Making your Christmas Decor Pet-Friendly

As pet parents, we know that our fur-babies seems to be curious, curious, curious, especially with new things! Around the holiday season, they have plenty to get curious about - wreaths, festive decorations, Christmas trees, and the nicely wrapped gifts under them!

Although getting in the holiday spirit can be fun, it is important to keep in mind that mangled Christmas decorations can cause serious injuries to your precious fur-baby.

christmas decors

So here are tips on how you can possibly pet-proof your Christmas decorations so you and your pet can have a healthy and happy holiday together.

Go artificial.

Though it's pretty to look at, real Christmas trees have thorns that can hurt you and your pet. Aside from this, pine needles can also cause great danger if ever your cat or dog ingests it.

If you did use a real Christmas tree this season, always be sure to observe and keep an eye on your fur-baby to make sure he isn't getting too nosey or interested, resulting in possible digestion of the needles. That could call for a disaster!

Avoid glitter.

Glittery Christmas decorations is what we're all used to (because it's so much better that way, I know!). As much as it's fun to look at, these shining, shimmering decors will spark your pet's curiosity and will have him explore the items.

Tinsel, one of the top items for the sparkly kind of decor, can be very dangerous when ingested your pet! Because of this, make sure your tinsel is out of reach from your fur-babies.

Remain simple.

Avoid or be cautious of anything that will easily get your pet's attention. Be strategic in where you place glass decorations to help prevent them from being knocked over by your playful and curious pet (cat owners you know exactly what I am talking about!). Glass shards can damage your pet's paws or can accidentally (or purposely, you never know) be swallowed by them - this would not be 'the best time of the year' for you if this were to happen, that's for sure.

To keep it simple, you can use cloth/ paper decorations and shatter-free ornaments, so if ever your pet decides to play with them and they get damaged, you will have nothing to worry about (well except that you need to put it up again haha!).

Get rid of the candles.

Ahhh fire! Unattended candles, when knocked over by your playful pet, can create a high risk of fire and a high risk of a pet parent heart attack! To avoid this situation at all costs, use artificial candles or flame-less ones instead.

If the urge to use candles is very great (sometimes we just can't help ourselves, I know), be very mindful by putting them on shelves that will be completely out of your nosey pet's reach.

Keep the lights out of reach.

Although it seems silly and rare, there is possibility that your dog or your cat may get tangled in the electric cords, because when it comes to Christmas decorating - there are several of these used. And if he chews on them, there will be a high risk of electrical shock.

christmas decors

If you're using Christmas lights and/or a lot of extension cords, make sure that they are out of reach and are secured and off the floor.

Know your plants.

Yes, they add a different kind of Christmas-y vibe to your home and can be great gifts but some of these natural plants are actually extremely dangerous for our pets!

When your pet ingests in a mistletoe, it can cause your pet's blood pressure to drop and can be very fatal. Poinsettias can cause nausea and vomiting. Lilies & daffodils can cause convulsions and are very dangerous when ingested. Holly Berries & Ivy can cause diarrhea and high fever. Jerusalem cherry can cause problems and damages in the intestine.

So choose your natural pants carefully! You can use white orchids, red roses and Christmas cacti instead or be careful of where you place your not-s0-safe ones.

Save the presents.

You don't want your Christmas presents to be opened early by your dogs, do you? So if your nosey pet isn't going to be watched closely, be cautious of leaving all those presents under the tree until completely necessary. This is also to keep your dog from ingesting something he shouldn't.

Use diapers!

Yes, they are a thing; and especially something that can be a lifesaver during the holidays. Pretty sure there will be a lot of new things your dog will encounter this holiday season so to keep him from peeing / pooping on your Christmas decors, have him wear dog diapers / cat diapers so you're all happy and merry this Christmas!

Christmas is extra special when celebrated with your fur-babies. By following the tips mentioned above for Christmas decors safety, you can make sure the holiday is bright for you and your best furry friend!