vitamin SoftSupps®?

  • Why give your pup something if they won’t eat it? We want it to taste great so our multi- vitamin leads with meats and veggies like chicken, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and carrots.





Our belly bands give you back control and protect your house from your dog marking. However, when you need to take the belly bands off, slide our pee pads in those marking areas to help soak up unwanted messes. In the process of training your dog to stop marking, our multi-vitamin soft chews can act as healthy, rewarding treats!