Probiotics for Bad Breath in Dogs

Updated: July 12, 2022

Bad breath in dogs is probably one of the most common dilemmas pet parents ever have to face and is probably one of the most common complaints, too. But, can probiotics help a dog's bad breath? Or will probiotics give your dog bad breath?

Luckily, probiotics can play in important role in helping to eliminate a dog's bad breath. Here, we've come up with the causes of a dog's bad breath and how probiotics play a vital role in preventing overall health in your furbaby's mouth.

Will probiotics help my dog's bad breath? Will probiotics give you bad breath?

Causes of Bad Breath in Dogs

Just like human bad breath, a dog's bad breath is also caused by bacteria present in the mouth, triggered with the presence of tartar, mucous, plaque and infection.

Other causes of bad breath in dogs include:

  • Oral health issues like gingivitis, tooth decay, cavities
  • Kidney infections
  • GI tract diseases
  • Tonsilitis
  • Abnormalities in dietary practices like eating poop and/or garbage
  • Diabetes

Managing that Dog Bad Breath

There are quite a number of ways to manage your fur-baby's bad breath.

Brush teeth properly. Brushing your dog's teeth regularly (at least once a week) will help prevent cavity build-up and bad breath.

Because bad dog breath is not considered normal, it is actually a sign of an unhealthy mouth and if an unhealthy mouth is not treated as soon as possible, serious health conditions can be the results.

Keep him chewing. Providing your dog a safe and healthy dental chew can keep away bad breath as chewing can help polish your dog's whites.

Consult your vet. It is always best to consult your vet regarding your dog's bad breath. It can be that he has an underlying health condition and that's what's causing the bad breath. You see, as pet parents, it's always best to be sure of everything.

Probiotics. As mentioned above, bad breath is most commonly caused by bacteria present in the mouth, and because there is just too much harmful bacteria in your fur-baby's mouth, it is just right to overpower them with good bacteria. And yes, we mean probiotics. You can provide your dog daily with probiotics especially made for them and you will see how it can make a great difference, not just with your dog's gut and bad breath, but also with his overall being.

Probiotics for a Dog's Bad Breath

In addition to the ways of managing bad breath in dogs, let's discuss probiotics a little bit more. Probiotics, in fact, are live microorganisms that provide health benefits for our fur-babies when applied to the body or consumed. Although most of our common understanding about bacteria is that they're harmful, probiotics are not. They help digest and absorb nutrients properly, they ward off disease-causing foreign bodies, they provide vitamins and minerals, and prevent bad breath for your fur-baby.

"Just like human bad breath, a dog's bad breath is also caused by bacteria present in the mouth, triggered with the presence of tartar, mucous, plaque and infection."

Furthermore, the following are the most consumed and most studied species of probiotics:

Lactobacillus. This type of probiotic helps breakdown milk sugar or lactose. It also produces lactic that helps control the number of harmful bacteria in your fur baby's body. It greatly helps the small intestine, mouth and reproductive organ of your dog.

Bifidobacteria. This type of probiotics is oftentimes used in supplements and serves as a support to your fur-baby's immune system, limit bacterial growth in the gut and help break down and absorb nutrients well.

Giving your dog supplements that have probiotics is a healthy choice as probiotics are known to prevent those bad bacteria from overcrowding your fur-baby's GI tract that can be causing bad breath. This is also because probiotics prevent the growth of bacteria and therefore lessens the risks of your dog from going through oral diseases.

Probiotic supplements like that of Pet Parents® Probiotic Supplements for dogs helps ensure that your fur-baby is being provided with top dog value & quality probiotic to help support a healthy digestive tract & immune system and a fresh-smelling breath.

"Probiotics prevent the growth of bacteria and therefore lessen the risks of your dog going through oral diseases."

Begin giving your dog natural and healthy probiotic supplements today so you can enjoy a healthier and happier life with a sweet-smelling dog!