Covrs® (5-Pack)
Covrs® (5-Pack)
Covrs® (5-Pack)
Covrs® (5-Pack)
Covrs® (5-Pack)
Male Dog Diaper Cover
dog diaper cover
Covrs® (5-Pack)
Covrs® (5-Pack)
Covrs® (5-Pack)
Covrs® (5-Pack)
Male Dog Diaper Cover
dog diaper cover
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Our Covrs® are made of the same high quality, waterproof materials as our washable diapers and belly bands. Excess hook and loop fasteners are expected and normal when fitting a wide range of body types, so if your washable diaper or band has any exposed hook and loop fasteners, our diaper cover for dogs will help bridge that gap. No more diapers or bands sticking to your couch, rugs or blankets! They also may help your diapers and belly bands last even longer, look seamless, and never jeopardize that comfy, perfect fit! Using our fur-safe, durable hook and loop fasteners, your fur baby will never have to worry about our Covrs® pulling any fur out!


Perfect for:

  • Covering Excess Hook and Loop Fasteners
  • Preventing Unwanted Sticking
  • Extending Lifetime of Your Products
  • Accent pieces
  • Snag-Free Cuddles

Special Features

Seamless Hook & Loop Fasteners

Excess hook and loop fasteners are expected and normal with products designed to fit a wide range of pets. But aren't you tired of seeing that perfectly polished black band blending into your boy’s fur, only to be ruined by blinding white fasteners, totally killing the camouflage of the band? Or perhaps it’s your furbaby’s first birthday and you have your sweet gal dressed up all in pink but that extra white material is ruining her style? All of this can be fixed with our Covrs® packs!

Extend Lifetime of Your Products

By utilizing our Covrs® you will be able to extend our product’s already long life expectancy. Our Covrs® prevent our fur-safe hook and loop fasteners from catching on unwanted debris, fabrics, or surfaces and keeps in tack the integrity of our high quality, fur-safe, durable fasteners so your pet can enjoy their washable diapers or bands even longer!

Customizable Sizes

Create customizable length by utilizing our easy cut seams where we have provided a portion of the fabric to be cut and still have clean, durable, no fray seams.



Due to the fact that our Covrs® utilize the same waterproof exterior shell as our diapers and bands, they won't ruin the integrity of your product!


Because our Covrs® are made out of the same material as our dog diapers and belly bands, they are also able to be thrown into any washing machine just as easily!


Each rectangle patch is exactly the same size from seam to seam, which helps you measure and customize exactly how many patches of Covrs® you need for your diaper or band.

Add Some Flare to Your Pet's Diaper

Our Covrs® come in packs of 5 so that you can either match any of our diapers or bands, or add some extra style to your pet's look with a pop of color!

How to customize Covrs®

First put your diaper or band on your pet. Make sure this is how your diaper/band normally fits.
Then place the desired strip of Covrs® over the excess hook and loop fasteners to measure how many of the patches you will need and how many you can cut away.
On your Covrs® you will find fabric in between two seams that create an individual patch.
Carefully take scissors and cut in between those two seams. Be sure not to cut on or too closely to the seams as they are sewn there to ensure no fraying or material unraveling happens.
Then you simply put your now custom sized Covrs® on back on your diaper/band and admire the look without any excess hook and loop fasteners showing! Don’t forget, you can keep all of the Covrs® patches you don’t need in our resealable packaging for safe keeping, you never know when you may need an extra inch or two.