Dog Teething Toys

Updated: December 16, 2022

"A dog's mouth serves as its primary tool for touching and gripping objects, which helps it learn about the world around them."

Can I give my dog teething toys?

Similar to how babies gain new teeth during their development, your puppy will also go through the teething stage. Your furbaby first develops a set of baby teeth, similar to human babies (also called primary or deciduous; this means that these teeth will eventually fall out). These teeth are also commonly called "needle teeth" because of how sharp and pointed they are.

How Many Teeth Do Dogs Have?

Dogs start out with 28 baby teeth and eventually have 42 permanent teeth. You may find these deciduous teeth on the ground or on the floor, but most of the time, your puppy will swallow the teeth while he is eating. This is normal and will not harm your dog. However, you should be careful not to allow your puppy to chew on items that are too hard for puppy teeth. Many adult dog toys or antlers are not suitable for young puppies.

It is common for some bleeding to happen while teeth fall out, but the amount is minimal, and pet parents typically do not catch a glimpse of it.

Why Does My Dog Gnaw on Everything?

Teething furbabies will chew on furniture, on things that are within reach, including things that are important to you, and even chew on people, too! Chewing is a normal behavior for teething pups. A dog's mouth serves as its primary tool for touching and gripping objects, which helps it learn about the world around them.

Additionally, chewing appears to ease the discomfort that is thought to come with teething. To prevent your teething pup from becoming bored and destroying things at home, it is crucial to keep them adequately busy by giving them safe dog teething toys.

Supervision Is A Must!

When your puppy starts chewing, keep an eye on them. Your puppy will likely want to chew lots of inappropriate items like furniture, base boards, or clothing. So, to avoid damage and potential injury, do not leave your puppy unattended with access to anything to chew. You may opt to crate train your puppy when you are away from home or unable to supervise.

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Which Dog Teething Toys Are Best?

Dogs will chew on pretty much whatever you give them. As a pet parent, you should be careful that what you give them does not pose any choking hazards. Some chew toys that are easily available in the market include pigs’ ears, rawhides, bully sticks, bones, balls, and other synthetic toys. But some if not most may pose a threat of choking, gastrointestinal blockages, and even internal punctures. All these are life-threatening.

You can consult your vet about the safest dog teething toys for your puppy. Even while your puppy is chewing on toys that are safe and vet-approved, you should keep an eye on them because no dog teething toy is completely risk-free. Accidents can still happen.

Be mindful that some items, even though they are safe even when ingested or inhaled, may nevertheless still be bad for your furbaby's teeth. Most veterinary dentists advise against letting pups and senior dogs chew on very hard objects, such as bones or hard plastic toys.

Antlers for Puppies

Gnawtlers® are perfect for dogs who love to chew, especially teething pups! All Gnawtlers® are vacuum-sealed for your furbaby's protection, unlike other antlers on the market that are exposed and may come into touch with pollutants while being packed or shipped. For teething pups, Split Elk Gnawtlers® are perfect for a softer and easier chew. In Split Elk Gnawtlers®, the marrow is already exposed, making it easier for your furbaby to get to the good part. These are filled with calcium, phosphorus, manganese, and zinc. As one of the trusted dog teething toys, your teething gets the best nutrition!

Frozen Treats

To also help you manage your dog’s teething from time to time, it is best if you provide them with frozen treats to temporarily help numb their gums. Dog ice cream, though, can be a bit pricey. For a less costly alternative, you can try making your own homemade soft serve with frozen bananas and yogurt with a little peanut butter. Ensure that there is no Xylitol in the peanut butter.

You can also give your furbaby some frozen meat broth in ice cube trays for immediate pain relief. Or freeze a damp washcloth and allow them to chew on it with supervision.

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Puppy Enrichment Toys

Although not specifically for teething, some enrichment toys can help distract puppies from the discomfort they’re experiencing. Toys that you can fill with food, like the Forager™ Bowl, will distract your dog and engage their mind. Plus, it will help to tire your puppy out with mental stimulation.

Teething Gels

There are also teething gels. A wonderful and all-natural approach to lessen gum discomfort and gum swelling is with homeopathic teething gels. Since these plant extracts have anti-inflammatory effects, search for a teething gel that contains chamomile, clove oil, and peppermint. Be sure to only use gels made specifically for puppies.

Although the puppy teething stage can be difficult to deal with, it is not forever. Dogs often begin to have their adult teeth between the ages of twelve and sixteen weeks. By supporting your dog during these few weeks and giving them safe dog teething toys, you will put them on the right track to a lifetime of healthy, strong teeth.

"For teething pups, Split Elk Gnawtlers® are perfect for a softer and easier chew. These are filled with calcium, phosphorus, manganese, and zinc. "