Signs of a Healthy Dog

Updated: February 27, 2024

Being dedicated pet parents also has its own downsides sometimes. In what way? We overthink too much in every little quirk our dogs show us. And since our fur-babies can't directly tell us what's up with them, our minds wander on whether they're healthy or not. But the good news is, there are signs to look out for to know that your fur baby is thriving!

Here are signs of a healthy dog.

Signs of a Healthy Dog

Healthy mouth, fresh breath

A healthy mouth and a fresh breath is one of the key indicators of a healthy pet. The mouth is a gateway to your fur-babies health and the absent of foul smell and tartar buildup are good signs.

If your dog has oral diseases and is left untreated, then it can lead to severe health issues as it will eventually spread to different organs in your dog's body.

Regular peeing and pooping

Healthy and regular peeing and pooping without the presence of blood, worms, discoloration, mucus, is a sign of a healthy gut and urinary system and one of the signs of a healthy dog. Changes in the pee or poop can be caused by many things - stress, diet, parasites, infections, ingestion of harmful substances/items, underlying health conditions. If you notice any worrisome changes in your fur baby's peeing and pooping, a visit to your vet is highly advisable for further testing and proper diagnosis.

Shiny coat, healthy skin

One of the signs of a healthy dog is a fabulous skin and coat health. This is because of the natural oils your dog produces and the shedding that keeps the coat and skin shiny.

If you notice your dog constantly scratching, licking, rubbing or chewing areas of his body, it can be a possible sign that your dog's skin is irritated. Causes can range from ticks and flea bites, food allergy, allergy from contact with harmful substances, or a symptom of an underlying health concern.

Alive, alert, enthusiastic

A healthy dog is an interested and curious dog. He is eager in doing anything, from jumping right at you after a long day at work to playing and doing things with interest. If your dog chooses to spend time alone, sleeps a lot more than he usually does, begins to lose interest in things and activities he used to love, it could be a sign that there is something wrong with your fur-baby.

"A healthy mouth and a fresh breath is one of the key indicators of a healthy pet."

Physically fit

A fatty fat dog may be cute and adorable to cuddle with but canine obesity is something you should be worried about. Those excess weight and excess fats in your fur-baby eventually lead to breathing difficulty, diabetes, heart problems, joint diseases, and worse, even cancer. This is why an obese dog or a dog that's too thin (with the rib cage already showing) is not healthy. Your dog should be lean and just be the right weight for his age and his breed. Control whatever you're giving your dogs. Also practice taking your dog to regular walks, exercises and give him enough playtimes to help him lose those noticeable unwanted gains.

What to do?

The following mentioned above are the top tell-tale signs that your fur-baby is a healthy dog. But of course, as a pet parent, we have to do our parts in making sure these signs of a healthy dog remains.

  • Provide a healthy, balanced and controlled diet consisting of protein, whole foods, fiber, etc.
  • Take regular trips to the vet. Seeing your vet twice every three months is good. But take the trip immediately whenever you see any worrisome changes in your dog.
  • Provide a healthy environment for your fur-baby. Not only does a dog need to be physically healthy but also emotionally. Spend more time with your fur-baby, do activities together like hiking or swimming, avoid things that trigger stress in your dog and maintain a healthy relationship.
  • Provide supplements that will help boost and strengthen his nutrition. There are many dog supplements available in the market today but only a few are of high quality, trusted and effective. Pet Parents® Dog Supplements are clinically proven and have absolutely no fillers, such as rice & oats. These dog supplements are manufactured to have more active ingredients than other leading dog supplements, helping ensure that it is able to provide the best value to support your dog's health.

Knowing your dog is healthy is a sign that you've been a great pet parent and is probably one of the milestones on the way to a healthier and happier life for you and your dog.

"Not only does a dog need to be physically healthy but also emotionally."