The Truth About Puppy Pads

What are puppy pads

Also known as pee pads, piddle pads, potty pads, training pads, or even whelping pads, as well as a lot of other names, puppy pads are pads that are square or rectangular in form that are meant to absorb your dog’s leaks.

What are they made from

Most puppy pads are made from gauze over a blue plastic that are faced down. There are a variety of puppy pads available now in the market with different features meant to fit the needs of dogs and pet parents. Some also have adhesive tabs and odor-eliminating scents to reduce the aftermaths.

But are these worth the attention it’s getting? Do they work? Here, we have weighed in the good things and the bad things, which your dogs (and you)  can most benefit from.

The Pros

  • Comfortable for dogs
  • Make cleanups a lot easier (and faster, too!)
  • Of big help for potty training
  • A great option for dogs who have gone through an operation recently or can’t stand/go out for health reasons
  • As whelping pads for recent mothers and their furbabies

The Cons

  • Your dog may never be fully potty trained
  • It can be difficult to take the pad away and delay the training process
  • Your dog can get used to it, and think it’s okay to go in the house and pee

Regardless of the disadvantages, if you think puppy pads are the best option for your dog, your end goal is to make your dog realize that it is okay to pee in the house but only on where the puppy pad is.

Considering more about it, you can use puppy pads not only for housetraining but also when:


You can use puppy pads to protect your car seats.

Using inside crates and carriers

Puppy pads can serve as linings so as to protect any possible leaks.

It’s Raining

Not only is it helpful for housetraining and health reasons, you can also make use of puppy pads to dry wet paws after a walk or playtime in the rain.

Whelping Pads

After birth the mom and babies need a cozy and clean place to lay. Lining the floor/whelping box with a premium washable puppy pad can help keep the babies warm and clean.

There may be a lot of puppy pads available in the market today but not all of them are created equal. Pet Parents® premium washable dog pee pads packs in the fluids, whether a great dane or chihuahua, we've got you covered. Our WickQuick™ proprietary fabric blend quickly wicks & holds more liquids per square inch than the other options on the market.

Our pee pads also utilize the best fabrics available to suck in, lock in, & prevent your fur baby from tracking their mess everywhere. They are waterproof, leakproof, & our StickyPaw™ backing grips the floor providing an anti-slip grip. 

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