How Dog Diapers Can Help with Potty Training Dogs

Potty training or housebreaking your dog can either be fun or exhausting. Some dogs learn super quick while others struggle before they get it. Potty training dogs does not happen overnight and one thing that can help you is dog diapers.

In this article, we will talk about how dog diapers can help with potty training dogs and the factors you should consider in choosing the best diapers for your fur-baby.

How Dog Diapers Can Help in Potty Training

Prepare the Dog Diapers

Potty training dogs is both a responsibility and a commitment. You and your dog both have to work very hard to make it work and see the end results in no time.

Know that when potty training your dog, they will be very confused at first – that’s why they will tend to make accidents around the house every now and then. This is where dog diapers come into the picture. But even with this, problems can still arise as your dog will still adjust to the feeling of wearing diapers.

According to Pet Expertise, it is important to teach the dog that wearing the diaper is a good thing so that they will not be frightened by the process. Allow your fur-baby to explore the diapers first, let them sniff it, paw at it until they’re not super curious about it anymore. Next, have your dog wear the diapers a few minutes every day and gradually increase the duration of wearing it as the days pass by until they’re used to it.

These dog diapers will help keep your house clean during training. When your dog no longer wets the diaper and is already fully capable of doing their business on the designated potty area, you may stop using diapers then.

Assign a Potty Area

When your dog finally gets the hang of wearing diapers, decide where the potty area is. Will it be in a particular corner inside your house? Or will the potty area be outside? Training will be a lot easier if you know where to guide your dog to potty whenever they begin to show signs of doing business.

Establish a Routine

Dogs love routines! While potty training dogs, it is advisable to follow a fixed schedule for when to take them to the designated potty area. An example of an efficient routine can be during these instances:

  • as soon as your dog wakes up in the morning
  • a few minutes after every meal
  • after their playtime
  • after your dog wakes up from a nap
  • before your dog goes to sleep

Consistency is very important for potty training, so make sure to stick with your chosen schedule. This fixed schedule will help your dog’s system deal with the concept of peeing and pooping at particular times of the day.

Practice Positive Reinforcement

As stated by the Veterinary Centers of America Inc., positive reinforcement is anything that is added that increases the likelihood that a behavior will be repeated. The more the pet does a behavior, the more consequence it receives and what it gets is good.

Every time your dog makes accidents or pees in the diaper, do not punish or scold them. Doing so will only scare your dog and will prevent them from learning to potty correctly. Instead, continue to praise your dog and encourage them to do better. If your dog potties on the designated potty area and no longer wets the diapers, give them treats and rewards. This will make them incorporate that doing so will get them rewarded so it is a good thing! Positive reinforcement is the best thing you can do when potty training dogs.

How can Pet Parents® help?

Pet Parents® offers products that will help you potty training dogs. Pet Parents® has washable dog diapers and washable belly bands. These were designed to prevent accidents from turning into messes.

These diapers and belly bands have sewn-in pads that can keep in both fecal and urinary messes. These also have a hook & loop system that helps support many dog body types while providing a leak-proof, comfy fit!

potty training dogs

Remember that your dog isn’t perfect and they will make mistakes while on potty training. But dog diapers and a whole lot of love and patience will bring both of you success!