What Are Pet Parents® Washable Covrs®?

Updated: July 06, 2022

Is there any unwanted fur or fuzz sticking to your fur-baby’s diaper or belly band? Do blankets, sweaters, and rugs that your fur-baby lays down on constantly stick to them, too?

We at Pet Parents® have thought so hard of a solution for these issues and came up with our new Washable Covrs®. Covrs® will not only prevent unwanted things from sticking to exposed velcro of your dog diapers, dog belly bands, and cat diapers but will also extend the serviceable life of these products.

"Pet Parents® Washable Covrs® are a must-have for every pet parent as these are not just pet accessories. These are lifesavers."

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How Covrs® Work

Pet Parents® Washable Covrs® are covers for your favorite Pet Parents® products. Covrs® are made with the exact same materials as our Pet Parents® washable diapers and belly bands.

Covrs® main function is to bridge the gap of any exposed velcro on your diaper or belly band. These also help create a seamless look without having to compromise fit and comfort for your fur-baby. Covrs® are available in a variety of sizes and colors, too!

There are 5 colors available in one pack, and you can mix and match. For diapers, there’s purple, pink, black, gray, and tan. For belly bands, there’s green, blue, black, gray, and tan.

Additionally, Covrs® are:

  • made from non-abrasive WickQuick® proprietary fabric that absorbs moisture fast
  • made with loop fasteners and adjustable hooks
  • made rectangular at exactly 1 inch from seam to seam, to help you customize any of your diaper or band needs for any length
  • very easy to customize to your furbaby because there is a portion of the Covrs® fabric you can actually cut and still have neat, no-fray seams and edges

What makes Covrs® a must-have for pet parents?

Covrs® were made for pets and pet parents for a couple of awesome reasons, mainly to:

Cover excess or exposed velcro of diapers and belly bands. Diapers and belly bands look good on your fur-baby until they stick out due to the blinding white velcro being exposed. Pet Parents® designed these washable diapers and belly bands with the flexibility that the velcro does not need to be covered in order to function properly. However, if you don’t like the look of the velcro showing, this problem can be fixed by our Covrs®.

Covrs® make great accent pieces. Some pet parents are willing to go the extra mile when it comes to styling and dressing up their fur-babies, particularly on special occasions like Halloween, holidays, and themed-birthday parties organized by fellow pet parents. Covrs® are available in many colors, making it a great accessory that you can mix and match to have it go well with your fur-baby’s costume!

Is your kitty dressing up as a princess on Halloween? You can pair our pink cat diapers with purple Covrs®. Is your pup dressing up this Christmas? You can pair our green belly bands and grey Covrs® together. The creative styling options for your fur-babies are just endless!

Prevent unwanted sticking of fur, fuzz, dust, and some random items. We know how most fur-babies love curling in on their blankets, while others love to lay down on any soft cloth, like that of a sweater or a rug. With exposed velcro from diapers and belly bands, there is a big possibility for these blankets, sweaters, and rugs to stick to them and getting dragged around. If your fur-baby lives with other fur-babies at home, they may even get caught with each other, too. No pet parent wants that! Covrs® is the ultimate solution for this and will save you the trouble of having to detach whatever gets stuck on the velcros.

Promote purrfect cuddling. Exposed velcro from your fur-baby’s diapers and belly bands may get caught on your couch, bed, or on your favorite shirt and ruin it. Exposed also makes it super uncomfortable to cuddle with your fur-baby as these can feel sharp and rough. Covrs® prevent these mishaps from happening, promoting better cuddling sessions with your fur-baby as you know your belongings and clothing are safe from any piling!

Protect other Pet Parents® products. Covrs® do not only protect your fur-baby and your belongings, but also protect the diapers and belly bands for longer product life expectancy. Covrs® extend other Pet Parents® products’ lifetime as it maintains the durability and quality of our velcro by preventing it from getting caught or catching on any debris, fabrics, surfaces, fur, and fuzz. This way, you and your fur-baby can enjoy Pet Parents® diapers and belly bands even longer, making great investments!

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"Covrs® do not only protect your fur-baby and your belongings but also protect diapers and belly bands for longer product life expectancy."

Pet Parents® Washable Covrs® are a must-have for every pet parent as these are not just pet accessories. These are lifesavers that cover excess velcro, prevent unwanted sticking, promote the purrfect cuddles, make great accent pieces, and help extend the lifetime of our Pet Parents® washable diapers and belly bands - all for a happier and healthier life for you and your fur-baby!