What makes a Pee Pad best for your dogs

A pee pad is a pad that is either square or rectangular in shape that is used to absorb your dog's pee. There are an array of pad varieties out in the market today with a lot of different features to satisfy and meet the needs of pets and pet parents. But with a lot of pads to choose from, what actually makes a pee pad best for you and your dogs?

Pee pad

Choosing the Best Pee Pad

Class Absorption

The one thing you have to look for in a pee pad is its absorption capacity. You don't want a pee pad that couldn't mop up your dog's pee, right? It should be able to absorb & hold more liquid.

Odor Control

A great pee pad should have an anti-tracking feature. This prevents your dog from tracking their pee or poop throughout your house.

No Slip

Pee pads should be waterproof, leakproof, and stays in one spot! Your dog should not be able to move and transfer the pad wherever/whenever he wants to. This feature will also save your furniture and carpets from unwanted stains and mess!

Has More Coverage

As pet parents, we want to make sure that our pets are comfortable, happy and our homes are clean and odor-free. If your dog misses to pee on the center of the pad, select one that is larger in size for more coverage.

Washable or Disposable?

Surely, the disposable ones will save you time from washing it from time to time, but washable pee pads are more cost-effective and practical. Dogs have the tendencies to shred the disposable ones - that will mean a total huge cleanup and another additional expense! And we know you wouldn't want that! Washable pee pads are durable, strongly stitched and won't be shredded by your dog.

Pee pad


Aside from being a pee pad, the one you choose should also be capable of many uses. Pee pads can also be used as pads for many purposes and this makes it really convenient - for traveling, housebreaking, crate linings, whelping pads, post surgery pads, and pads for food bowls and litter boxes (in case of spillage).

Pet Parents® pee pads utilize the best fabrics available to suck in, lock in, & prevent your fur baby from tracking their mess everywhere. They are waterproof, leakproof, & our StickyPaw™ backing grips the floor providing an anti-slip grip.