The Pet Parents® Guide to Dog Diapers

Updated: July 12, 2022

A diaper - for dogs? Pet parents everywhere are slowly learning how dog diapers should be a household item for their pups. Dog diapers work to make pet parents’ lives easier, and we’re here to let you know how these can help!

So let’s get our paws dirty and dig a little deeper into everything you need to know about dog diapers - particularly Pet Parents® Washable Dog Diapers!

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"Your dog can develop an upset stomach, too. And unlike humans where you can just run to the bathroom, your dog can’t, resulting in discomfort for them and messy cleanups for you."

What are Dog Diapers?

Dog diapers are exactly what they sound like: diapers, like human baby diapers, except they have a hole for your furbaby’s tail. Dog diapers can be worn as dog diapers male & female. There are endless benefits and uses for dog diapers, and we’ll talk about a few below!

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The Many Uses of Dog Diapers

Dog Diapers For Puppies

Dog diapers are very handy, especially for puppies. Having a new puppy at home is all fun and games until it is not. According to PetMD, puppies generally have full bladder control between four and six months of age. Puppies still do not have full control over their bladders during their early months and will take their time to adjust to their new living environment. This means there will be tendencies of peeing and pooping in inappropriate places in your house (while still learning from potty training). Having your puppy wear dog diapers as puppy diapers will not only puppy-proof your home and keep it accident-free, but will also help you stay on top of your furbaby’s hygiene.

Dog Diapers For Potty Training

For potty training to work, you and your furbaby must work together, with of course the help of dog diapers. When you are potty training your furbaby to pee or poop in the right places, reusable dog diapers play a very important role as it will help keep your house clean during training. When your dog no longer wets or soils the diaper and is already mindful of doing potty on the areas you designated them to do their business, you may stop letting your pup wear diapers.

Dog Diapers For Traveling

Many pet parents wonder if they should bring their furbaby with them while traveling, as it would be better than keeping their dogs locked up alone at home or a pet hotel. While it’s true that traveling with your furbaby can be so much fun, it can be stressful for them, causing them to pee or poop unexpectedly and frequently. Dog diapers can come very handy as you will no longer have to take a lot of stops for your dog to relieve themselves and it’s also one way to pet-proof your hotel room.

Diapers For Dogs in Heat

Sexual maturity in female dogs happens as early as your furbaby turns six months old, but this will occur at different times depending on so many factors like breed type, size, and health conditions. While your female dog is in heat, she will have a bloody discharge and may soil things around. This means blood can and will get on your couch, carpet, floor, bed, and literally everywhere – unless they’re wearing dog diapers!

It is also expected that while your furbaby is in heat, male dogs will constantly be lurking around and will do anything just to get to your dog and breed. Though dog heat pants can’t keep intact males away, it can still be a great way to prevent your furbaby from getting pregnant. Dog diapers can serve as a covering of the private area of your dog to prevent penetration.

Dog Diapers For Postpartum Management

For your furbaby who has recently given birth, among the many postpartum changes, she will remain to have a bloody and mucus-like vaginal discharge called lochia in a few more weeks. On this time postpartum stage, letting your furbaby wear washable dog diapers will prevent the litter and the whelping box bedding from getting dirty and soiled (also from other messes like pee and poop).

Pet parents have found our Pawtect® Pads and dog diapers to be a pawfect pair for postpartum management. Pawtect® Pads are premium washable dog pee pads that you can use as a whelping box bedding to keep the pups warm and dry.

Diapers For Incontinent Dogs

Urinary and fecal incontinence are illnesses in which your furbaby experiences a total loss of control of their bladder or bowel. When incontinence happens to your furbaby, it can be a frightening time, as your dog will pee or poop at any moment. Dog diapers are convenient for you and your incontinent dog, knowing that any mess will be prevented from happening in your home, while still allowing your furbaby to cuddle with you on your couch, on your bed, and be with you just about everywhere.

