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Keeping Your Pets Safe this Fourth of July

"Providing them calming supplements will help them feel relaxed and a little bit less stressed in one of the most terrifying days of the year for them."

Keeping your pets safe this fourth of July

The Fourth of July is one of the most exciting holidays we celebrate, but is one of the worst for our furry friends. For them, Fourth of July is one of the scariest days they'll ever have to go through.

Noises from fireworks, music, and people shouting & cheering can cause your pet stress and anxiety. Loud noises trigger their nervous system and that's what makes them afraid. You need to understand that your pets' hearing is a lot more sensitive than yours, and your pet is not used to these unfamiliar noises. Your pet doesn't know where the noises are coming from and why they happen, and they may try to run away, panic, or hide.  

In this article, we will discuss Fourth of July dog safety to make this holiday a little less stressful for both you and your furbaby.

Secure the IDs

According to the American Kennel Club, it is on July 4 and July 5 when pets go missing the most. The most important thing you can do is to make sure your pet won't be able to escape or run away from your house.

Sometimes things never really go as planned and if it ever boils down to an escape or loss, make sure your furbaby has an updated identification tag or collar and an updated microchip implanted in them so that people can contact you if they rescue your pet. Microchips increase the chances of getting reunited with your lost pets. What gives microchips better advantages is that, unlike the tags and collars that may fall off, get lost, or removed, microchips can never be lost, removed, or altered.

Give your pet a safe space

If your pet chooses to hide in a particular area in your house, let them stay there unbothered. This is where they feel safe and secure. You can also prepare in advance and create a safe place for your pet in an area in your house that’s away from the noises, foot traffic, and possible stress triggers, like strangers, kids, and loud noises. 

To make your furbaby feel more comfortable and to encourage them to use their safe place, place Pawtect® Blankets in their safe spot. These blankets can act as comfort blankets for your fur-baby, providing them with security while the celebration goes on in your home. Pawtect® Blankets are also able to keep your home and fur-baby warm and dry at the same time. Additionally, it has been reported by Wag Walking that because of stress and anxiety, pets turn their blankets into chew toys. This is why our Pawtect® Blankets have a LockJaw™ binding feature with clean edges that help stir away your new pet from gnawing on the blanket.

Provide calming supplements

The 4th of July will be a lot of work for your pet's nervous system. As mentioned above, loud and unfamiliar noises will trigger your pet to become afraid as they don't know exactly what's going on (and oh how we wish we can explain to them!). Providing them calming supplements will help them feel relaxed and a little bit less stressed on one of the most terrifying days of the year for them.


Calming supplements for dogs, like Pet Parents® Calming SoftSupps®, are made with a branded form of L-theanine for dogs, Suntheanine®, and taurine that help support balanced behavior & a sense of relaxation. These calming soft chew supplements also have organic hemp extract that is rich in healthy properties that promote calming effects, helping your dog cope with external stresses.

For cats, talk to your vet about trusted calming supplements they can recommend.

Keep the distractions closer

If ever you find your pet going through an extremely stressful time, this is where you must keep distractions at an arm's length. Giving your pet their favorite chew toy or their favorite treat can serve as a distraction to get their mind off things and to help them lose their focus on all the noises and stressors.

Consider giving Gnawtlers®. These are premium antler chews that are safe, do not splinter so easily, are filled with nutrition, and can keep your dog physically & mentally stimulated.

Stay indoors

Fearful behaviors in your pet may include trembling, hiding, and frequent peeing, but they will not want to go potty outside (even if they were trained to do so!). However, you can always have an alternative solution. Let them wear a Pet Parents® washable dog diaper, belly band, or cat diapers for a mess-free and stress-free holiday! These Pet Parents® diapers can prevent accidents from turning into messes while preventing burns and rashes as our soft non-abrasive WickQuick® proprietary fabric instantly absorbs any moisture or liquid.

"Make sure your furbaby has an updated identification tag or collar and an updated microchip so that people can contact you if they rescue your pet."

Additionally, add extra protection throughout your home with Pawtect® Pads, which are washable pee pads that can protect any surface in your home.

Other helpful tips for a safe Fourth of July celebration:

  • Never light fireworks, sparklers, etc., in front of pets.
  • Keep fireworks, sparklers, glow sticks, and all harmful items away from your curious pet’s reach.
  • Avoid feeding your pets with table scraps. This may cause them an upset stomach or pose them choking and poisoning hazards.
  • Do not allow your pet to go near the barbecue grill while it’s still hot or while in use.  
  • Remember that too much heat exposure can be harmful to pets. Keep them indoors when the weather is too hot.
  • Never leave your pets inside the car! Cars can heat up much faster and keeping your pet locked up inside can be life-threatening.
  • Make sure that they have access to shady spots and plenty of water when you decide to bring them with you outdoors.
  • To help divert your pet’s attention away from outside noises, play some happy music or turn on the television.

Wishing you and your pets a safe and fun Fourth of July from the Pack at Pet Parents®!

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