The Many Uses of Pet Parents® Pawtect™ Pads

Most pet parents know that pee pads are used to soak up and deal with a fur-baby’s pee and they think that’s it! In this article, we’ll discuss that there are actually many different and potential uses of Pet Parents® Pawtect™ Pads not to be found in other options, as these uses would not work for traditional pee pads.

Though pee pads may be referred to as potty pads, wee-wee pads, pet parents are looking for the same thing: an easy, quick, and high-quality solution to a (usually urgent) problem. Your fur-baby will be able to benefit from Pet Parents® Pawtect™ Pads in various ways.

uses of Pet Parents® Pawtect™ Pads

The Different Uses of Pet Parents® Pawtect™ Pads

For potty training and housebreaking

Pet Parents® Pawtect™ Pads are essential during your pup’s potty training and housebreaking stages. These pads are extremely helpful for:

  • New puppies at home that are still being potty trained and using the Pawtect™ Pads as their “go-to” spot when they feel like taking a break.
  • Apartment dwellers who do not have a backyard or outdoor areas where your fur-baby can do their potty businesses. Training dogs to potty on the pee pad is also great when going out is not an easy option.
  • Rescued dogs that you have welcomed into your home need these pads, too, as most are not potty trained and still getting used to their new environment. Pee pads will help them get settled in no time.
  • Senior dogs that may not always be able to make their way outside in time or have trouble doing so. You can use these pads as an additional spot if your senior dog struggles to make it outside to potty.
  • Fur-babies with health issues that prevent them from being able to successfully potty outside. These pads play a perfect role in preventing messes caused by different urinary health issues, which also help alleviate stress from messy accidents so you can focus more on your fur-baby’s health rather than the cleanup.

Our washable Pawtect™ Pads pads are waterproof, leakproof & have a StickyPaw™ backing that grips the floor, providing an anti-slip grip.

For incontinent pets

Incontinence happens when a dog loses control of his bladder or bowel. Leaks can happen anytime, whether your fur-baby is moving around or resting. One of the many uses of Pawtect™ Pads is being placed on the couch, on the dog bed, or on the floor, where incontinent messes can be prevented.

Pawtect™ Pads have a proprietary fabric blend that quickly wicks, absorbs, and holds in more liquid per square inch than other traditional pads in the market.

As a crate liner

Another one of the many uses of Pet Parents® Pawtect™ Pads is that these can be a crate lining. Whether it’s for additional comfort when your fur-baby is laying down, as a separate area in the kennel, or as an appropriate spot for your pup to go potty, these pee pads are a purr-fect option!

Tip: If you used these pee pads as a go-to spot for your dog to relieve himself in his crate, emphasize the importance of having a separate space in the crate for him to lay; no one wants to see their precious pup laying in a puddle of pee, or covered in poo. Designate a pee pad for relieving and another one for laying down or for comfort to eliminate confusion.

Our Pawtect™ Pads come in convenient packs of two, one as a relieving pad and the other one for playing down or one down where you need and another in the wash or on hand just in case! Always being able to cycle & never being left un-paw-tected.

As whelping pads

Another one of the many uses of Pawtect™ Pads is that these can also be used as a whelping box bedding. Why? Because after giving birth, your female dog will discharge lochia (the bloody, mucus-like discharge) in the following weeks. These pads can be changed out regularly and will help prevent her from soiling her litter and the whelping box, keeping them all warm, dry, and clean.

As furniture covering

Pawtect™ Pads are a great way for you to pet-proof your car or your furniture at home. The sight of your dog resting or sleeping on your couch is usually all fine and dandy - until your furniture begins to tear and dog fur is literally everywhere. So, instead of not allowing your pets to be up on the couch, on your bed, or up on the car seat, pee pads will protect your furniture from claws, muddy paws, and fur.

As a post-surgery pad

A dog’s way to recovery after surgery also involves pee pads. Pawtect™ Pads can be a bedding for your dog’s resting area because he is prone to vomiting after surgery. These pads offer a safe and comfortable place for your fur-baby to recover while preventing messes from happening in your home.

To be placed under food and water bowls

Yes, one of the many uses of Pawtect™ Pads is that it offers a solution if your fur-baby turns into a messy little creature whenever eating and drinking. The large, wide zig-zag stitch accompanied by the sturdy, straight stitches makes for one strong binding. This secure, triple-stitched binding ensures that you don't have to worry about whether or not the pad placed under the bowls gets shredded into pieces.

To be placed under litter boxes

For sure, you hate the strong odor of the litter box caused by your cat’s urine not completely “hitting” the bullseye. Pawtect™ Pads placed under litter boxes are intended to catch any “misses” while it’s odor-eliminating property removes or lightens any unpleasant smell; becoming the ultimate lifesaver.

These pads also come in handy for cats who tend to be messy when they use the litter box and end up trailing or spilling the litter. These pee pads catch the litter, and all you have to do is simply give it a shake over the garbage and throw it into the wash to freshen up the kitty litter area as these pads are washable & reusable.

uses of Pawtect™ Pads

The problem that you are trying to solve widely varies from one fur-baby to another, but with Pet Parents® Pawtect™ Pads, you are ensured that whatever concerns you’re going through, you’ll know you have finally found the solution.

Indeed, the many uses of Pawtect™ Pads can solve a wide range of problems for pet parents, for a happier and healthier life to look forward to for your pets.