Dog Diapers for Poop: Do They Work?

It is common knowledge that most pet parents use dog diapers for their fur-baby’s pee and be able to prevent urinary accidents. But how about fecal accidents? Do dog diapers for poop work, too? In this article, we'll give you more information about this!

Fecal accidents in dogs

Urinary accidents are more common than fecal accidents in dogs but the latter’s clean up can be more difficult as your dog’s poop can differ in texture (hard stools versus wet ones), smell, etc.

Also, compared to urinary accidents where you just have to soak it up with some cloth and apply an enzyme cleaner, fecal accidents require you to pick up or scoop after your fur-baby’s dog stool, to dispose it properly, and apply an enzyme cleaner to the area. Some pet parents find it too much of a trouble and are completely grossed out!

If only there is something that can prevent fecal accidents... like dog diapers. Like dog diapers! Yes!

Dog diapers for poop

Not many may know but dog diapers actually work for poop! Though most healthy dogs find it awkward to pass stools while wearing diapers, diapers are still able to contain poop if ever your dog poops.

Dog diapers, like Pet Parents® Washable Dog Diapers, have sewn-in pads that can keep in both fecal and urinary messes. These diapers also have elastic tail-holes that accommodate to your fur-baby, allowing a good stretch but not enough for leaks. Plus they are washable and come in packs of three! You can have one being worn by your dog, one in the wash, and one on hand, just in case!

Who needs dog diapers for poop the most?

Dog diapers for poop are needed most by dogs who are:

  • new to potty training
  • suffering from fecal incontinence (according to the American Kennel Club, elderly dogs, even those that have never had accidents in the house, may lose control of some bodily functions, like urination and defecation)
  • suffering from gastrointestinal problems
  • paralyzed or have some mobility issues
  • whelping (to help them prevent soiling the litter box and their pups)
  • traveling
  • and a lot more!

Making dog diapers more functional

For the dog diapers to work well for your dog and be able to contain poop properly, there are a few things you need to consider and do to make it more functional.

First, your diaper should be able to fit your fur-baby well. Do not guess your dog's diaper size. Measure your dog's waist in front of their back legs. If your dog is in between sizes, factor in their weight; i.e. a heavier dog, go up a size, a skinnier dog, go down a size. A diaper that’s too big for your dog will fall off and a diaper that’s too small will not fit and will limit your dog’s ability to move freely.

Also, your chosen dog diaper should also be made from premium materials to make it last. The cost can be a big concern for some pet parents but washable diapers are great investments as it can last for many years even when being used daily.

Pawtect® Pads go hand in hand with dog diapers for that extra leak protection. These have large, wide zig-zag stitches accompanied by the sturdy, straight stitches that make for one strong binding. This secure, triple-stitched binding ensures that you don't have to worry about whether or not your pee pad is going to successfully prevent a mess without falling apart.

So, do dog diapers work for poop? Yes, they do!