How Bladder Supplements & Dog Diapers Work Well Together

How can bladder supplements & dog diapers work together? Some of a pet parent's most common dilemmas are issues and problems concerning their fur-baby's bladder health and peeing.

bladder supplements & dog diapers

Bladder and peeing concerns in dogs are common and can vary from moderate to critical cases if not given medical attention immediately. Pet parents are always looking for ways for how to deal with the never-ending worry and messy cleanups (sigh!).

Luckily, there are bladder supplements & dog diapers from Pet Parents® that work well together - an absolutely paw-fect solution for bladder and peeing problems!


Most pet parents turn to supplements as they want to give their fur babies optimum bladder health and nutrition that can’t be provided by diet alone. As there are wide selections of supplements available today, Pet Parents® Supplements for Bladder and Kidney Support are simply one of the best. Why? Read on.

Who needs it?

Pet Parents® Supplements for Bladder and Kidney Support are needed by dogs who experience the following: 

Urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence in dogs is when a dog loses control of his bladder and can no longer control when and when not to urinate. This medical condition is primarily caused by hormonal imbalance, prostate disorders, congenital abnormalities, and certain medications. This can begin with just small urine leaks but if not given attention immediately, it will occasionally worsen.

Urinary Tract Infection. When your dog has a urinary tract infection (UTI), he will be having a hard time urinating and may have blood in his urine. And because the infection irritates his organ, it increases your dog’s need to urinate.

Bladder stones. Some dog breeds are prone to developing kidney or bladder stones. The common cause is a high level of calcium. When your dog has bladder stones, he will strain to urinate, excessively lick his urinary opening and will even cry in pain when urinating.

Kidney infection. This happens when your dog is constantly exposed to toxins and infections that cause the kidney to not be able to function well. A dog that has kidney dysfunction will drink too much and will urinate more than usual.

Pyometra. Though not directly a problem of the urinary system of your fur-baby, pyometra is an infection of the uterus. Female dogs who have pyometra will urinate more frequently than usual and will have blood-tinged pus discharge coming out of her vulva.

Note: There are still a lot of bladder problems and health problems that affect your fur-baby's bladder functions and make your dog urinate abnormally. The ones listed above are the most commonly dealt with.


Recovering from the bladder and peeing problems can't happen in an instant. So while your fur-baby is going through this trying phase, Pet Parents® Dog Diapers will help you ease the difficulty of it all - not only for your fur-baby but also for you.

Providing and letting your fur-baby wear these dog diapers will give him the freedom to pee anytime he wants, also without worrying that you will probably get mad again at him for the accident. Dog diapers will prevent those accidents from taking place and will save you from the hassle of messy cleanups.

bladder supplements & dog diapers


As your fur-baby is recovering from urinary and/or peeing problems, the diapers can help him pee at any time most convenient for him (especially if he's incontinent) while the bladder supplements work its way to help your fur-baby's urinary system reach its optimum health.

  • Our bladder supplements have Organic Marshmallow Root that helps protect your fur-baby's bladder from irritants, soothing the urinary tract for comfortable urination on his diapers & minimizing discomfort and accidents.
  • It also contains D-Mannose that helps get rid of bacteria in the bladder and stay away from urinary infections; complementing dog diapers because in wearing them, your fur-baby won't find the need to hold his pee for long periods of time anymore (which is one of the main causes of UTIs).

Pet Parents® Supplements for Bladder and Kidney Support and Pet Parents® Dog Diapers are even more functional and beneficial when used together. They complement each other as they will favorably help ease your fur-baby's bladder discomfort and maintain his urinary and kidney health at the same time. They both can help manage the accompanying symptoms of those urinary problems mentioned above, mainly uncontrollable and/or excessive peeing.

These products act as a support to each other to mess-proof your home and better your fur-baby's urinary health. They go hand-in-hand! So with bladder supplements & dog diapers, you and your furry friend are on your way to full recovery to a happier and healthier life.