The Right Antler Chew for your Dog's Chewnality

Updated: July 12, 2022

Whether your dog is still a puppy or a growing adult, your fur-baby is going to chew, chew, AND chew! Puppies chew because their teeth are growing and adult dogs chew to strengthen their chewing muscles, to keep their brain engaged, and their teeth clean.

"Taking for granted your responsibility to provide them safe dog chews will result in your dog to chew on inappropriate (and unsafe!) things."

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Chewing is good for your dog - physically and mentally! However, it is extremely important to make sure that what they're chewing on is SAFE.

Taking for granted your responsibility to provide them safe dog chews will result in your dog to chew on inappropriate (and unsafe!) things, like the legs of your table, your new shoes, the cushion of your sofa bed, and who knows what else. So instead of having to face this dilemma, you can simply make sure they are given the appropriate dog chews.

There are a lot of dog antler chews available today. But before being persuaded with deceiving marketing, we need to know which ones are the right choices, which ones are okay and which ones are definitely a big no-no!

In this article, we’ll help you identify what your dog's chewing personality is and identify which type of dog antler chew is right just for them. We’ll look at the best antler chews for puppies, adults, and senior dogs. We’ll also give tips on how to find the right antler chews for your dog.

Why do Dogs Chew?

Aside from the natural instincts of dogs to chew, they may also chew because of:

  • Separation anxiety. When they are left alone at home or you are out of their sight, they chew when they are anxious.
  • Boredom. Chewing becomes your fur-baby's past time whenever they are bored.
  • Curiosity. Dogs are curious creatures and they love to try everything out!
  • Relaxation. Your dog may chew because it helps calm themselves down.

why do dogs chew?

Knowing Your Dog’s Chew Personality

Personality 1: Aggressive Chewers. Is your dog able to bite large chunks of dog chews and can devour them amazingly fast? These are called aggressive chewers. These dogs are able to consume chews fast and chew on anything and everything!

Personality 2: Selective Chewers. Is your dog sometimes very interested in chewing, but not what you would call a super chewer? These are called selective chewers. They enjoy some chews and ignore other chews.

Personality 3: Nibblers. Does your dog love to take their time chewing? Like there's a lot of tomorrows! These are nibblers who chew on slowly, take their time, and generally do not destroy their chews.

The Right Antler Chews for Dogs

The following are the most common types of antler chews you will find in the market:

Moose Antler Dog Chews. Of all the different kinds of antler dog chews, moose antler chews are known to have the most marrow content, but they are also one of the softest and can splinter or break easily. Moose antler dog chews are not recommended, especially for aggressive chewers.

Deer Antler Dog Chews. High-quality deer antler dog chews are safe for your dogs to chew. They are very unlikely to split and leave sharp edges. Deer antlers stay supple, don’t dry out, splinter, or become brittle so easily. They require time, patience, and effort for your dog to be able to break them down making them long-lasting chews.

Elk Antler Dog Chews. Elk antlers for dogs are the most popular chews in the market as these chews are suitable for splitting, which makes it good for dogs in their senior years, dogs with sensitive teeth, and dogs with dental problems. Elk antler dog chews are slightly softer than deer antlers and better for growing or sensitive teeth.

Pet Parents® offer Gnawtlers® that are whole deer antler chews and whole & split elk antler chews to suit your fur-baby's chewing needs, all while keeping them safe and healthy.

The Pet Parents® Gnawtlers®

Split Elk Gnawtlers® are split elk antler chews, which means the marrow content of the chew is already exposed, making it easier for your dog to chew and enjoy the good stuff. These are the best choice if your dog is a nibbler. Split Elk Gnawtlers® are the best antler chews for puppies, senior dogs, dogs with sensitive teeth, dogs with dental issues, and the first-time antler chews users.

Whole Elk Gnawtlers® are best if your fur-baby is the average chewer or selective chewer. These elk antlers for dogs are soft but durable enough to satisfy your dog’s chewing personality. These elk antlers for dogs are harder than split elk antlers, but not as hard as deer antlers.

Whole Deer Gnawtlers® are the hardest among all Pet Parents® Gnawtlers®. If your fur-baby is an aggressive chewer who seems to destroy everything with ease, then whole deer Gnawtlers™ are for them!

Note: To determine which Pet Parents® Gnawtlers® is best and safest for your dog, it is a must to know what kind of chewer your fur-baby is.

Deer antler dog chew vs. elk antler dog chew

What Makes Gnawtlers® a Great Choice?

Pet Parents® Gnawtlers® stand out from the rest of the many options in the market as these are:

Safer. The common rubber, stuffed, and rope chews you find in stores are either very hard, will easily break your dog’s teeth, or splinter so easily and can cause choking and GI hazards in your fur-baby.

Just the right size. Pet Parents® Gnawtlers® are available in various sizes that will cater whether you have a Chihuahua or a Rotty. According to Preventive Vet, chews should not be so small that your dog could choke on it, nor of a shape that they could get their tongue or muzzle stuck in it. It also shouldn’t be too big for them that they could strain or otherwise injure their jaw working on it

Long-lasting dog chews. Other dog chews simply won’t last a week. The great thing about Pet Parents® Gnawtlers® is that they are long lasting dog chews that give your dog a longer gnawing experience. Plus, since they are long lasting dog chews, they will save you money, too!

Odorless. Unlike the other chews that has smell, Pet Parents® Gnawtlers® are dog chews that are completely odorless and do not stain your carpets and floor. They are also all-natural and are made with no added fragrances and flavoring.

Made with great nutritional value. It is our goal as pet parents to keep dogs entertained and healthy at the same time. Pet Parents® Gnawtlers® are natural chews and have no artificial ingredients added that can cause digestive upset.

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"Pet Parents® offer Gnawtlers® that are whole deer antler chews and whole & split elk antler chews to suit your fur-baby's chewing needs, all while keeping them safe and healthy."

At Pet Parents®, we love animals, not just the ones in our homes. Because of this our antlers only come from antlers that have naturally fallen from elk and deer. Whether you need to find the right antler chews for puppies, adult active chewers, or senior dogs, there are Gnawtlers® to fit. Deer and elk antlers for dogs are nature's natural dog bones and the perfect bone marrow dog treats for years to come!