National Pet Week

Updated: May 15, 2024

National pet week

National Pet Week® is always celebrated in the first week of May. The American Veterinary Medical Association together with the Auxiliary to the AVMA aimed to observe the National Pet Week® to celebrate America's pets that gives color to our lives and to encourage responsible pet parenthood everyday for a lifetime of love.

Whether your pet is your best friend, confidant, protector, or companion, our pets are always there for us no matter what. National Pet Week® acknowledges the bond you have with your pet and encourages you to be certain you provide them well for a happy and healthy life.

Here are ways on how you can show love to your pet this National Pet Week®:


Socializing your pets with other animals and people will make him feel secure about his environment. A well-socialized pet has a better temperament and is calmer compared to pets who are not and this will help your pet enjoy an array of activities, interactions and adventures!

Provide a healthy, balanced diet.

A pet provided with a healthy and balanced diet is a healthy pet. Pets need this to keep them healthy, strong, and happy. Your pet needs the sufficient amount of protein, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats and water. It is also advisable to provide your pet with complementary supplements like probiotics, prebiotics, and supplements for the hips & joints, skin & coat, bladder, digestive system, etc.

Always monitor your pet's heath conditions so you'll know what he needs most in his diet.

Exercise the body and the mind.

Our pets also need to exercise to be able to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, a healthy weight, strengthened joints, and an active mind. Exercising together with your pet can help develop and deepen your bond together. But before involving yourselves in exercise, make sure your exercise program is approved by your veterinarian and is suitable for your dog's breed, lifestyle, age and health.

See your vet if you love your pet.

Even if your pet seems okay and healthy, schedule regular checkups with your vet once every six months. This is a great way of keeping your pet's vaccines and deworming updated. Regular vet visits also need regular wellness exams to see if your pet has any hidden health problems. Prevention is better than cure that's why these checkups are your best bets in improving your pet's health for a longer and happier life.

Manage the population.

Population control is a must if you do not want unwanted and unplanned pregnancies that lowers the bred standards.

National Pet Week

As pet parents, we have a big role in managing overpopulation. There are a lot of ways you can put this into action - there is spaying, neutering and some non-surgical procedures like containment or having your pet wear dog diapers when in heat to avoid penetration.

Consult your vet about your decision and know the risks and benefits of your choices.


Keep the first aid kit handy.

As a pet parent, it is our responsibility to put together and understand how to make a pet first aid kit to be able to avoid panic in any medical emergencies. Must haves in your first aid kit include bandages or strips of clean cloth, scissors, digital thermometer, sterile saline wash, water, medicines (in your pet is under any maintenance or prescription), diphenhydramine (an antihistamine that can be used for allergic reactions), styptic powder (stops bleeding in minor cuts), sugar tablets (can help with pets with low blood sugar)

May be some supplements such as allergy, calming or multi-vitamin (in case your pet starts to feel unwell), treats, updated contacts of your veterinarian and an updated health card of your pet.

However you choose to celebrate National Pet Week®, your pet deserves extra love and care not only this week but for the rest of the years ahead. Your best friend will stay with you for the rest of his life; doesn’t he deserve it?

"Even if your pet seems okay and healthy, schedule regular checkups with your vet once every six months. This is a great way of keeping your pet's vaccines and deworming updated."