The Many Uses of Pawtect® Blankets

Updated: February 06, 2024

The Many Uses of Pawtect® Blankets

Pawtect® Blankets are blankets unlike any other. These are waterproof blankets that are specifically made to protect your furniture at home and at the same time to provide optimum comfort for your fur-baby. But that’s not all.

In this article, we’ll talk about the many uses of Pawtect® Blankets and how they work well with other Pet Parents® products, offering you and your fur-baby the ultimate pawtection.

Uses of Pawtect® Blankets

Your Life Partner: Pawtect® Blankets

It is common knowledge for pet parents that blankets are there to provide comfort for your fur-baby while curling up. But it doesn't end there for Pawtect® Blankets.

Pawtect® Blankets offer a lot of use cases.

Offer Security to Your New Pet

If you have a new pet at home, you will notice that they will still remain aloof, reserved, and scared. This is because they are adjusting to their new home. The adjustment period for your new pet may be tough especially if they have been from rescue shelters and have past traumas. This period will come with what may seem like days of endless markings, spraying, and inappropriate urination.

This is where Pawtect® Blankets come in. These blankets can act as a comfort blanket for your fur-baby, providing them with security while still getting used to their new home. Pawtect® Blankets are also able to pawtect your home at the same time.

"Pawtect® Blankets have a LockJaw® binding feature with clean edges that help dissuade gnawing on the blanket."

Pet Blankets, Dog Blankets

Additionally, new pets are anxious and easily stressed out so they result in chewing. Wag Walking stated that a number of pet parents have spent good money on a nice dog blanket, only to have it turn into a chew toy! This is why Pawtect® Blankets have a LockJaw® binding feature with clean edges that help stir away your new pet from gnawing on the blanket.

Protect Your Furniture

A lot of things come with being a pet parent. To name a few, these include:

  • drools whenever your dog eats or chews on something
  • sudden leaks
  • accidents

It can be frustrating seeing your furniture at home get dirty and messy, but Pawtect® Blankets are pee-resistant blankets. These will not only protect your house from accidents but will also help you protect your floor, couch, carpet, bed, car seat, and anywhere else your fur-baby loves to chill out.

Helps with Incontinent Management

Managing incontinent fur-babies, senior pets, and pets with mobility issues is another case where Pawtect® Blankets come in handy.

With these blankets, you will no longer have to worry about sudden leaks and accidents as Pawtect® Blankets are capable of absorbing moisture fast and locking it in while still making your fur-baby comfortable and happy to lay on it–no stiffness, no rough areas, only softness and warmth!

Our Pawtect® Blanket Plus is the best for incontinence issues, because it has more pawtection and layers to act like a Pawtect® Pad.

Assistance While Traveling

Traveling can be a lot of fun. But sometimes, it can be stressful for you and your pet. Your fur-babies are routine-loving animals and traveling changes their daily routine. On the other hand, you may get stressed out, too, with all the possible accidents, scratches on the car seat, spilled drinks, and fur flying around everywhere. A recipe for disaster!

But with our Pawtect® Blankets, you will have peace of mind while traveling with your pet knowing that your seats are protected and your fur-baby is feeling secure, providing them the comfort of home.

Pet Beds

Pawtect® Blankets may be used as pet beds for your fur-baby. According to the American Kennel Club, good pet beds ensure better sleep. When your fur-baby is well-rested, they will have more energy to dedicate to exploring things and learning. Like people, dogs also need a good rest to stay healthy and happy.

Pawtect® Blankets are great pee-proof dog blankets that can serve as your fur-baby’s bed. Unlike the floor, these blankets will keep your fur-baby warm, may help aid arthritic joints, and prevent calluses from developing. Additionally, your fur-baby can finally rest or sleep with you on the couch or on your bed without you having to go crazy about the stains, drools, leaks, and fur.

Crate Blankets

Pawtect® Blankets are important when your fur-baby is kept inside their crate during sleeping hours or whenever you are away for a few hours, or if you are trying to house train them.

As pee-absorbent blankets, Pawtect® Blankets will not only keep your fur-baby warm while in their crate, it will also prevent them from wetting themselves with their own pee, smelling awfully bad, and developing urine rashes and scalds.

Our blankets have a proprietary WickQuick® feature that absorbs any moisture fast and locking it in to give your fur-baby the maximum pawtection from leaks and accidents.

Whelping Pads

Your dam and her litter must always be kept dry and warm all the time for them to recover and grow well. Aside from Pawtect® Pads that help prevent your dog and her litter from getting soiled and dirty, Pawtect® Blankets can also be of great help. Replacing old blankets and cheap towels with our Pawtect® Collection is a great idea. These blankets help absorb any wetness or moisture, keeping everyone feeling happy and well-rested, and can be washed and reused.

Best Used With Other Pet Parents® Products

Apart from the many uses of Pawtect® Blankets, these are also best used with other Pet Parents® products for that ultimate pawtection.

Pet Parents® Products 

Pawtect® Blankets can be used together with:

  • Pet Parents® Pawtect® Pads. Pet Parents® Pawtect® Pads are great for covering your floors and Pet Parents® Pawtect® Blankets are great for covering your furniture, which is why they complement each other so well. Think about having both Pawtect® Blankets and Pawtect® Pads to absorb any leaks, drools, and accidents! The uses for Pet Parents® Pawtect® products are limitless when used together. They can both be used together for potty training, protecting furniture, incontinence management, traveling, whelping, post-surgery management, and a lot more.
  • Pet Parents® Dog Diapers and Pet Parents® Belly Bands. Pet Parents® Dog Diapers and Pet Parents® Belly Bands are the front liners in leakage and messy cleanups protection. You can then use these with Pawtect® Blankets to still make sure your fur-baby is comfy while you’re making sure no mess happens in your home.
  • Pet Parents® SoftSupps®. Our SoftSupps® help provide your fur-baby with optimum nourishment, like strengthening their kidneys and bladder health while Pawtect® Blankets guard your fur-baby and your furniture against getting soiled. SoftSupps® also help keep your fur-baby calm down during stressful situations (particularly when traveling or during celebrations at home) while curling up warmly in our Pawtect® Blanket.
  • Gnawtlers®. The top concern when your fur-baby chews on something is the drool that comes with it. Your fur-baby may be so invested in chewing their favorite nutritious Gnawtlers® that they begin slobbering because of its goodness. To the rescue comes our Pawtect® Blankets. Your fur-baby can chew Gnawtlers® all day while curling up and feeling cozy in our Pawtect® Blankets, without you having to worry about your furniture getting all wet and dirty with your pet’s drool.

Pawtect® Blankets are more than just your ordinary pet blankets. It’s stylish and comfy pawtection, handy in whatever case you may need. These blankets help ensure messes, leaks, stains, and drools on your furniture are a thing of the past, so you and your fur-baby can finally move on to live a happier and healthier life.

"Pawtect® Pads are great for covering your floors and Pawtect® Blankets are great for covering your furniture."