Ways to Exercise with Your Dog

Updated: May 15, 2024

Just like how you need exercise to keep your body fit and healthy, your dog does, too! But isn’t it exciting to know that there are actually ways you and your dog can exercise together? As a matter of fact, we’ve listed some of them in this article and how it can benefit you and your furbaby.

Ways to Exercise with Your Dog

Ways to exercise with your dog


Walking is one of the simplest and easiest exercises you and your dog can do together. It is also an ideal exercise as it helps maintain good heart health, lowers blood pressure, gives you and your pup more energy, and decreases the risks of developing anxieties.

Walking can also help reduce some of your pup’s behavior problems like over-excitement and aggressiveness. Also, according to the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA), anti-social behavior in dogs continues to rise due to a worrying lack of training, socialization, and exercise.


If you are near hiking areas, you must be very lucky. Most dog breeds love to reconnect with the wild, smell new smells, and encounter animals they don’t get to see every day. Hiking can greatly improve heart health, better bodily coordination, and offer physical and mental stimulation.

Before hiking, make sure your dog’s vaccines are updated. Also, make sure to have some flea and tick prevention on your furbaby as diseases caused by ticks can be life-threatening, like Ehrlichia and Lyme disease. After hiking, check all your belongings, your body, and your dog for any ticks.


All dogs can jog but not all of them are supposed to. There are some dog breeds that are good with jogging at short distances but can get extremely exhausted during long distances, like Golden Retrievers and Greyhounds. Some breeds, like Labradors and German Shepherds, are fit for distance-running.

When jogging, remember to gradually increase jogging time and not go immediately all-in. Your dog is still getting used to the routine so give them time. Also, do not forget to warm up, take breaks, and cool down.

Playing frisbee

This is one of the most common and most loved exercises of dogs. A classic workout for you and your pup! You can also play frisbee anywhere - in your yard, at your neighbor’s house, at the park, or at competitions!

"Walking can also help reduce some of your pup’s behavior problems like over-excitement and aggressiveness."


Yes, you read that right! One of the ways you can exercise with your pup is by dancing. Dancing with your dog, also known as musical freestyle, happens when you move and groove to upbeat music. You can teach your dog to go between your legs and complete some tricks. This exercise may take time to learn for you and your dog but the benefits are worth it! It helps burn calories, develop better stamina, improve balance & bodily coordination, and enhance muscle tones.


Aaaaaah, who doesn’t love swimming! Swimming is an all-in-one exercise that is great for dogs and humans who suffer from joint problems and arthritis, as it is very easy on the joints.

Some dogs will get scared of the water, especially if it’s their first time swimming, so keep in mind to be patient and don’t be in a rush. If your dog resists being in the water or is more scared than having fun, find another exercise as swimming may not be for your pup.


Who would have thought that yoga has a dog version? Well, not really, but at least you can take your pup to your yoga classes and have your dog be incorporated in your positions.

One of the few positions you can do is to recline with your legs bent over your furbaby’s body. Though doga is not a fat-burner, it is a great exercise that will help develop the bond between you and your pup and will also improve your dog’s focus and concentration.

Things to consider before exercising with your dog

Consult your vet. A visit to your vet for a check-up is recommended before taking your dog to exercise with you. Checkups can determine whether your pup is fit to start an exercise program or not. This can also help evaluate your dog for any underlying health problems like arthritis and hip & joint illnesses.

Provide good nutrition. A healthy diet and proper nutrition can greatly help in fueling your pup while exercising. Provide them with whole foods that fit their nutritional needs. You can also provide them with Pet Parents® Hip and Joint SoftSupps®. These supplements promote healthy joints by establishing improved flexibility, reducing inflammation, and strengthening your dog's cartilage and joints.

These contain Chondroitin Sulfate (Porcine), a powerful substance that helps nourish tissues of joints, resulting in pain relief, boosted mobility, & improved ability to exercise. It promotes water retention and elasticity in the cartilage, helping to ensure adequate shock absorption and adequate nourishment of the tissues that line the joint.

Develop a good exercise routine that fits you and your dog. In creating an exercise routine, take all things and factors into consideration: your dog’s age, your age, your job schedule, the type of dog breed your dog is, and a lot more. Start slowly for a few minutes each day and gradually increase for the following weeks ahead.

Watch out for emergency signs. Sometimes, you might be overdoing exercise that your dog can no longer keep up with. Watch out for signs like difficulty or labored breathing, excessive panting, refusing to continue the exercise, weakness, and collapse. These are signs that your dog may possibly be suffering from heat exhaustion and dehydration. If either one or both of you are already sore or drained, take it easier or take a rest.

All dogs, pups or seniors, need exercise. Exercising with your dog does not only make you fit but also aid your dog to become their best self! Exercises help develop their endurance, better heart health, improve focus, strengthen muscles & joints, and can help prevent other health problems for a happier and healthier life!

"You can also provide them with Pet Parents® Hip and Joint supplements. These supplements promote healthy joints by establishing improved flexibility."

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