Dog Begging Prevention: Tips and Tricks

Updated: April 27, 2022

"Don't fear, you can always prevent bad behaviors from starting."

Dog begging is a common behavior problem in most dogs. Yes, those puppy eyes are irresistible but it can be frustrating in the long run, especially when hounding you for food or attention starts to become an unstoppable habit.

Fortunately, there are tips, tricks, and positive reinforcements you can use to finally bring your furbaby's begging to a stop.

How does dog begging begin?

Dog begging simply begins with those adorable puppy eyes and a whimpering act (like excessive barking) begging for your food and/or attention. You can't help it so you share pieces of your food or give him your attention.

It might seem like a harmless thing to do but in the long run, your dog will start demanding for it. Don't fear, you can always prevent bad behaviors from starting.

Tips and tricks you should know

The two most common types of reasons dogs beg is for attention and or human food.

If your furbaby is begging for attention:

  • Whenever your dog barks excessively, begging for your attention to play with him or go on a walk, etc., do not shout or yell at him. This will mean to him that you are also barking with him and that tells him he finally got your attention! Instead, do not mind him. Only give him your attention when he's quiet already and has settled down.
  • Have walks, going out, and play times in a regular schedule, around the same time every day. This way your dog is aware that there will be a walk to the park or a playtime later today. This should limit the begging as he doesn't have to play the guessing game.

If your dog is begging for food:

  • If your furbaby begs for food, you can start with one simple thing: Do not throw your dog a chomp or two of food every time you're eating. Sharing food with him will make your dog understand that good food on your plate is also good food for him!
  • Another option is to feed your dog his meals at the same time you're eating. If he comes to you, do not scold him but just ignore him instead. When you're done with your food, pick up your furbaby's food bowl, too, whether or not he has eaten it. This will teach your dog that he needs to eat his own meals while you're eating yours.
  • One way to prevent your furbaby from begging is to teach him the "place" command. To do this, choose a comfortable place of command first. This "place" can be anywhere in your house - on the couch, in his crate, etc. So whenever you're eating tell him to go to his place. If he fails to stay in his place and hasn't settled down yet, try again. This will take some time getting used to, but nothing is impossible for you and your dog as you make a great team!
  • You can also keep your dog preoccupied while you eat is also a good way to stop a dog begging behavior. Giving your dog his favorite toy or his favorite chew will keep him busy and mentally & physically stimulated. Consider giving your furbaby chews that will keep his attention during the whole duration of your meal or even longer than that. Providing him with quick treats that will be gone in just a few minutes is less effective than a longer lasting chew that will keep him engaged.

How can pet parents® help?

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Dog begging can be a lot to deal with, especially if the behavior has been pretty much established. But our tips and tricks are here to help you so that you and your furbaby will go on and live a happier and healthier life.

"Pet Parents® has those high-quality, great chews that will help keep your furbaby occupied, engaged, and will help prevent dog begging behavior"