Do Pets Need Blankets?

Updated: July 06, 2022

"Blankets are a great help to prevent your furbaby from scratching or soiling carpets, couches, car seats, and even their own pet beds!"

Do Pets Need Blankets?

Yes, pets need blankets.

Sometimes, your furbabies can get cold. As mentioned by Top Dog Tips, regardless of the type of coat and its thickness, your pet’s fur is not enough to keep them warm. Most veterinarians suggest offering extra warmth for your pet by providing them with clothes, heating pads, or pet blankets!

In this article, we’ll talk about the many reasons why pets need blankets and what pet blankets from Pet Parents® best suit your furbaby’s needs, lifestyle, and health conditions.

Why Pet Blankets are Needed

Pets need blankets for many reasons. It can be one, two, or more of the following:

To keep them warm. Blankets are needed by pets to provide them additional warmth, especially on cold days.

To provide them comfort and a sense of security. The softness and weight of the blanket over your pet is an excellent way to help relieve their stress and anxiety. As stated by the Proud Dog Mom, many experts say that burrowing is an instinctual behavior (common in cats and dogs) that has been seen from their wild ancestors. Sleeping under a blanket provides your furbaby with a safe and secured environment. This also compares to their way of sleeping together with their litter, huddling together and pressing against each other.

Additionally, blankets also come in handy when traveling as they help lessen your pet’s anxiety and make them feel like they are still at home.

To promote better sleep. When your pet feels warm, safe, and comfortable, they are able to sleep better.

To protect your furniture. Your furbaby can be relaxed and calm one moment and naughty the next. Blankets are a great help to prevent your furbaby from scratching or soiling carpets, couches, car seats, and even their own pet beds!

Easy to clean. Blankets are much easier to celan than sofa cushions. But, if you are worried about all that pet hair going into your washing machine and dryer, add a FurBall® to the load. These are natural rubber pet hair removers that go directly into your washer and dryer to knock pet hair from your blankets, clothing, or fabrics.

To prevent messes. The mess of drools and leaks is part of being a pet parent. This is where pet blankets come in handy. Blankets, especially waterproof ones, help prevent messes from turning into a complete disaster.

To help manage certain medical issues. Pet blankets come in handy when managing pets who recently undergo surgery, as they may still be unable to fully control their bladder and may vomit from time to time. These blankets are also very helpful when it comes to dealing with pets suffering from incontinence.

What Pet Blanket Is Right for Your FurBaby

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the wide array of selections of pet blankets available in the market today. But remember that not all blankets are created equal and not all are made from high-quality material. Only some can be trusted and have been well thought of for pets and pet parents alike, and some of these are the pet blankets from Pet Parents®.


Pet Parents® offers three different pet blankets: Pet Blankets, Pawtect® Blankets, and Pawtect® Blankets Plus. These blankets have different features and functionalities.

Pet Blankets. This pet blanket is a lifestyle product. It fills in a pet parent’s need for a premium and stylish blanket for their furbabies. Pet Blankets are water-resistant and prevent just the simple and small messes, like drooling, small spills, and scratches.

Pet Blankets for cats and dogs are best used for:

  • providing warmth and comfort
  • helping lessen your pet’s anxiety
  • protecting furniture from simple messes, like drools, spills, and scratches
  • traveling
  • your furbaby’s snuggling
  • providing crate comfort
  • all kinds of furbabies

Best paired with: Pet Parents® Washable Diapers, Pet Parents® Washable Belly Bands

Pawtect® Blankets. Pawtect® Blankets have more specific case uses compared to Pet Blankets. Pawtect® Blankets are waterproof and made with our special faux fur fabric and proprietary Sherpup® multi-layer material. This type of blanket has a barrier that prevents any moisture or liquid to seep through any side, making sure your pet stays comfy and dry.

Pawtect® Blankets are best used for:

  • protecting your furniture
  • traveling
  • managing incontinence and other medical issues that may result in leaks and accidents
  • whelping
  • crate protection and comfort
  • providing your furbaby a comfy pet bed
  • pets suffering from anxiety

Best paired with: Pawtect® Pads, Gnawtlers®

Pawtect® Blankets Plus. Pawtect® Blanket Plus is similar to Pawtect® Blankets, except that this is made for heavy-duty absorption, capable of absorbing more with its extra layers. These blankets may be super protective and leak-proof, but it's also amazingly soft and comfy because of our with our specifically created faux fur fabric and Sherpup® lining.

Pawtect® Blankets Plus are best used for:

  • heavy-duty absorption, especially for pets with incontinence
  • traveling
  • whelping
  • newborn puppies and kittens
  • a stylish throw
  • post-surgery management
  • protecting furniture
  • crate lining

Best paired with: Pawtect® Pads, Gnawtlers®

Other things to consider when choosing the right blanket for your dog:

  • The blanket’s size: The purpose of a blanket to keep your pet warm and safe will be defeated if the blanket you get them is too small.
  • The material used. Poor quality blanket material will cause easy fraying and loose ends. Choose the ones that can last for a long time!

Pets (and pet parents!) need blankets, not for the sole reason that this will keep them warm and safe but for helping the countless benefits they offer for a healthier and happier lifestyle. Shop Pet Parents® Blankets now.

"Pet Parents® offers three different pet blankets: Pet Blankets, Pawtect® Blankets, and Pawtect® Blankets Plus. These blankets have different features and functionalities."