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Extra Bit For Cat & Dog Diapers & Dog Belly Bands
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Our Extendrs® are made of the same high quality, waterproof materials as our washable dog diapers and belly bands. They were created to help extend the sizing of our current diapers and bands so that a more true fit could be possible for your furbaby. Our Extendrs® are purrfect for those pets that are caught between two sizes of diapers or bands. With our washable, waterproof, durable materials and easily adjustable features, we recommend Extendrs® for any pet that needs a better fitting diaper or band!


Perfect for:

  • Extending a Diaper/Band
  • Preventing Sizing Issues
  • Better Fit for Diapers/Bands
  • Preventing Leaking with
    Optimized Sizing
  • Accent Pieces

Extendrs® Sizing Chart

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Special Features


Our hook & loop system helps support many dog body types while providing a leak proof, comfy fit. Because we are using our durable, fur-safe hook and loop fasteners, our fasteners do not need to be completely covered in order to work effectively. If you are looking to hide the excess fasteners, check out our Covrs®

Elastic Snug Leakproof Fit

The elastic leakproof fit allows for 1-8 inches of stretch. Which helps our product have a snug & leakproof fit on your furbaby while moving perfectly with the their body.

No Leaks

Our leak-proof, water-proof shell makes sure messes stay inside the diaper or band.

Add some flare to your pet's diaper

Our Diapers Extendrs® come in packs of 5 or 10 so that you can either match any of our dog diapers and belly bands, or add some extra style to your pet's look with a pop of color!


Just like the diapers and belly bands they help, Extendrs® are made from the same 100% washable materials.