The Great Debate: Washable vs Disposable Cat Diapers


As much as we as pet parents grow old, our cats unfortunately do, too. And even with the best care and nutrition we give our kitties, arthritis sets in, circulation slows down, grooming becomes a chore, litter box accidents increase and cat diapers becomes an option--but the good news is (whew, I know you were panicking), there are products out there that give our cats a better quality of life as well as lessen our struggles.

Just like diapers for human babies, diapers for cats come in different sizes as well as in disposable and washable varieties. But the big debate is to whether choose the disposable or the washable one. Here, we have made it easy for you and have weighed out the ups and downs of both.


Do cat diapers work? Like baby diapers, disposable cat diapers are to be used once and then discarded. They have absorbent padding built right into the diaper and do not require an extra pad.

Most disposable diapers will be sized by the weight of your cat and have elastic gathering around the legs and tail. There will also be adjustable tabs, and better-quality brands will offer tabs that don’t pull on your cat’s fur.

The biggest pro of disposable diapers is that you don’t have to mess with any… well, mess. Simply take the soiled diaper off your cat and toss it into the trash. While convenient, using disposable cat diapers can be very pricey. Many are sold in packs of ten and those packs can range in price from $12 to $16.

Some cat owners find that disposable baby diapers are more absorbent and also cost less. While these diapers can be used on your cat, you will need to make some adjustments so they fit your cat properly. Note that this may take some trial and error before you get the perfect fit.


    To those cat owners on a budget, there are cheap cat diapers in the market. But those who are also environmentally-conscious will mostly be interested in using washable cat diapers. While this style of diaper may cost more initially, they are a much better value long-term. Washable cat diapers are also more comfortable for cats as they are typically made from stretchable, breathable fabric.


    Cat Diapers

    Of the two, washable diapers is the (obvious) greater option. Wearing one will take some time getting used to but to be able to increase your cat's comfort and acceptance, consider getting one that's easy to secure and won't stick to your cat's fur. And Pet Parents® selection of cat diapers for sale is just that.

    Our washable cat diapers have no "crinkly" or uncomfortable texture that causes many cats to dislike the wearing diapers. They go with fur-safe adjustable hook and loop fasteners that are quick and easy to put on. They're also available in colors that will look stylish, modern and pretty on your kitty.

    If you have any questions about sizing your cat to ensure the perfect fit, get in touch with us. We love helping people and pets find solutions that make their lives easier and more comfortable.

    Some Final Cat Diaper Tips

    Diapering your cat and caring for them properly is definitely a labor of love. Patience and compassion are required for sure. But once you get the hang of it, you and your precious fur baby can hopefully have many happy years together.