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Brain Games for Dogs

brain games for dogs

Dogs are intelligent creatures and they love brain games! As pet parents, one of the most important roles we have is to keep our fur-babies mentally stimulated. Keeping your dog mentally stimulated is just as important as keeping her fit, you can do this by implementing brain games for your dog!

Brain games for dogs have a lot of benefits for your fur-baby. In this article, we'll talk about how your dog's brain works, what these different dog brain games are, and how these games benefit your fur-baby in more ways than one.



You have always enjoyed playing hide and seek with your friends when you were little and it's time that you share the fun with your dog. To play hide and seek, command your dog to stay while you try to find a perfect hiding spot. When you've already hidden, tell her to "Come!" or any command words that will signal your fur-baby to come and look for you. This brain game will allow your dog to use her listening and smelling skills to try to find where you're at.

"Brain games for dogs will help your dog exercise her intellect and decision-making. "


Red light, green light is a brain game that's perfect for dogs who seem to lose control with excitement during playtimes and walks. To play this, walk her on a leash. As you say "Red light", stop and let her sit. Reward her with a treat immediately after. Until you say "Green light", don't let her move. This will help your dog learn how to properly control her impulses.


As much as we enjoy playing treasure hunt, our dog do too! Treasure hunting is a fun brain game for dogs that will interest most of the food-driven fur-babies. To play this, hide your dog's favorite treats in different areas of your room or house and encourage her to look for them. If she finds it, it's hers. This game will encourage her to use her sniffing abilities and to exercise her brain. But remember not to make the game too hard.


Activity toys are specifically made to mentally stimulate your fur-baby. Feel free to DIY activity toys. Make a small cut in a tennis ball and fill it with your fur-baby's favorite treats. Observe how your dog will roll the ball to get the treats. Another DIY option is to place treats inside a cup and turn it upside down. Mix it with other cups with no treats inside and watch your dog figure out which cup has the treats. However, these DIY options might not be as pet friendly compared to pre-made toys or bones. It all depends on your pup!

Note: Remember that for these brain games to be extra exciting, positive reinforcement is needed. Don't forget to give your fur-baby rewards. You can give her favorite treats or you can give dog chews like Gnawtlers®! This item only comes from antlers that have naturally fallen from elks and deers. These chews are packed with calcium, phosphorus, manganese & zinc, and they provide a delicious treat that strengthens your fur-baby without all the calories & digestive issues. Might as well give your pup a treat they will love and that provides health benefits! Plus, it does not easily splinter, making it safer for your fur-baby to gnaw on!

Also, if your dog is feeling a little unwell and is not as mobile as she has always been, try giving her a stimulating chew toy like Gnawtlers®.


Brain games have a lot of benefits for your fur-baby. One, it can help improve your dog's relationship with you. It can also build her confidence and can help improve unwanted and destructive behaviors whenever they get bored, anxious or frustrated, excessive barking, chewing, aggressiveness, etc.

Mental health for your fur-baby is also as important as her physical health. Benefits of brain games for dogs include:

  • Slowing down the age-related brain and behavioral changes
  • Keeping memories sharp (making it easier for your fur-baby to learn more tricks!)
  • Helping reduce memory loss
  • Helping you have a smarter and happier dog 

Your fur-baby's mental ability and learning capacity declines with age, just like ours. Brain games for dogs will help your dog exercise her intellect and decision-making. Helping your fur-baby engage in these brain games for dogs will help her keep a sharp mind and a healthier, happier life.

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