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Your Female Cat & When to Breed Her

Updated: April 22, 2022

The act of mating your cat begins when your female cat (a queen) starts to flirt with a male cat (a tom). To attract male cats nearby, your female cat will start vocalizing (increased meowing) and will use body movements.

Your female cat & when to breed her

When are cats ready to breed? So much like us, you will notice that your cat can be choosy, too, in selecting who they want to mate with and when (Ladies, I know you know what I'm talking about!).

Kidding aside, your cat will go through many stages of flirting to attract male cats and this will happen when your cat is ready to mate.

"Your cat will go through many stages of flirting to attract male cats and this will happen when your cat is ready to mate."

Stage 1

Proestrus (1 to 2 days): On this stage, you will notice that your female cat makes it a habit to rub her neck and head on anything. Her appetite will increase, she will become restless and will continue to attract more toms but will have to pass anything beyond that (what a tease!). You will also experience changes in her behavior like beginning to urine mark in your house.

Stage 2

Estrus (4 to 6 days): This is what we commonly call the heat cycle. More loud meowing will happen to attract even more toms. Your cat will also begin to show off/expose her vulva, preparing for mating.

Stage 3

Interestrus (7 to 14 days): Did your cat decide to have any intercourse the past days? If she didn't, the cycle will start again after the Interestrus stage. At this stage, your cat will probably won't want to mate anymore.

Stage 4

Anestrus (90 days)This phase is expected to occur from November to January (winter). During this time, your female cat will not go through any “heats.” She will not be attracted to any toms and vice versa.

how soon can a cat get pregnant again, breed your queen

When will my cat go in heat?

Every cat is different. But the average is that your cat may have her first heat in as early as four months. As soon as your cat experiences her first heat, she can get pregnant. If she's in heat and you keep her indoors, your cat may find all possible ways to be able to go outside.

The chances of your cat being injured or lost, or the risk of her getting pregnant at a very young age is high. It will not be suitable for her to get pregnant at a young age though - her body is not yet mature enough for pregnancy and there will be a big possibility that she'll reject her kitties.

What do I do so my cat does not get pregnant?

In order to avoid surprise kittens you must know how to prevent cats from mating. A cat in heat is hard work and can be very stressful for the both of you. Calming a cat in heat is very difficult. If you decide not to breed her and she’s not able to mate, she will go through a heat cycle over and over again until she gets pregnant. She will lose weight, will experience over-grooming and will probably develop behavioral issues.

On the other hand, even if you decide to breed her, it’s still not good to breed her every time she’s in heat! This is why it’s very important to know the best ways you can choose from to prevent your cat from getting pregnant at the wrong time.

Cat diapers. Yes, cat diapers are a thing! Using cat diapers can be one of the simplest things you can do to prevent your cat from mating and becoming pregnant. It will take some getting used to but since it's breathable, your cat will feel comfortable by then. And since washable cat diapers are long-term, you don't have to purchase again once your cat is in heat again. Plus, you can also use this when your cat experiences changes in behavior while on her heat (like urine spraying).

Spay. Spaying is an operation that removes your cat's reproductive organ. If your cat undergoes spaying, she will no longer get pregnant. Aside from that, your cats hormonal activity will also be calmed down and lessens the risk of diseases. Spaying your cat is the most effective way to prevent breeding and cut off the cat mating process entirely.

Opt for induced ovulation or hormonal therapy. You can also choose to have your cat's reproductive organ in a trusted vet clinic. You can also choose to tell your vet to stop the heat cycle of your cat by using hormonal drugs.

You know your cat well and you know which is est suitable for you and your cat. Whatever method you choose might be the best for your cat, because as pet parents, we only want our cats to have a happy and high-quality life as much as possible.

"Using cat diapers can be one of the simplest things you can do to prevent your cat from being pregnant."

We’d love to help you help your fur baby, so get in touch with us today!