Fun Fall Activities to Stretch Your Pet's Legs

Updated: April 27, 2022

The leaves are falling! And this means only one thing: Fall is here!

Who doesn’t love fall? It’s safe to say that we all do, including our dogs. The weather is beginning to cool down, which makes it perfect to go outdoors without being too hot - which means longer walks!

Fall offers a lot of activities you and your furbaby can do only during this season. To make your fall as exciting and memorable, we’ve come up with a list of fun fall activities to help stretch your pet’s legs and help them warm-up for the holidays ahead.


Fun Fall Activities to Stretch Your Pet's Legs

Take a trip to the apple orchard

Apples become ripe just in time for the fall season and are ready for picking! This is the best time to visit your local or nearby apple orchard together with your furbaby and enjoy the cool, fresh air. Many apple orchards allow dogs but always check first before you go.

Know what’s even more amazing? Apples are good and safe for dogs! Your furbaby can enjoy some slices of apple. Apples actually help clean your dog’s teeth and improve their breath. According to The American Kennel Club, apples are an exceptional source of vitamins A & C and fiber, too! Apples do not contain that much protein and fat, making them an excellent snack for dogs in their senior years.

Note: Before giving apple slices to your furbaby, make sure to remove the seeds from the core as these can be harmful to your dog. Aside from choking risks and gastrointestinal obstructions, apple seeds contain a small amount of cyanide which is released when they're broken or chewed and can be toxic.

Go trick-or-treating

Fall means Halloween! And Halloween is a time where you can have your furbaby wear a costume and go around the neighborhood to go trick-or-treating. Just don’t put too much pressure on your dog when dressing them up. Always make your furbaby’s comfiness and safety the top priority. Don’t forget to have them wear Pet Parents® Washable Dog Diapers or Pet Parents® Washable Belly Bands that will not only prevent any messy cleanups & accidents from taking place throughout the night but will also go well with your furbaby’s costume.

Aside from diapers and belly bands, don’t forget to give your dog Pet Parents® Calming SoftSupps®.

"With the proper nourishment and a brief but engaging walk regularly, your furbaby can avoid being underweight or obese and get to a healthy weight before Thanksgiving in no time."

These supplements are great in helping your dog remain relaxed whenever they are faced with taxing, stressful, or spooky situations. Pet Parents® Calming SoftSupps® are made with Suntheanine®, a branded ingredient, that betters your dog’s focus & attentiveness, and with Valerian Root that contains mild sedative effects to soothe and help control anxiety.

Pick and eat some pumpkin

We’ll let you in on something – aside from apples, fall is the time for pumpkins, too! Have yourself some pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffin, or puree. Of course, your furbaby can have a fair share of the pumpkins from your pumpkin patch, too, as pumpkins are considered to be superfoods for dogs.

As mentioned by The Bark, pumpkins are low in sodium and remarkably high in antioxidants like beta-carotene, potassium, carotenoids, B-complex vitamins, and Vitamin C. Pumpkins are also high in fiber which makes these superfoods a great help in easing constipation and diarrhea in dogs. We’ll let you in on something awesome: All of our Pet Parents® SoftSupps® contain pumpkin, which makes it easier for your furbaby to take it in as it just seems like a treat!

Attend a tailgating party

Fall is also football season and bringing your dog to a tailgating party totally makes sense because they might be the only one who actually has a real tail. Kidding aside, your furbaby will definitely love being out with you and your best human friends.

Don’t forget to have them wear Pet Parents® Washable Dog Diapers to save you the trouble of messy cleanups in a dog-friendly stadium or on a college campus. Also, pack the essentials like water, Gnawtlers® (just in case your dog gets bored), your furbaby’s favorite lounge chair, and some balls to engage your dog in some athletic activities.

Start a new routine

The fall season can actually be the beginning to work on your dog’s health. As stated by Hill’s Pet, fall is a cooler and more comfortable season than summer, so it's the ideal time to begin a brand-new exercise habit or routine.

With the proper nourishment and a brief but engaging walk regularly, your furbaby can avoid being underweight or obese and get to a healthy weight before Thanksgiving in no time. Just because we always seem to gain some pounds during the holidays doesn’t mean it’s okay for our dogs to do the same.

Maybe the brand-new exercise routine you’ll come up for your dog might be what you need to keep a healthy weight, too. We’ll never know!

Go on a hike

It may be beautiful to look at the changing colors of the leaves, but your furbaby’s limited sight for the different range of colors may not really enjoy this. But they’ll still be able to enjoy how appealing fall is through the crisp air, all sorts of new smells, and the peace & quiet when both of you go on a nature hike.

Before going out and venturing into nature, make sure you take all necessary actions to protect your furbaby from ticks and fleas.

Go on an advance holiday vacation

Most people go on holiday in winter, but why not in fall? The fall season is probably the best time to take that much-needed break so you’ll be back warmed-up for the holiday hustle and bustle.

Book a dog-friendly hotel for your furbaby and your whole family so that nobody gets left behind at home. Traveling with your furbaby is a whole new level of holiday adventure if you:

Have some backyard fun

If going to places is too much for you, you and your furbaby can still stretch your legs and enjoy fall in your own backyard! Involve your furbaby when doing your yard work. Let your dog romp and play around with the leaves with you. Allow them to plunge into piled leaves, chase leaves blown by the wind, and watch them do these things on repeat.

Teach some new tricks and commands

The fall season will not all be sunny. There are days, too, where it will be rainy or super windy. Your safety and your dog’s must always be your priority so it’s best to stay indoors during these days. To help stretch your pet’s legs even when at home, come up with fun dog games you can do together.

Play nose games where your dog will find the treats you’ve hidden all around your house, make them work for their food, teach them new tricks and commands - there are actually so many you can do!

"Don’t forget to have them wear Pet Parents® Washable Dog Diapers to save you the trouble of messy cleanups in a dog-friendly stadium or on a college campus."

With all the fun fall activities we’ve thought of, it goes to show that fall is the best season you can get active with your dog, stretch your legs, and create wonderful memories together.