Your Pets and the Fireworks this 4th of July

Updated: April 01, 2022

"Yes, it's a joyous event but it is also one of the scariest days in the lives of your fur-babies!"

Attention pet parents!

Tips for you, your pet, and a clean & safe 4th of July!

The 4th of July is approaching and a lot of things are probably on your mind. Yes, it's a joyous event but it is also one of the scariest days in the lives of your fur-babies! And they are our priorities, am I right?

The loud noise that comes from fireworks causes stress and anxiety to cats and dogs. So before the 4th of July happens, it is best that you understand what your pets will be experiencing and understand how terrifying this time of the year can be for them.

Why is your cat/dog scared of fireworks?

As much as we get startled and get scared of loud noises, our pets feel exactly the same. When fireworks go off, they are loud and the noise triggers the nervous system of your pets and that is what makes them afraid. Not to mention, their hearing is a lot more magnified than ours, so it can be a lot more triggering for them.

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Firework noises are not natural to them (it's not like they hear it everyday!) and they don't understand where it's coming from, that's why they run away, panic or try to hide.

How can I calm my pet down?

It's impossible to explain to your cat/dog why there are fireworks (if only they fully understood us, life would be much easier). Ideally, it's a long-term process to help eliminate this anxiety but considering it's the 4th of July this coming weekend, here are some ways on keeping them calm and helping them get through the night.

Let them wear Pressure Wraps

Pressure wraps are effective when it comes to relieving your pets anxiety on stressful events. This is done by letting them wear a thunder-shirt or a DIY tight-fitting shirt. This applies pressure to their body and gives them security, and that feeling of being secure lets them relax a little more. Always being sure to sneak in extra bear-hug snuggles, also helps too :-)

Prevent a possible escape

According to statistics, more pets go missing on the 4th of July than any other day of the year. At some instances, this happens still even when you least expect it. Make sure your pet has a sturdy identification tag on or a microchip, to alleviate extra stress if he were to go missing/run away. Also, do not ever leave your pet home alone; if you are going somewhere else to celebrate the holiday, find your furry friend a reliable sitter or you can always bring him with you.

Create a safe place

If your cat/dog rushes into a particular area in your house to try to hide, let him stay there. They are considering that to be their safe place. It can also be good for them if you can provide them a bed placed inside a closet, under the table or in a small room.

Keep them distracted

Distractions are good for your pets during this stressful time. You can give them their favorite treat or favorite toy. You can play a nice music loudly and get them involved with something else that they might like, to get their minds off things! 

Stay indoors and be far away from all of it

Fearful behaviors in furry family members will include shaking, trembling, hiding, salivation and frequent urination. They will struggle and will definitely not want to go outside at all (yes, even to potty!). But you can always plan ahead. Let them wear the Pet Parents® dog diaper, belly band or cat diapers for a mess-free holiday!

You know your fur-babies best, and you will know how to manage when the fireworks go off.. When you are in doubt, keep in mind that avoidance, distraction, and lots of love and snuggles are always a good idea!

"Fearful behaviors in furry family members will include shaking, trembling, hiding, salivation and frequent urination."

Wishing you and your pets a safe and fun INDEPENDENCE DAY  from us at Pet Parents®!