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Premium Waterproof Cat & Dog Blanket + High Absorption

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Never sacrifice your family's comfort for protection. Our Pawtect® Blanket Plus offers extra protection with our proprietary Sherpup® multi-layer material and added absorbent layers of padding for heavy duty absorption. Don't be fooled, our Plus blanket may be super protective and leak-proof, but it's also incredibly cozy with our specifically created faux fur fabric and our soft Sherpup® lining.


Perfect For:

  • Protecting Furniture
  • Stylish Throw
  • Travel
  • Crate Protection
  • Incontinence
  • Pet Beds
  • Whelping
  • Puppies

    And More!

Special Features

Heavy-Duty Absorption *PLUS ONLY

Added layers means added pawtection with our premium waterproof dog & cat blanket. When extra absorption is mandatory, our Plus version has you, your furbaby, and your home protected.


Leak-Proof *PLUS ONLY

The reversible layers in our premium waterproof pet blanket absorb the moisture to prevent any leaking onto your furniture, carpets, car, & home.



Our LockJaw® edge clamps down on the waterproof dog blanket and doesn't let go. It's designed to help prevent fraying, loose ends, and dissuade chewers.


Not only is Sherpup® the coziest material around, this multi-layered fabric in our pet blanket creates an interior impermeable barrier to ensure your pup stays comfy and dry.

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Prevents spill overs and messes from escaping the edges with our proprietary edge protection technology that pushes any moisture back into the absorbent/waterproof material of the Pawtect® Blanket Plus.


Accidents on your furniture? Not a problem anymore with our leakproof, pee proof, and waterproof dog blanket!


Pet Parents® proprietary fabric blend quickly wicks, absorbs & holds in more liquid per square inch than other options in the market. Any and all liquids are trapped inside your Pawtect® Blanket Plus, so it will not be tracked all over your home or onto your furniture


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