Diapers For Dog Emergencies

Paralysis. Paralysis in dogs is the inability of your furbaby to freely move around like they used to because the brain and the spinal cord are thrown into disorder. With paralysis, your dog won't be able to move or control some body parts or worse, may not be able to move at all! Since they can't easily move around and go outside to potty, there is a possibility that they will bathe in their own mess. Having your furbaby wear dog diapers will keep their hygiene on top and will help prevent urine burns, rashes, and messy cleanups.

Dogs Eating Poop. It is true that dogs are very curious animals. Very curious that sometimes they explore how their own poop tastes like! Kidding aside, we only want what’s best for our dogs, and for them to be eating their poop is not on the list. Your dog eating their poop has great chances of becoming a regular (and even a lifetime) habit. Why your furbaby is eating poop can be because of many reasons, according to Dogs Naturally Magazine. It can be because of the influence of the mother dog while still with the litter, poor digestion, confinement in a small place, stress, anxiety, seeking for attention, living with a sick dog, or proximity of poop to food. Having your furbaby wear diapers will not stop this habit (there are methods to hopefully stop it!), but will greatly prevent and manage your dog from indulging in poop-eating. Ew!

Gastrointestinal Upset. Your dog can develop an upset stomach, too. And unlike humans where you can just run to the bathroom, your dog can’t, resulting in discomfort for them and messy cleanups for you. While recovery from a gastrointestinal upset does not happen overnight, you can fit your furbaby for a diaper for while they are on their way to getting better.

Urinary Tract Infections. Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) are common in dogs. This is when bacteria ravage the urinary tract system. When your furbaby has a UTI, they will be having a hard time urinating and may also have blood in their urine. And because the infection irritates their private part, it increases their urge to urinate. Pet diapers become a lifesaver for dogs who are going through UTI issues.

Post Operation. Your furbaby will experience discomfort after surgery and you will do everything in your power to stop them from licking, scratching, messing around with the incision to avoid infections or pain. Dog diapers are great with post-operation management as these can be placed and used as added protection for the affected areas.

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How to Make Dog Diapers More Functional

For dog diapers to work well and effectively and how to keep a diaper on a dog, it’s important that you ensure a proper fit for your dog. If the dog diaper is too big, it’s eventually going to fall off or leak. If the dog diaper is too small, your furbaby will be very uncomfortable and may even limit their movements.

Remember that there is no universal size chart for pet clothing. Your furbaby might be wearing a collar that’s small in size but maybe needing a medium or a large diaper. Always look at the size chart of the diapers and measure your dog accordingly.

Dog diapers are made to help you and your furbaby get through the many stages of life together while keeping a clean home and a happy, healthy life. Dog diapers are a hassle-free solution to the many possible problems you may encounter (just a few stated above).

Step 1: Do not guess your dog's size. Have them measure their dog's waist in front of their back legs. Remember! If your furbabies in between two sizes, consider their weight for the sizing: If your dog is a heavier dog, go with the bigger size. If your dog is a skinnier dog, go with the smaller size.

Step 2: To put the diaper on your dog, position the tabs underneath with the padding facing in.

Step 3: Slip the tail hole of the diaper over your dog’s tail.

Step 4: Fix the diaper between the back legs and place cozily against your dog’s underbelly.

Step 5: Secure the adjustable tabs of the diaper and you’re all set!

Optional Step 6: Give the dog treats and praises after putting on the diaper so they will have a positive association with wearing it.

Note: Always make sure to change your furbaby’s diaper at least every 3-4 hours. It's best if you replace one as soon as it is soiled. Allowing urine or feces to sit against your dog's skin for a long period of time can cause infections, burns, and will make your dog feel uncomfortable. No one wants that! You can then put one in the laundry and have your dog wear another one. Our dog diapers washing instructions is as easy as one, two, three! Read it here.

"Dog diapers are made to help you and your furbaby get through the many stages of life together while keeping a clean home and a happy, healthy life."

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Dog diapers are a must for pet parents and it’s true that there is a lot to know about washable diapers for dogs aside from it being used for incontinence. Now that you have a glimpse of the many uses of dog diapers and how you can make dog diapers more functional, it’s about time you make them a staple in your house for a happier and healthier life for your furbaby.


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