Things to keep in mind when caring for a senior cat

Cats need love and care from us as their sole care provider! As pet parents, there is a lot needed from us, but that is what makes it so great!

For those of you taking care of your senior cat, you know that she is in need for extra attention, since there may be some health issues and requirements that must be met for her to live a quality life.

senior cat

To meet the goal of providing your senior cat the happy and comfortable life she deserves, here are things to keep in mind.

Take regular trips to the vet.

Even if your senior cat seems to appear healthy and fine, the only way you'll know if there are any underlying concerns/health problems is to check with your vet. Your vet will be able to run tests on your cat, and come up with proper diagnosis and treatment plans.

Update those vaccines.

Your senior cat will be susceptible to diseases. To be able to prevent this, you can consult your vet which vaccines suit your cat best (considering her lifestyle, location, and management factors).

Keep an eye on any changes.

Having a senior cat requires you extra attention and hard work. Cats are great at hiding any illnesses. So even if she looks completely fine but you notice that she sleeps longer now, gets stressed out so easily, loses/gains weight fast (and a lot more), do not ever ignore it! Consult your veterinarian about it even if they're only minor changes. You know your cat more than anyone else.

Provide a healthy environment.

Cats are easily stressed since they feel so much in control of their surroundings, and even a little change in their routine/what they're used to can make them feel like they've lost control. You, of all people, should know what stresses out your cat. Is it that stray cat outside the window? Is it your new pet? That dirty litter box? Visitors at home? Loud noises?

Some signs that your senior cat is stressed out is when she grooms / scratches excessively, makes endless meowing / growling, losses her appetite, urinates outside the litter box.

Look for ways to keep the stressors away from your cat and help kitty find her safe place with the environment you provide her.

Maintain proper hygiene and good diet.

Your senior cat will particularly need regular grooming, like brushing of teeth, brushing of hair and trimming of nails. Depending on her needs, there will also be special diets recommended for her - moisture-rich, meat-filled, quality-source protein diets.

Cat diapers & pee pads for your senior cat

Yep, there are diapers for cats. These cat diapers come in handy especially for senior cats. Whether your senior cat is suffering from an illness or is simply marking because of stress, you may want to consider using cat diapers or pee pads. These will help keep your house and furniture clean, while helping you keep your sanity.

senior cat

It will take patience and commitment on your part. But using a cat diaper and pee pad can be the most humane and loving thing you can do for your senior cat.

Undoubtedly, aside from love and attention, patience is also mostly needed when caring for a senior cat. They will be undergoing major changes in behavior, health and routines and nothing will be more special than the two of you going through all of it together.