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Washable Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

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Meet your furbaby's new favorite travel bowl and interactive eating experience! Forager® Bowls are designed with travel in mind, cinching to easily pack away for a long adventure. Forager® Bowl can also be used for mental enrichment, using the cinching feature to open or close the bowl for different levels of difficulty. Designed with comfort in mind, Forager® Bowl was made with our proprietary SoftSnout® Material, the softest material available for slow feeders, so whether your furbaby uses Forager® Bowl once a year or every day, it will not irritate noses, gums, or tongues. Our proprietary anti-slide backing was designed to hug the floor to provide a slide-resistant experience to withstand the strongest of noses while foraging! Use Forager® Bowl as a travel bowl, mental enrichment toy, or interactive eating experience to encourage slower eating habits, increase feeding motivation, and provide mental stimulation for your furbaby!

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Perfect for:

  • All Life Stages
  • Slow-Feeding
  • Calming & Anti-Anxiety
  • Brain Engagement
  • Travel
  • Mental Stimulation
  • Encouraging Natural Foraging Instincts
  • Supplementing Exercise
  • Feeding Motivation

    And More!

Special Features

They Were Meant To Forage.™

From wolves in the wild to dogs at home, sniffing & foraging is innate. 15 minutes of foraging can burn as much energy as a 1hr walk. They need mental stimulation, they were meant to forage.

Forager® Bowl - The Slow Feeding Snuffle Bowl

The mental stimulation of a snuffle mat, with the additional health benefits of slow feeding, Forager® does them both in one compact food bowl replacer.


Proprietary non-abrasive, non-irritating, softest but functional material to keep furbaby noses, gums, & tongues safe while foraging.

On-The-Go Meals

A simple way to slow feed, prevent bloat, & stimulate their brain while on the go. Lay flat, feed, cinch up, carry, store, or travel.

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Scent, Sight, & Touch Stimulation

The changing landscape of Forager® Bowls & Mats stimulates most of their senses & rewards them with a tummy full of food or treats.

Washable Slow Feeder Bowl

Washable fabric so slobbery messes are easily cleaned and aren't a plastic or rubber breeding ground for bacteria and mold.


Seriously, we know how easy it is for pups to get distracted, so when Forager® is in use, the drawstring used to cinch Forager® Bowls secures in a side pocket to prevent distractions, chewing, or potential choking hazards, creating a safer foraging environment.

Sit, stay, forage.

Our specially designed anti-slide backing hugs the floor to provide a slide-resistant foraging experience, and triple-stitched durability for even the most enthusiastic of eaters.

For Every Need

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